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The irreversible aging process has no renewals and with declining age come problems that affect not just your sexual life but also your physical attributes, and at this point, all you can do to keep the elixir of youth flowing through your body is supply naturally occurring replenishments to your body.

Testosterone is one such replenishment that you need once you start aging. This sex hormone plays an important role in men’s body, from regulating libido (sex drive) to enhancing muscle mass and strength. This vital male hormone attributes to bone mass, fat distribution, production of red blood cells, and sperm.

Aggression, dominance, competitiveness, leveled libido, and self-esteem is all synonymous and partly dependable on the levels of testosterone.

testogen where to buy

However, loss of testosterone often results in loss of self-confidence and a lack of motivation. It not only disrupts the natural rhythm of your lifestyle, but the physical attributes such as mass and weight are severely affected too.

Whether you are an athlete, a recreational gym-goer, an ectomorph, or just a regular man trying to boost your energy and get back in the game, testosterone is the key facet to crushing your goals.

What’s in for you?

In this article, I’ll review the one fan-favorite supplement that not only boosts the testosterone levels but also encourages your body to increase testosterone production while ensuring no introduction of harmful synthetic substances in your body.

In case you haven’t guessed it yet, this highly efficacious T-booster is TestoGen. Not to mention, I’ll also list answers your questions such as where can I buy TestoGen or where to buy TestoGen. But before I get to the TestoGen review, the ingredient profile, and the countless benefits associated with it, let’s first understand what Testosterone Boosters really are!

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What are Testosterone Boosters?

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Testosterone boosters are supplementary products/ substances that can either be consumed in their natural or processed form depending on your requirements and comfort of consumption in order to boost testosterone levels in the blood. These T-boosters are most often used by athletes for the significance of testosterone in muscle building and enhancing endurance and weight loss.

Women, too, need T-boosters if they have been aiming to lose fat or put on some lean muscle mass. I am kind of physically averse to putting weight, and being a hard gainer, I too used different testosterone boosters, and TestoGen was by far the most effective amongst most of them.

TestoGen and Muscle Building?

In my early days of working out, I had this notion that consuming the raw ingredients will be way better than ‘thrift’ spending’ my money on supplements since the raw ingredients will be more potent.

I started with Ginseng and D-aspartic acid, and to my utter disappointment, I started developing oily skin, got prone to acne, and there the inflammation that started with consumption got worse with time. My point is- ‘more is never good’, and not everyone can adapt to consuming raw ingredients that boost the T-levels.

Thus, T boosting supplements have a mix of each of these ingredients that would otherwise be impossible to consume in adequate quantity.

Having said that, this catch-all term has a range of supplements that increase T-levels, and it usually depends on how low your T-levels have gone or how much testosterone flow you want in order to effectively achieve your comprehensive fitness goals (besides a good lifestyle, healthy food, and hard workout, of course!).

If you need just a gentle push, I’d suggest herbal blends, and if you want a notable increment in free Ts in your blood, boosters like TestoGen can work wonders for you. Let’s see how my TestoGen review turned out to be.

TestoGen Review- Does it Stand True to the Claims?

testogen reviews

Marketed as a triple action and a natural testosterone booster that has 100% pure and safe ingredients with complete formula transparency, TestoGen does indeed help boost T-levels easily and safely.

It has eleven effectual and safe ingredients with no side effects, and having been manufactured from one of the most trusted companies, Wolfson Berg Ltd, based in the UK and Cyprus, TestoGen is the product that you’ll never find a dubious claim or misleading accusations about.

Wolfson Berg Ltd produces supplements that are FDA approved, and with so many winners from the company in different segments, it simply means that TestoGen too is a product that is free from any harmful synthetics and chemicals.

The powerful blend of TestoGen works to increase the amount of testosterone production by the body, bringing you the benefits of increment in muscle mass, strength, and stamina while sharpening you to take on anything at any given time.

Other than the general benefits of TestoGen in the athleticism department, it has numerous other benefits that I’ve discussed below in the article that may come as a surprise to you.

How to use TestoGen?

how to take testogen

The recommended serving by the company is four capsules a day with water, generally before breakfast, in order to get maximum results out of the supplement. I’d advise taking the capsules at least 20 minutes before you have your breakfast.

Next, when you have already used the supplement for about two months and gotten the push that you needed, use it in gaps of ten days to level off the testosterone flow in the blood in order to avoid overdosing on the supplement.

It usually takes about four weeks for the product to start showing noticeable changes in the body, such as better libido, better performance, and increased energy (CONSISTENCY, my friend, is the key here).

TestoGen Ingredients- Diving Into the Profile

testogen review
  • D-Aspartic Acid (2532 mg): D-Aspartic acid is an amino acid regulator that tops the list of natural testosterone boosters. It helps the production of hormones (also the luteinizing hormone), boosting testosterone production that, in turn, helps put on some lean muscle mass and increase overall strength and stamina simultaneously.

    The luteinizing hormone produced, in turn, aids in the elevation of sperm count, and your libido will most definitely get a kick from it! D-aspartic acid is said to increase the testosterone production in the blood by over 45% within just a few weeks of consumption.

    The best part is that TestoGen has more of this powerful ingredient stacked into the capsules than any other supplement you’ll ever find online or in the stores.
  • Magnesium (200 mg): In any T support complex, you’ll always find magnesium because that’s how important it is for testosterone production. 750 grams of magnesium a day for nearly a month shows a significant rise in the testosterone levels by about 26 percent. It also helps get you a goodnight’s sleep, which is crucial to help our body produce testosterone naturally. The generous dose of this essential ingredient in TestoGen gives the supplement an edge over the others.
  • Vitamin D3 (50 mcg): Soak in the sun while it’s still morning, and for the rest, TestoGen with Vitamin D3 will produce a positive impact on the testosterone levels. The supplement also boasts the inclusion of Vitamin K that, when stacked with Vitamin D3, is highly synergistic in lifting up your free T-levels.
  • Nettle Leaf Extract 4:1 (40 mg): The stinging nettle leaf extract present in the ratio 4:1 is a true knight in shining armor that takes the bullet for your T. Testosterone in the free state likes to bind itself with a protein- SHBG, which strips the T of its usefulness after binding. Thus, the nettle leaf extract binds to the protein to leave your testosterone free for circulation in the bloodstream to allow its usage in much better areas like building muscles and boosting the libido.
  • Korean Red Ginseng Extract 4:1 (40 mg): This aphrodisiac, also known as the ‘man-root,’ is a great libido stimulator that assists in protecting the testes from damage by dioxins, which ultimately aids strong erections. Stacked in TestoGen Korean Red Ginseng will give you a strong feel-good factor that sharpens both your physique and mental health.
  • Fenugreek Extract 4:1 (40 mg): The libido-enhancing herb is a natural and possibly the cheapest way to increase strength, stamina, vitality, and spatial ability. With powerful antioxidant properties, fenugreek extract ensures that the free radicals that are extremely harmful to the Ts and also accelerate the aging stay at bay so that the body can produce adequate amounts of testosterone.
  • Vitamin K1 (20 mcg): Other than keeping the bones strong and healthy, TestoGen makers carefully selected Vitamin K1 since it helps the body absorb the Vitamin D better, which in turn increases testosterone production.
  • Vitamin B6 (20 mg): Lowering of B vitamins in the body can lead to increased estrogen production, which puts a reversing effect on the benefits of high testosterone levels in the body. Estrogen makes you lethargic and brings in a feeling of tiredness; thus, B6 helps you combat the tiredness while helping your body secrete more Ts.
  • Zinc (10 mg): Zinc is the BFF to testosterone, which keeps the sperm healthy and also effectively boosts the testosterone levels. The well-known aphrodisiac is involved in a whole lot of other bodily functions too.
  • Boron (8 mg): Boron is a powerful T-booster that is naturally found in traces in soil and certain vegetables and fruits. It decreases the estrogen levels in males and is usually taken by male bodybuilders for staying in shape or bulking up. When included in TestoGen, Boron can be much more effective at testosterone production than any average placebo.
  • BioPerine 95% Piperine (5 mg): Piperine extracted through patented technology shows greater bioavailability properties than the regular piperine. This just means that the other ingredients in TestoGen will be more readily available to be directly assimilated into the bloodstream. Simply, increased bioavailability means increased results in less span of time.


  • Helps build muscles and also enhances libido
  • It is made from all-natural ingredients
  • Nutrition guides available for free with each purchase
  • Improves focus and concentration
  • Increases strength and stamina


  • Should be purchased from the official website since others can be dubious and fake
  • Four capsules at a time may seem inconvenient
  • Could be expensive when buying a single bottle
  • May cause acne

TestoGen Benefits

testogen benefits
  • Enhances Muscle Growth and Strength: The composition of TestoGen is directly associated with an increase in muscle mass and strength. If you’ve been trying to buff up, TestoGen is the supplement that can fill in the gap when you are low on T-levels to boost the addition of lean muscle mass to the body.

    With an increase in testosterone production comes the strengthening of muscles that is of extreme importance to people wanting to bulk up. With just the right amount of ingredients, TestoGen is a highly efficacious supplement for athletes who have been looking to maintain their bulking physique.

    If you’re an ectomorph and thinking of enrolling in some bulking program, TestoGen can be a great supplementary addition to your stack to actually build muscles in a faster and safer way (alongside a healthy diet and grueling workout regime).
  • Stimulates your Libido: TestoGen does truly supercharge your sex drive, and the never-ending list of testimonies on the official website are proof enough. After the age of 30, the T-levels start falling rapidly that may cause deterioration of the libido and disinterest in sexual activities. TestoGen naturally motivates your body to increase its testosterone production, which in turn increases and stimulates the libido to help you stay at the top of your game.

    If sex doesn’t interest you anymore, you can get your mojo back with TestoGen (that’s how the company says it, after all). While there is no dearth of options when it comes to choosing T-boosters, TestoGen does notably stand out with its effectiveness in stimulating your libido to the nexT-level without any toxicity or harmful chemicals.
  • Reduces Body Fat: Whether you’re a man or a woman, fat at the wrong places looks really ungraceful, if I am to opine. Now that you know TestoGen increases muscle mass, you know that the fat reduction comes as a throw-in gift. A leaner body mass helps control weight gain and also increases energy.

    When combined with strength training, TestoGen becomes far more efficacious at burning fat and energizing you to survive the day. The best part is you do not have to take those harmful T-boosting injections that have a negative impact on the long range health to reduce body fat, but four capsules of TestoGen that are completely safe and clinically proven to show results.
  • Improves Spatial and Cognitive Capacity: Higher testosterone levels improve verbal memory, spatial ability, and reasoning capacity. TestoGen, increasing the level of free testosterone in your blood also reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. It quite literally helps you think and process at a faster speed, and consistent consumption of TestoGen may improve spatial memory in men between 34 to 70 years of age.

    It is an evident fact that lower testosterone in the body is linked to poorer quality of life, and people with low T-levels may suffer from fatigue, depression, and possibly irritability. TestoGen naturally improves mood and well-being, reducing fatigue and irritability in both men and women. Boosting your T-levels can also be considered as an effective antidepressant.
  • Sharpens Performance and Boosts Confidence: TestoGen sharpens your athletic performance and gives you the boost of confidence and self-esteem that you need to go out there and conquer the world.

    It is natural for men to feel better and powerful when their libido is better, and the muscles are up for a show- TestoGen helps you achieve not just that, but so much more that enhances your confidence in you.

TestoGen Side Effects

testogen side effects

The company boasts that there are no side effects to the all-natural supplement. However, I did experience a mild headache for the first few days. I wouldn’t really call it a side effect since this is one issue that comes with any new supplement that your body tries adapting to.

In the true sense of scrutinizing the side effects, I developed mild acne on my forehead which lasted a few weeks.

However, overdosing on TestoGen or any T-booster can be quite harmful, and it might kill you (yes, it may). The worse side effects of testosterone overdose include enlargement of breast in females, excessive body hair growth in females, infertility, high blood pressure that may also lead to strokes, and cardiac arrest.

Remember that this isn’t TestoGen doing things to your body, but the overdose of it or any other testosterone booster for that matter.

Where Can I Buy TestoGen?

If you have doubts about where to buy TestoGen, you should buy TestoGen from its official website instead of a consumer website with a heavy and compelling discount. Why would I ask you not to save a few bucks that you obviously can when buying TestoGen? Because the official website is possibly the only place that can assure you of the genuinity of the product (also you can claim a 100% money back guarantee if the product doesn’t work for you).

However, in the case of consumer websites luring you with compelling discounts, the case isn’t the same. Proctor and gamble sellers on the various online commerce platforms sell fake products that are cheaper, and buying TestoGen from these sites means throwing not just a few bucks that you saved but the whole of your expenditure down the drain.

Even trusted companies like Amazon may not be able to detect these dubious sellers who sell cheap replacements in the name of TestoGen and in all brevity, I’d always suggest you to buy TestoGen from its official website.

Final Takeaway

testogen should you take it

TestoGen is a complete and absolute winner in my eyes, and if you have sadly gone past your hay days and lost the charm you once had or have been longing to get that charm but haven’t yet, TestoGen is just the supplement for you.

More than a supplement, I think it is a necessity for men with low T-levels that doesn’t just affect their performance in bed but their day-to-day life alongside the physique too.

Best Price for TestoGen

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For me, other than the acne problem, TestoGen was really great, and I would absolutely recommend it to people who have been aiming to build strength and lean muscles.

Over a month of usage, I felt energized and coupled with strength training I was able to spend longer hours in the gym. And to answer your “Where can I buy TestoGen” answer again, I always recommend using their Official Website to eliminate any risks of getting duplicate supplement!

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