High Calorie Juice For Weight Gain

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High-quality weight gain only works if you can eat enough – but what if you could use high calorie juice for weight gain?

Today we’re covering why this could be one of the easiest weight gain hacks you’ve not seen – and why you should give it some serious thought. We’ll cover if fruit juice makes you gain weight, how you can use it to gain weight, and how to get the best health and fitness results from it.

We’re not burying the lead – let’s get to the most important question on your mind…

Does Fruit Juice Make You Gain Weight?

Does Fruit Juice Make You Gain Weight

No – fruit juice doesn’t make you gain weight, but it is one of the easiest ways to get more calories into your diet without squashing your appetite. Fruit juices can also be a good way to get fast-absorbing carbs into your diet around workouts, when they’re most needed (1).

Fruit juice can be a great tool for weight gain when you use it as part of a calorie surplus diet – eating more total calories than you use each day.

That’s the essential process for weight gain, and you can definitely make it easier by drinking more juice instead of water or zero-calorie sodas.

Fruit juice also has a range of vitamins and minerals, depending on the type you’re using. This can make it a great choice for adding calories to your diet while also considering your health (2).


Fruit juices should be used in moderation and with low-sugar (or no added sugar) products to protect your health.

How Do You Gain Weight With Fruit Juice?

Juice isn’t a high-calorie drink in the same way as a mass gainer shake or homemade weight gain smoothie. It doesn’t contain many calories in total, but it does have a lot of calories relative to how filling it is.

How Do You Gain Weight With Fruit Juice

Satiety is a key factor for weight gain, where it’s hard for some people (especially skinny guys and hard gainers) to eat enough to drive muscle growth. Juice doesn’t actually take up much space in your digestive system – which means it doesn’t signal for ‘fullness’ like a real meal. This makes it super easy to use.

This is one of the most overlooked “secrets to easy weight gain” that most people miss. The ability to stay hungry is key to weight gain sustainability – and juice is perfect for this.

It’s one of those weight gain hacks that so many people miss, and is both delicious and effective to support a weight gain diet.

Are Fruit Juices High in Calories?

Yes – most fruit juices are high in calories compared to their volume and satiety. They’re easy to drink, don’t fill you up, and they’re often higher in sugar-calories than comparable drinks – while still being healthier than sodas, for example.

This makes fruit juices either a great choice for immediate energy (like after a workout), or a better drink to improve weight gain compared to water. Different fruit juices have completely different nutrient values, but they’re typically high in calories and sugar.

Are Fruit Juices High in Calories

You’ll also find some lower-calorie fruit juices – like tomato and carrot.

These still have more calories than water and don’t fill you up. Almost all fruit juices are good for weight gain, and they’re typically quite healthy if used in proper doses – just watch out for the sugar content.

You can get better benefits from varied fruit juices, and usually not just orange or apple!

Best Fruit Juices for Weight Gain

Best Fruit Juices for Weight Gain

The best fruit juices for weight gain are blends because they offer the much-needed variety that makes fruit juices effective for healthy weight gain.

The best fruit juices for weight gain offer you more calories but also more nutrients, as well as adding in real benefits aside from just calories.

These are the kind of health, fitness, and muscle-growth benefits you get from things like blueberries and pomegranate.

We’re going to list our favorite fruit juices, and why, so you can get the right choice and build more, healthier, high-quality weight.

1. Mixed Fruit Juice

Mixed Fruit Juice

Mixed fruit juices are always the best because they offer the greatest variety of vitamins and minerals. Multifruit drinks are an excellent way to get the best results  from a juice and they combine easily with other ingredients to make an easy weight gain fruit juice smoothie.

You can add vanilla protein powder and a little ice or ice cream, and you’re well on your way. These are also perfect for making smoothie bowls, which also make weight gain easy!

2. Orange-Mango Weight Gain Juice

Orange-Mango Weight Gain Juice

Orange-mango is one of the sweetest and most indulgent fruit juices.

It has a high calorie content and is rich in sugars, which make it bad for weight loss but excellent for post-workout carbs to kickstart your recovery and muscle growth.

3. Tropical Juices: High Sugar Juice For Weight Gain

Tropical Juices High Sugar Juice For Weight Gain

Tropical juice has a similar approach to orange and mango juice, but with the added variety of weight gain fruits like pineapple, papaya, and passionfruit – depending on brand.

These are great basics for a high-sugar, high-calorie, fast-absorbing drink for energy during the day or after exercise.

4. Grape Juice: High Calorie Antioxidant Fruit Juice

Grape Juice High Calorie Antioxidant Fruit Juice

Grape juice has the highest calorie content of a single fruit, with a significant amount of calories per serving (typically around 100-150). This makes it one of the easiest options – and it’s also packed with antioxidants to keep cells healthy.

This is one of the highest sugar fruit juices, too, so be sure to use it when you’re active or with consideration to your total daily sugar intake. Don’t over-do it!

5. Cranberry Juice: A Powerful Antioxidant Option

Cranberry Juice A Powerful Antioxidant Option

Cranberry juice is just one of the healthiest options on the market with a powerful combination of sugar and calories, but also super potent antioxidants (3).

Cranberry juice is a great option for maintaining your health and wellbeing, as well as having a lower-sugar option for fruit juice.

This makes cranberry juice a great addition as your second juice of the day, having 2 small glasses with one high-calorie (like grape) and one cranberry. It helps you control sugar intake but still get extra calories and all the plant chemicals that help keep your body in tip-top shape!

6. Blueberries: Muscle Building Fruit Juice With Anthocyanins

Blueberries Muscle Building Fruit Juice With Anthocyanins

Blueberries are probably the best muscle building fruit on the market, with their powerful anthocyanins supporting muscle and strength gains. These are some of the best foods around and they offer you powerful benefits, and even more when they’re cold-pressed into juice.

Any juice with blueberries or bilberries in will be a fantastic choice – especially if it’s mixed with other berries and currants. It’s antioxidant, pro-muscle, and great for reducing muscle damage.

7. Pomegranate: Natural Muscle Pump Booster in Juice?

Pomegranate Natural Muscle Pump Booster in Juice

Pomegranates and their juice are rich in nitric oxide boosters, a natural way to improve circulation to muscles and total body recovery (4). This makes them a wonderful choice for juice, condensing the benefits down into a single drink.

The calorie content of a pomegranate juice isn’t crazy, but it’s a great muscle-building weight gain quality fruit. You’ll often find pomegranate juice in multi-fruits, too, so keep your eyes out for it in a mixed drink.

8. Cold Pressed Carrot Weight Gain Juice

Cold Pressed Carrot Weight Gain Juice

Carrots have the highest sugar content of any vegetable and this shows through in their juice, which tastes and feels better than you might think!

Carrot juice is another common choice for multi-juice drinks and is rich in calories, vitamin A, and antioxidant compounds, making it a great weight gain juice.

This makes it a great all-rounder, and one of our favorite juice bases for a smoothie or smoothie bowl!

9. Tomato Juice: Electrolyte Rich Weight Gain Juice

Tomato Juice Electrolyte Rich Weight Gain Juice

Another interesting vegetable juice (all fruits are vegetables!), tomato juice is a high-calorie option that comes with more thickness and a completely different drinking feel to most fruit juices.

However, it’s rich in vitamin A, carbohydrates, and antioxidants. It’s also one of the best rehydration drinks because it also has more minerals than your average fruit juice, with electrolytes to support muscle growth, recovery, and total health and wellbeing.

Tomato juice is one of the best ‘fruit’ juices on the market and is amazing if you can get into the taste, texture, and difference to other more popular juices.

Clamato: A Muscle Building Mixture

Clamato A Muscle Building Mixture

Clamato is a ridiculously effective ‘fruit juice’ for recovery and muscle growth. Most people don’t appreciate it but this fruit juice with added seafood powder and spices is an amazing way to boost the recovery potential of the drink and quality of your weight gain.

This is a product and not a normal fruit juice, but it’s worth considering if you’re trying to take weight gain seriously and you want a natural alternative to post-workout recovery and weight gain supplements.

10. Coconut and Avocado: An Easy Addition for Weight Gain

Coconut and Avocado An Easy Addition for Weight Gain

If you’re willing to push the limit of what a ‘fruit juice’ is, you can look at fruit juice smoothies that use coconut and avocados. These are the highest-calorie fruits, with a ridiculous amount of calorie-dense fatty flesh on both.

These make perfect additions to a high calorie fruit juice smoothie, and they’re both technically fruits.

They’re ingredients to add to other fruit juices, but blended coconut milk is a perfect way to add more plant-based liquid calories and tons of minerals to your diet!

Using Fruit Juice Smoothies for Weight Gain

Using Fruit Juice Smoothies for Weight Gain

You can also use fruit juices as a base for smoothies which can help you gain weight. We’ve provided a whole guide on how to use fruit smoothies before, but the basics are important, easy to use, and can be a great place to start your weight gain diet:

  • Use fruit juices
  • Add vanilla protein
  • Blend in multiple fruits with as much variety as possible
  • Add ice, ice cream, or other calorie-rich ingredients
  • Add nutrient-dense smoothie ingredients like spinach

These fruit juice smoothies have a different profile from most of your protein shakes and will offer a sweet option that can also be rich in both calories and essential nutrients.

It’s a great option for adding more liquid calories to your diet.

As with other fruit juices, you should be careful about your smoothie intake with sugars. Too much sugar can be a road to poor health results, especially during weight gain, and may make your weight loss and fat-burning diets (in future) more difficult.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Use Juice For Weight Gain?

The easiest way to use juice for weight gain is to drink it – especially focusing on smaller amounts of multiple types of fruit juice throughout the day. Using different juices provides a range of vitamins and minerals – and variety is king.

You can simply add fruit juices to your diet, since they take up almost no appetite and offer direct benefits to your calorie, vitamin, and mineral intake.

You can add these to meals, during lulls in energy during the day, or ideally after a workout. You can also use them to make high-calorie smoothies with protein and other fruits throughout the day.

The higher sugar content and fast-absorbing liquids make fruit juices a perfect rehydration and energy-replenishing option after workouts.

Your body needs these nutrients more when it’s tired and fruit juice is a perfect choice – especially watered down slightly with a pinch of sea salt or Himalayan salt.

How To Gain Weight With Fruit Juice Smoothies?

Fruit juice smoothies are typically high in calories by default but you can add a vanilla protein powder to get better weight gain results.

You can also add higher-calorie options like ice cream, avocado, coconut oil, or coconut milk to really amp up the weight gain potential.

You should try to strike a balance between nutrient density (healthy foods like fruits and vegetables) and calorie density (more weight gain stimulus like ice cream) in a fruit juice smoothie.

For example, adding both wilted spinach and a scoop of vanilla ice cream can really improve both the quality and quantity of weight gain in a fruit juice smoothie.

Best Juice for Weight Gain?

The best fruit juice for weight gain – in our expert opinion – is tomato juice, or a blend of different juices in a multi-juice drink. Tomato is just perfect for the extra calories, added vitamins and minerals, and the rehydration powers it has compared to other fruit juices.

You can also use multi-fruit juice drinks to get the absolute best results and the variety they offer.

These have different total benefits, but you want to look out for pomegranates, tomato, carrot, blueberries, and cranberries – the best options for muscle-building nutrients, as well as your essential vitamins and minerals.

Does Juice Make You Gain Weight?

No – juice doesn’t make you gain weight but it can be one easy nutrient source to overlook and some people overeat using juice. Juices are high in sugar and you need to plan them into your diet since you can easily drink too much and end up adding 100s of calories to your diet.

When you’re trying to gain weight, this can be a benefit and will support muscle growth and weight gain.

The added fruit vitamins and minerals can be great, while fruit juice smoothies are one more delicious and nutritious option for healthy weight gain dieting.

While juice doesn’t make you gain weight it can be one of the best and easiest ways to make weight gain easier.


High calorie fruit juices can make weight gain easier and less of a chore. They offer calories, vitamins, and minerals without taking up much space in your diet or filling you up.

This makes them the perfect ‘easy win’ to start kicking off your weight gain and muscle growth diet.


Some weight gain juice options like tomato juice, multi-fruit juice drinks, and pomegranate.

These are the best juices for most people and they strike the balance between calories and nutrients in a way that is going to support healthy weight gain and minimize the sugar-risks and diminished returns of juices.

Focus on variety, on quality, and on the types of fruit juices you might not have considered from our list. These are the real best high calorie fruit juices around, even if you’re not super familiar – and could be a game-changer for easy muscle building and weight gain!


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