Weider Prime vs Nugenix: How to Choose?

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Weider Prime vs Nugenix – which is the best testosterone booster for men over 35? We’re going to review these health supporting testosterone boosters for aging, performance, and how they feel so you know which is best.

We’ll go through both products and what they offer, before a heads-up comparison of benefits, who they’re for, and which is best for you. 

What Are Testosterone Boosters – And How Do We Review Them?

What Are Testosterone Boosters – And How Do We Review Them

Testosterone boosters are a class of nutritional supplements that improve hormonal health – specifically in men – and contribute to better indirect benefits like sleep and muscle growth. They’re also popular for their subjective benefits – making men feel better.

The best products on the market both improve hormone function and support better health. These secondary benefits are both important for picking the right supplement and maintaining your overall wellbeing.

How Testosterone Boosters Work

How Testosterone Boosters Work

Testosterone boosters – like all supplements – work by addressing deficiencies and then improving function and performance.

Firstly, they address nutritional deficiency (like Boron or vitamin D) which can limit hormonal health. These are important first steps to optimizing health and performance by making sure you’re not sabotaging your own health.

Then, beneficial compounds that support better hormonal, metabolic, and mental health all contribute to better levels.

Popular choices like D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) boost short-term testosterone, while other compounds protect hormones from lifestyle and environmental stress, and even improve your sexual health, libido, or natural hormone-boosting processes like sleep.

How We Review Testosterone Boosters

How We Review Testosterone Boosters

We review testosterone boosters on 3 important primary categories of core benefits, secondary ingredient profile, and bonus ingredients and benefits.

This means a good testosterone booster has to boost testosterone, protect or improve other male wellbeing factors, and then gets bonus points for any smart but non-essential added ingredients.

The core ingredients are always the most important, but then after that it’s about comparing what is most effective and where the best synergies and overlaps are possible.

Products with overlapping benefits and ingredients give you the best bang for your buck, leaving you with more benefits per dollar – always a good metric.

We also take account of any extremes of price, value, side effects, interactions, and more. These are rare, but we will focus on them when they’re important since they’re such a huge factor when they’re particularly good or bad – and can make or break a supplement!

What is Weider Prime?

What is Weider Prime

Weider Prime is a simple testosterone booster supplement that uses a few effective ingredients to help you tip the scales towards male hormonal health.

It has a strong backbone of vitamin and mineral content, as well as 3 powerful active ingredients – and 1 to boost absorption.

Weider Prime isn’t a super-premium testosterone booster like CentraPeak or MDrive, but it does offer a good example of how you can improve hormonal health with a few smart synergies.

We’re going to look at each of these ingredients and their benefits in-depth.

Weider Prime Benefits

Weider Prime Benefits

Weider prime has 3 major benefits: regulating testosterone, reducing the aromatization of testosterone into female sex hormones, and the immunity and libido boosting effects of Cordyceps Sinensis.

These are the 3 primary benefits, however – there are others that stem from synergies in ingredients and the benefits of vitamin and mineral sufficiency from Weider Prime’s micronutrient content.

How Does Weider Prime Boost Testosterone Levels?

Weider Prime doesn’t boost testosterone in the short-term, but can improve lowered testosterone levels back to normal. This is because the main benefits of Weider Prime are testosterone regulation and protection.

How Does Weider Prime Boost Testosterone Levels

While some other products use D-Aspartic Acid to boost immediate testosterone levels, Weider Prime doesn’t. It works by reducing stress and anxiety levels, reducing stress hormones, and letting your natural testosterone levels rise in response.

This is what the Ashwagandha – KSM-66 – offers. This product is built around this benefit, with secondary support from Vitamin D3 at “100% of daily value” to support mood, mental health, and directly support hormone levels.

The problem is that established daily values for vitamin D are notoriously low. While this product offers 400iu (“100% DV”), you should probably be consuming more like 2,500iu – 5,000iu per day for optimal hormonal and mental health.

Secondary Benefits: Male Wellbeing and Anti-Aromatisation

Weider Prime’s second major benefit is balancing male and female hormones by reducing the breakdown of male sex hormones into female ones.

Too much testosterone can be aromatized into estrogen, which has the double-impact of reducing testosterone and increasing Estrogen.

Too much of this process is the result of a poor hormonal environment, but some will always occur naturally. Diindolylmethane (DIM for short) reduces the action of this process to keep testosterone up and oestrogen at a lower, healthy level, promoting male sexual and mental wellbeing.

Secondary Benefits - Male Wellbeing and Anti-Aromatisation

As with the Indole-3-Carbinol found in CentraPeak, it is a powerful antioxidant compound but also a ridiculously effective aromatase inhibitor (1).

These combined benefits make it a direct booster to your testosterone levels and cell health – two key benefits for the average man seeking better health.

Bonus Benefits: The Powers of Cordyceps Mushroom

Finally, the 3rd key benefit from Weider prime is actually many benefits – the immune, mood, and varied health benefits of Cordyceps mushroom.

Bonus Benefits - The Powers of Cordyceps Mushroom

This is one of the most well-loved traditional medicine ingredients in China for benefits to subjective wellbeing – and claimed to be a libido, cell health, and immunity booster.

The benefits of Cordyceps actually have some overlap with DIM, as they both use indole-based compounds for major anti-inflammatory benefits.

Anti-inflammatory effect is the main benefit of Cordyceps, where it’s supposed to regulate whole-body inflammation and regulate immune function.

Cordyceps’ most exciting benefit is better mood, mental health, and cognition.

The B-Carbolines in cordyceps (from its native Cordysinin) provide a boost to subjective wellbeing that has made it so popular – which are benefits you’ll now get from Weider Prime, supporting brain hormone health and energy levels (2).

Bonus Benefits: Vitamins, Minerals, and Piperine

Aside from the 3 active ingredients, Weider Prime also includes vitamins, minerals, and piperine (which supports better absorption). These add another layer to the testosterone booster and support secondary benefits – like health, wellbeing, and digestive health – along the way.

Bonus Benefits - Vitamins, Minerals, and Piperine

The vitamin complex is powerful with B6, B12, and D3. The B vitamins are at huge doses to ensure proper uptake, where they can start to improve your metabolism and energy levels. The vitamin D also supports energy, but also mood, libido, mental health, hormonal health, and more.

Minerals in Weider Prime are basically zinc and chromium, since the 4% DV calcium is very weak. However, the added zinc helps support metabolism and tissue-folding, great for muscular recovery and overall energy levels.

The chromium, on the other hand, prevents chromium-deficiency-induced ‘stubborn fat’, helping prevent deficiency and letting you get leaner more easily (3).

Piperine is an absorption support compound that boosts your total uptake of nutrients from Weider Prime – which is especially helpful with the herbal extracts. It also supports vitamin absorption, which may be useful for the B vitamins in particular.


  • Core ingredients regulate testosterone
  • Effective boost to subjective wellbeing
  • Maintains good nutrient intake and absorption
  • Beta-Carboline content is great for improved health, anti-cancer effects, and cognition


  • Relatively weak compared to some of the leading products on the market
  • May not offer the complete range of secondary benefits associated with premium t-boosters

Product summary

Product summary

Weider Prime is a testosterone regulating supplement with 3 major, active ingredients that each play a central role. The result is better-regulated testosterone levels (both increasing testosterone and reducing aromatization) and a significant boost to your subjective wellbeing.

These constitute the main benefits you want from a testosterone booster, but it does seem a little light on the ground due to the synergies and multi-layered benefits of other choices on the market.

If Weider Prime is going to struggle with anything, it’s this shortage of powerful ingredients.

The ingredients and benefits of this product are good, but they may struggle when compared to something with more synergies and active ingredients. Otherwise, it’s a good – if simple – choice for testosterone regulation (but maybe not boosting).

What is Nugenix?

Nugenix Ultimate is a health-conscious testosterone booster for men over 40.

What is Nugenix

It is not only a way to improve hormonal health, but a significant protective supplement to reduce the risk of common and severely dangerous risks to male health – such as prostate enlargement (a risk factor in cancers).

Nugenix offers 3 major benefits: improved testosterone levels, reduction of major risks around male health, and improved mood and sexual function.

This makes Nugenix Ultimate a good mixture of popular and novel benefits, offering a different profile to many of the other testosterone boosters we’ve looked at on the market.

It has a slightly older demographic – where every year you age, the benefits to health become both more potent and more important. Here’s the ingredient list:

Nugenix Benefits

Nugenix Ultimate is a well-rounded testosterone booster that blends Nugenix’s health and wellbeing concerns with better hormone levels for mood, recovery, and growth. It offers a mixture of the most important and effective support for:

  • Testosterone levels
  • Long-term hormonal balance and regulation
  • Male health concerns like prostate cancer and cell death/damage
  • Anti-aging compounds
  • Stress-resilience
  • Cognition and mental performance
  • Sexual health and libido  

These benefits are the most important, and they’re the reasons that Nugenix Ultimate is especially popular with men over 40.

Nugenix Benefits

These benefits are many of the most important concerns for any man looking to recapture his ‘spark’, or trying to boost overall wellness, vitality, and drive.

How Does Nugenix Improve Testosterone Levels?

The main benefits of Nugenix are heightened testosterone levels in the short- and long-term. It combines many of the best immediate boosting effects of D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) with long-term resilience and stress-protective effects.

This is important because testosterone and other male wellbeing hormones are closely related to lifestyle and environment.

How Does Nugenix Improve Testosterone Levels

Better male health and wellbeing come from stress-resilience, which you get from Eurycoma Longifolia, as well as some secondary benefits from Mucuna Pruriens. These herbal extracts help protect your newly-elevated testosterone levels from stress from lifestyle.

Secondary Hormone-Balancing Benefits: More Than Just Testosterone

Other compounds support testosterone levels on the other side – controlling the relationship between male and female sex hormones in your body.

Secondary Hormone-Balancing Benefits - More Than Just Testosterone

We all have both, but tipping the scales towards testosterone – and away from estrogen and its derivatives – helps you improve your testosterone levels even further.

By reducing your aromatization of testosterone into estrogen, Nugenix helps maintain a balance of male wellbeing, drive, confidence, and exercise recovery. These benefits come from the combination of Boron (an essential mineral) and Epimedium, as well as the Eurycoma and Mucuna mentioned above.

The combination of pro-testosterone, anti-stress, and anti-aromatisation in Nugenix are where most of the main benefits come from.

These offer you the best results and the double effect of improving the positive factors and reducing the negatives – for a potent all-round hormone support effect.

Health and Wellbeing

Nugenix Ultimate has an important set of secondary benefits that go above and beyond simply changing your hormone concentrations. 

Specifically, it focuses on developing your resilience to problems like cell damage, stress-induced decline, and even aging itself.

Health and Wellbeing

Stinging nettle is a powerful anti-inflammatory and regulatory compound that reduces the risks of prostate hyperplasia – excessive growth.

This is a major risk in prostate cancer – a common and undiagnosed killer of men over 40 – and thus an important way of regulating your health and wellbeing.

This is doubled up by compounds like Epimedium, eurycoma, and Mucuna. These all benefit different areas of health and wellbeing, specifically around long-term health and successful aging – with a ridiculous range of whole-person health benefits, both physical and mental.

Bonus Benefits: Nugenix Ultimate Mental Benefits

Bonus Benefits - Nugenix Ultimate Mental Benefits

Nugenix ultimate has some great subjective wellbeing benefits – improvements to mood, cognition, anxiety levels, stress resilience, and long-term hormonal robustness.

These protect other important lifestyle factors like stress’ impact on you, ability to sleep well, and your sensitivity to future experiences.

These all add up to compound the benefits of Nugenix Ultimate’s main ingredients and secondaries. They provide better long-term benefits while supporting how you feel along the way.

Maca root is probably the most popular of these, with great benefits to relaxation, lowering anxiety, and maintaining your mental wellbeing.

Many of the best benefits of compounds like Maca and even Eurycoma are from the long-term knock-on effects of lowered anxiety and better mood. That means better recovery from stress, better sleep quality, and the everyday experience of better energy levels and mood.


  • Improves testosterone levels
  • Maintains long-term health, hormonal balance, and mood
  • Improves subjective wellbeing effectively
  • Great specific benefits to men’s health concerns and conditions


  • Lacks some of the more powerful core ingredient combos on the market
  • Could do with a vitamin and mineral support complex (especially vitamin D and Magnesium)

Product Summary

Nugenix Ultimate is amazingly well-rounded and offers one of the most complete approaches to male wellbeing over the age of 40. It competes with alternatives like Prime Male – where it has similar benefit power, but a more specific sense of who it’s for.

Product Summary - Nugenix

When compared to Weider Prime, it’s more specific for its benefits – and trades off some health benefits (like prostate health) against Weider’s interesting ingredient choices (like Cordyceps).

Weider Prime vs Nugenix: The Comparison

Weider Prime vs Nugenix - The Comparison

With the comparison of Weider Prime vs Nugenix Ultimate, it’s actually a close win for Nugenix Ultimate – the most effective testosterone booster. Nugenix Ultimate wins for its superior synergies with core and secondary ingredients, as well as a clear boost to some of the most important male health concerns and long-term subjective benefits.

Remember that a testosterone booster supplement is about how you feel in your own body, as well as the mental and physical performance changes.

On these scores, Nugenix Ultimate, is a superior choice, and the overall benefit-per-dollar ratio is just a little stronger.

Benefit Head-to-Head

Weider Prime has some great benefits but comes out with a rather simple, core experience. The most exciting addition is to the health and wellbeing benefits and not the actual, core ingredients that do the testosterone-boosting.

In that field, Nugenix Ultimate is the winner.

Benefit Head-to-Head

The stronger core ingredients and major secondaries make Nugenix better at the most important things, while Weider Prime’s Cordyceps inclusion is a great choice but just doesn’t compete 1-1 because it’s not a core benefit – but on the edges of the product in the ‘bonus’ additions.

For Whom?

For Whom

Nugenix Ultimate is for any man over 35 who wants to improve his testosterone levels while maintaining good health in the most commonly at-risk factors of male health.

It’s a great choice for just about any man looking to improve hormonal, cellular, and metabolic health.

Weider Prime is in a similar field, offering benefits that are a little less specific: it’s a testosterone booster for any man, with a wider range of less age-dependent benefits, but also a narrower scope for the healthy aging benefits.

Weider prime lacks some of the clear-cut benefits of Nugenix and may just get lost in the market of all-purpose testosterone boosters – especially when competing against superior products like Prime Male and especially CentraPeak.

These two products both clearly out-compete on core and secondary benefits.

Final Thoughts

In our heads-up comparison of Weider Prime vs Nugenix Ultimate, Nugenix is the clear winner with a superior set of ingredients and benefits – despite covering a similar niche. The result is a clear win, a strong product, and Weider Prime looking a bit weedy by comparison.

Final Thoughts

One of the important things to note is that Nugenix Ultimate is one of the strongest choices in its niche on the market.

It’s great for male advancing health, while Weider is too all-purpose and has to compete with juggernauts of the market like CentraPeak and Prime male head-on, where it loses.

Weider is struggling from a lack of super-powered benefits in the most competitive part of the market.

Nugenix Ultimate is more specific, solves a clear problem, and has a very unique spot in the market – where it’s a fantastic pick for men over 40 trying to protect health and age better.


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