Transparent Labs ZMO Review 2023

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Today we’re bringing you a Transparent Labs ZMO review so you know if this addition to their StrengthSeries line is worth your money – and what it might give you in return.

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What is Transparent Labs ZMO?

Transparent Labs ZMO

Transparent Labs ZMO is a mixture of Zinc, Magnesium, and Oyster extract to support strength, sleep, and recovery. It’s a potent upgrade on the usual ZMA formula with a focus on better bioavailability and mineral content.

This makes ZMO one of the most interesting developments on the ZMA formula since it was first produced in decades. 

It’s a high-quality supplement and – like all of Transparent Labs’ products – undergoes 3rd party testing for purity, contaminants, and infectious bacteria.

The result is a boost to both the quality and effectiveness of normal ZMA, a supplement that is already well-regarded in athletes for supporting recovery. 

It tackles 3 important targets for supplementation, making it a 3-pronged supplement for better recovery and performance.

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Benefits Of Transparent Labs ZMO

ZMO Sleep

Transparent Labs’ ZMO offers 3 of the most important nutrients around: Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin B6. 

It also has a wide array of other trace minerals from Oyster extract that provide a more effective nutrient matrix and extra support. This means a high bioavailability option for these nutrients.

This is important because compounds like Zinc and B6 have inconsistent absorption and use in many food sources. 

For example, many plant sources for vitamin B6 may contain a lot, but won’t produce efficient absorption, leaving many people with poor serum B6 levels.


  • Better ingredient choices than ZMA alternatives
  • Highly bioavailable for better effects
  • Smart synergies with electrolyte support


  • Probably more expensive than an entry-level ZMA supplement

The Active Ingredients in Transparent Labs ZMO: What Do They Do?


Zinc is an important hormone in the metabolism, especially around food and energy absorption. It’s a common deficiency – and needs are higher in active, exercising people.

It’s also an important supporting factor in tissue production – which links it to all kinds of important processes, including muscle-building.


Magnesium is the most underrated electrolyte – the most important group of minerals. It’s paired with calcium, which makes it crucial to balancing muscle chemistry after exercise to prevent damage and improve recovery.

It’s also an important coenzyme in 100s of bodily processes, making it a key player in health. Magnesium needs are significantly higher in more-active people.

B6 from Oyster Extract

B6 is crucial for energy metabolism – especially getting energy from food. This is great for high-quality, healthy weight gain and building muscle mass.

It’s another coenzyme in around 100 processes and often deficient in serum, making it a useful supplementary choice.

Transparent Labs ZMA

A supplement that combines Zinc, Magnesium and Oyster Extract, Transparent Labs ZMO is a great supplement to enhance strength, improve sleep and enable recovery.


Transparent Labs ZMO can be taken as 2 capsules with 12-14 ounces of water, preferably empty stomach or 60 minutes before sleep.

Magnesium can bring positive results in terms of effective sleep, especially when you need to rest well after workouts.

Our Verdict: How Good Is Transparent Labs ZMO?


Transparent Labs ZMO is one of the best “ZMA” supplements on the market for its massive bioavailability boost and the added trace minerals. It provides a better source than most alternatives, while also expanding on the potential benefits with a deeper, wider nutrient matrix.

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The result is a zinc, magnesium, and B6 supplement that:

  1. Works better than others
  2. Has a wider range of benefits (albeit modest ones)

This makes Transparent Labs ZMO one of the best on the market. For a pure supplement with no added “secondary” ingredients, it could be the best “ZMA” supplement we’ve seen in a long time.

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