Transparent Labs Vitality Review for Testosterone Boost

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What if there was a supplement for happiness? Or perhaps for wellbeing, from the inside out?

My Transparent Labs Vitality review will ask just that question. Vitality – and testosterone boosters like it – aim to improve hormone health, and thus everything else indirectly. They’re about mood, libido, performance, and male ‘energy’ in the widest sense.

We’re going to look at what this product is, the claims made about it, and how it delivers on those claims. Read on to get my experiences with this product and see if it’s right for you…

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What is Transparent Labs Vitality?

transparent labs vitality

Vitality is a natural testosterone and male wellbeing support supplement. It’s a herbal blend using some of the most popular ingredients, as well as other clinically-supported compounds. You may recognise some of these, like ashwagandha and shilajit.

As we’ll see later, this product is all about synergies. These are combinations of ingredients that have extra benefits when combined. 

Specifically, they use ingredients on two sides of an crucially important balance between male sex hormones (like testosterone) and female sex hormones (particularly Estrogen and prolactin).

By finely tuning this balance, this product is about regulating hormonal health, protecting you from stress, and the indirect benefits these offer.

Transparent Labs Vitality

Vitality is one of the best testosterone boosters for men, helping you protect from stress and maintaining hormonal health.

Why Did I Use Vitality?

vitality review

I tried transparent labs vitality because I liked their BULK pre-workout and liked the promises of this product. I knew they were a company I liked, and reading the benefits for vitality, I was definitely intrigued.

This product promised better testosterone levels, better mood, and improved results in the gym. I was happy to oblige, testing these out and keeping a track of my experiences across 4 weeks with this product.

I’ve reviewed a ton of testosterone boosters and other products in the past, so I knew I had a good background context for reviewing it. So, here we are – let’s look at what Transparent Labs are promising with this product…

What Claims Do Transparent Labs Make?

vitality transparent labs

Transparent labs makes a few crucial claims about vitality:

  1. It boosts bioactive testosterone levels
  2. It controls Estrogen and cortisol production
  3. It sets the foundation for lean muscle gains, fat-burning, strength, libido, and confidence

These are the main points that we’re going to focus on, too, when we look at the ingredients. It’s important to judge a product by its claims, as well as what it actually contains, and what it can offer you.

Transparent Labs Vitality: Ingredients and Benefits

transparent labs vitality ingredients

The benefits of Vitality include 4 simple categories:

  1. Enzyme support
  2. Anti-anxiety blend
  3. Anti-cortisol effects
  4. Reducing aromatization risks

It also includes piperine for better absorption, but that’s there to make sure the other ingredients are working.

It also includes zinc, which is an important mineral that’s tied into energy metabolism and hormonal health.

This is a key player in tissue formation, too. It is an “essential part of over 100 enzymes”, making it a universally-useful mineral for better health, wellbeing, and even performance.

Vitality Anxiolytic Blend: Ashwagandha, Shilajit, and Quercetin

Ashwagandha and shilajit are popular herbal extracts that have some interesting scientific research.

Ashwagandha is an anxiolytic: it reduces the negative impacts of stress and anxiety. You will have a better sense of calm, better resilience to chaotic life events, and reduced risk to your hormonal and immune systems when stressed. It may also help improve strength performance, but that’s not 100% clear yet.

Shilajit is less well studied, and is mostly used for its antioxidant effects. These include reduced cell damage risk and a general improvement in health and wellness.

It has some interesting hormonal effects, like changing follicle-stimulating hormone levels, but most of the benefits are in people with suppressed testosterone – like infertile men and those under extreme, chronic stress.

This combination is improved by quercetin, which is a diverse synergist: it helps you absorb and use a range of other nutrients. It helps you get maximum benefits from the fulvic acid in Shilajit, for example, boosting antioxidant powers.

Longjack: Reducing Cortisol Dominance

strength gainer

LJ100 is a fancy brand name for eurycoma longifolia – a herbal extract that is popular for its benefits to libido and sexual health. It boosts sperm quality and libido. More importantly, it helps reduce stress effects on the hormones, protecting you from cortisol dominance and excess.

This is paired with a weak testosterone-supporting effect. Again, this is perfect with ashwagandha and shilajit for protecting your testosterone but not necessarily boosting it.

I found this was clear in the protection from stress and the “bulletproof” sense of calm and focus I experienced.

DIM And Boron: Protecting You From Aromatisation

The final “blend” of ingredients in this product is DIM (also known as di-indolyl-methane) and boron.

These are both regulators on the other side of the hormonal scale. While the other ingredients protect testosterone, this DIM is an anti-aromatisation compound. It sounds complex, but it’s simple: it stops testosterone turning into Estrogen in the body.

Boron also regulates levels of female sex hormones in men, especially prolactin. You get boron in the glycinated format, which is also a small benefit, because glycine is a great aid for sleep quality and regulates mental wellbeing and anxiety.

testosterone booster

This combination reduces the risk of pitching too far towards feminising hormones and protects important male sex-hormones. This balance is an important one for mood, wellbeing, energy, sexual health, and performance in exercise.

This provides an overall synergistic effect with the other major ingredients – ashwagandha, shilajit, and eurycoma longifolia. This is where I think all the benefits to feelings come from – and then the indirect benefits those have to recovery and exercise performance.

My Vitality Experience: Does It Work?

Transparent Labs Vitality definitely worked – though the benefits were initially difficult to identify. The benefits were mostly subjective – I felt better, I was happier, and I felt more positively able to engage with life.

It’s hard to put a number on this, but I definitely felt better. This seemed like a combination of the herbal and hormonal changes, as well as the energy that I felt from improved metabolism. This was a great combination, producing a huge uptick in how I felt and my ability to focus and get stuff done.

Transparent labs vitality review
Ingredient Profile
Great enzyme support
Effective in boosting testosterone
May improve training performance
Expensive compared to some other products in this segment

Overall Score

The changes weren’t constant throughout the weeks, however. I used this product for 4 weeks and I felt the greatest benefits in weeks 2 and 3.

Week 1:

In week 1, I wasn’t sure if it was working, as I hadn’t experienced any significant changes. By weeks 2 and 3, I started to realize that I was less lethargic in general, and specifically more engaged with the tasks and projects I set myself. It was only during this phase did I realize that things were actually improving.

Week 2:

By week 4, things felt similar, but I wasn’t sure if I was still improving. I was either used to this new level of energy and productivity, or it was starting to be less potent. Many of the ingredients do tend to be best in the short-term, which may explain this ‘plateau’.

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I will be using this product again in future to try and get a better, long-term feel for the benefits.

How Vitality Compares with Other Testosterone Boosters?

If you are looking to invest in a testosterone booster, it’s a good idea to research and compare different products. Here are some other testosterone boosters that I’ve reviewed on this website:

  1. Prime Male vs TestoFuel
  2. Testo Lab Pro Review
  3. TestoGen Review

Final Thoughts

working out

My transparent labs vitality review is clear: it definitely works for the things I wanted from it. I was happier, more energetic, and felt more resilient to the stresses of life. I think that, alone, was worth the time and money I put into it.

I think this transferred over to my performance, but I don’t think vitality enhanced my exercise performance or results. The benefits were definitely there, but indirectly: I slept better, I was less stressed, and I could afford more energy for workouts.

Let’s look at the 3 big claims Transparent Labs made and if they’re true:

  1. Boosting bioactive testosterone: it doesn’t seem to boost testosterone directly, but it can help it increase over time. It’s more of a testosterone regulator than booster.
  2. Controls Estrogen and cortisol: this is 100% true and the one I felt the most. They didn’t even mention prolactin, but it’s great for regulating that, too.
  3. Sets the foundation for a range of other benefits: this is true, primarily by changing your hormones and improving your anxiety levels. It does this through things like sleep and chronic exercise recovery.

Transparent Labs Vitality

Vitality is one of the best testosterone boosters for men, helping you protect from stress and maintaining hormonal health.

Transparent Labs Vitality is a great way to support how you feel and boost performance indirectly. I found this to be well worth my time, and recommend this product to anyone who’s still ‘on the fence’!

You can buy Transparent Labs Vitality directly from the site. I’ve been using it for a month, and would probably recommend the 2 month supply – I’m not sure if 1 month is enough to get the most from this product, and I need a second bottle myself.

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