Transparent Labs Stim Free Pre Workout Review

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How much better can your workout be – without just adding caffeine?

In our Transparent Labs Stim Free Pre Workout review, we’re going to ask just that. We’ll see how much you can add to a workout without getting jitters or disrupting your sleep schedule!

Whether you’re caffeine intolerant or just want your evening workouts to lead to great sleep, you’ll find everything you need to know in this review.

Overview: What Is Transparent Labs Stim Free Pre Workout?

Overview - What Is Transparent Labs Stim Free Pre Workout

Stim Free Pre Workout is a performance boosting pre workout supplement with no stimulants. It has no caffeine or synephrine, and relies on performance boosters like Citrulline and Beta-alanine to improve your workout experience.

It still improves cognition and mental energy, however, while also supporting sustainable health benefits.


  • Stimulant free performance booster
  • Improves workout performance and recovery
  • Boosts mental and physical performance
  • Perfect for high rep training and endurance


  • Weaker than a pre-workout with caffeine

Ingredients: What’s In Transparent Labs Stim Free Pre Workout?

Ingredients - What’s In Transparent Labs Stim Free Pre Workout

I’m glad you asked. The active ingredients in Stim Free Pre Workout are Citrulline, BCAAs, Beta-alanine, Betaine, Taurine, Tyrosine, Choline, and Piperine.

  • Citrulline: the most powerful nitric oxide booster to drive up your nutrient delivery into the muscles, boosting endurance. This is also a potent pump booster and will improve your vascularity as well as muscle size during and after workouts. 
  • BCAAs: protect your muscles from damage and boost endurance with BCAAs. These also help support muscle growth and reduce muscle breakdown during your workouts.
  • Beta-alanine: a powerful muscle metabolism buffer that boosts endurance in the 1-5 minute range, letting you work harder for longer. This is perfect for athletes and bodybuilders, letting you work harder and boost results. 
  • Betaine: this can help you get better pumps, maintain muscle chemistry balance, and support post-workout recovery. A great choice to improve the power of citrulline and beta-alanine.
  • Taurine: a crucial cardiovascular support ingredient to max out your pumps and post-workout recovery, increasing circulation into tired muscles. This is a perfect synergist with the other ingredients in Stim Free Pre Workout.
  • Tyrosine: a great mood stabiliser to help you feel good while you workout, and reduce the onset of mental exhaustion. This is always a good addition for mental wellbeing.
  • Choline: a mental performance compound that helps boost Acetylcholine in the brain – responsible for memory and cognition. Choline levels ensure your brain has what it needs to function properly.
  • Piperine: the best absorption aid on the market, offering better uptake of key nutrients through the gut and into the bloodstream.

So, what’s the final picture? What does Stim Free Pre Workout do for you in real terms? Let’s look at the most noticeable and potent benefits.

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Benefits: What Does Transparent Labs Stim Free Pre Workout Do?

Benefits - What Does Transparent Labs Stim Free Pre Workout Do

The main benefits of Stim Free Pre Workout are better performance during your workouts and better recovery afterwards.

Better blood flow and endurance add up to better workouts, better recovery, and then improving your performance next session.

You’ll also have better mental performance and mood. The cognitive support in this product offers a versatile set of benefits without any stimulant load. This improves endurance, too, and can improve your relationship with your workouts, too.

Finally, you’ll see better health benefits from your diet and exercise. The added cardiovascular support and circulation boost are great for metabolism and arterial health.

Our Verdict: Should You Buy Stim Free Pre Workout From Transparent Labs?

Our Verdict - Should You Buy Stim Free Pre Workout From Transparent Labs

Yes – you should buy this product if you want a stimulant free pre workout that boosts performance without disrupting sleep or causing side effects. Stim Free Pre Workout is a great example of boosting mental and physical performance without using caffeine.

This is a great example of a good pre workout without caffeine, and you’ll see the benefits with added health benefits. It’s hard to beat that.

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