Transparent Labs CoreSeries Post Workout Review 2023

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In today’s Transparent Labs Core Series POST review, we’re looking at one of the simplest ways to improve your recovery and growth after exercise.

We’ll be reviewing Transparent Labs’ Post-workout recovery supplement, what benefits it might offer you, and how we think it stacks up as a performance and weight gain aid.

Transparent Labs Post Workout

Transparent Labs Post Workout
  • Helps with post workout recovery
  • Protects against muscle damage
  • Can help reduce inflammation and soreness

What is Transparent Labs POST?

transparent labs post

Transparent labs Core Series POST is a post-workout supplement – which means it aims to kickstart recovery and growth after exercise. 

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It also improves your workout-to-workout performance by ensuring you come into the next training session as fresh and well-recovered as possible. That means better performance.

Improving recovery is one of the most important steps in building muscle mass and gaining healthy weight, too (1). 

This makes POST and other recovery supplements a great place to get excellent value for better muscle gains and weight gain quality (more muscle and less fat).

Recovery and growth overlap closely, with a huge amount of benefit to both coming from rebalancing muscle chemistry, supporting nutrient delivery to muscles, and boosting the performance of your body’s natural recovery processes. 

The better you do these, the more muscle growth and performance-improvement you’re also likely to see.

How Does Transparent Labs Core Series POST Work?

POST improves your recovery by increasing blood flow to the muscles and improving their metabolism. 

It buffers against muscle damage and post-exercise soreness with Betaine, while supporting immune function and neuromuscular recovery with Glutamine.

It also offers L-Carnitine L-Tartrate to further support muscle metabolism and offset muscle damage risk. 

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This combination of ingredients is particularly potent at restoring muscle energetics to “normal” function (or better), which can be a huge help after intense exercise – especially resistance training.

The combination of improved energetics and immune system support and regulation means a better overall response to exercise. 

It should reduce soreness and unwanted inflammation, while improving the perfusion of nutrients from the blood into the muscles – driving up better muscular recovery and potentiating better muscle growth.

Transparent Labs CoreSeries Post Workout Review
Muscle Recovery
Improves nutrient delivery to sensitive muscles
Supports better muscle metabolism
Immune system support
Regulates inflammation and recovery
Weight gain benefits are INDIRECT

Overall Score

Beta-Alanine: Key For Post-Workout Recovery Supplements?

Ingredients like Beta-alanine support this process by further buffering the carnosine content of muscles and supporting recovery (2). 

Carnosine is an important part of both muscular and brain cell health, as well as being a major scavenger of harmful aldehydes and other highly-reactive species that might damage your cells (3).

Carnosine is specifically useful in the muscles for reducing acid build-up – a common factor in the metabolic processes around muscle damage. 

High-intensity exercise, and especially high-rep resistance training, produce large amounts of pyruvate and lactate that may cause muscle damage if levels are too high for too long.

This means Beta-alanine is a great choice for reducing muscle damage and soreness – and a perfect synergist to the metabolism-buffering benefits of the other ingredients in POST. 

A powerful synergy for simple but triple-effective muscle recovery support.

Can Transparent Labs POST Improve Weight Gain?

transparent labs post review

POST is a good choice for recovery and may indirectly support weight gain quality. It is a recovery aid, which has serious overlap with the processes that govern muscular health, energetics, and growth.

The addition of POST to a good diet, sleep, and exercise routine could produce better workouts and recovery after those workouts. 

The benefits are likely to be consistent and good, but will mostly show up over weeks and months – not just days.

The benefits of better recovery support weight gain directly and indirectly.

Direct Benefits For Weight Gain

Direct benefits of better recovery are simple: healthier muscles with more energy and less damage are more likely to increase muscle mass

They have better signaling for muscle protein synthesis, they have to spend less energy on basic repairs, and they’re able to resupply with more amino acids and glycogen more easily.

Recovery aids like POST are great for boosting these factors. 

They prime muscles for growth by reducing some of the negative demands on them, as well as providing a more efficient muscle metabolism, which makes it easier to produce the good stuff that builds more muscle.

This is why we call them simple – recovery aids just prime the muscle. They improve recovery and reduce the “total cost” of muscle growth.

If you’re already on a calorie surplus diet with plenty of carbs and protein, this is a great way to get the best of your diet.

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Indirect Benefits For Weight Gain

Indirect benefits of POST for weight gain include better workouts, better benefits from sleep, and better synergies with other dietary nutrients. These make it a great way to generally support weight gain and high-quality muscle growth.

Better workouts add up over time, as mentioned above. POST means better workouts in series, boosting everything from work capacity to single-bout endurance, and even mental performance during exercise. 

This means a huge range of subtle, mid- and long-term benefits which will stimulate more muscle growth when you put them to work in the gym.

Better muscular metabolism also means better quality recovery and growth during sleep – driving up your quality of weight gain.

This pairs well with the synergistic effects with protein and carbs in the diet, which can more effectively do their job when muscles are healthy and the immune system is not over-active with unwanted inflammation.

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Our Verdict: How Good Is Transparent Labs POST Recovery Supplement?

transparent labs post workout

Transparent Labs POST is a good, simple supplement to support your recovery after exercise.

It’s part of the Core Series because it has a single role – and it does it well – making for a high-value supplement that does its job at a good price.

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As with other Transparent Labs products, POST is 3rd party tested for purity and contaminants.

It’s also made in a certified good manufacturing processes lab, which means you’ve got a double layer of ‘peace of mind’ that your supplement includes only what it says, and is of a very high quality.

Transparent Labs POST

Transparent Labs Post is a great supplement for post-workout recovery and muscle-growth, and can be a great post workout weight gain supplement.

Overall, Transparent Labs POST isn’t a game-changer.

It’s a supplement that has one job and does it very well. If you want to be less sore and improve both recovery and muscle gains, it’s a great choice at a great price.

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