Transparent Labs Magnesium Review

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You don’t get enough Magnesium – and it’s limiting your recovery and energy levels.

Does Transparent Labs have the best answer to your problems?

That’s what you’ll find out in today’s Transparent Labs Magnesium review. Let’s start with the most important facts…

Overview: What Is Transparent Labs Magnesium?

Transparent Labs Magnesium is a high quality electrolyte supplement, bringing essential magnesium to your diet.

Most people benefit from adding Magnesium to their diet, especially active people. Your body’s magnesium needs are related to your exercise habits and energy needs, making it one of the best supplements for intense workouts.

Magnesium is also one of the most common deficiencies in plant-based dieters, and is lacking from most ‘normal’ diets. 

Transparent labs magnesium is a super high quality supplement to beat deficiency, support active living, and maintain a healthy metabolism


  • No fillers – 100% pure magnesium
  • The best supplementary electrolyte
  • Good value for money
  • Excellent for health and recovery alike


  • Not the most ‘exciting’ for most people

Ingredients: What’s In Transparent Labs Magnesium?

The only ingredient is Magnesium – 100% pure.

A single serving provides 71% of your daily magnesium value, too, making it a great one-stop supplement.

Transparent Labs Magnesium comes bound in Bisglycinate Chelate, a bioavailable and easy-absorbing format. This ensures the best results, comfortable digestion, and less risk of diuretic effect (which is seen in Magnesium Citrate).

Is Single Ingredient Magnesium Weak?

No – single ingredient Magnesium supplements are specialized but potent. The benefits of Magnesium alone are powerful, and the lack of secondary ingredients is obvious in the lower price.

Obviously, this is designed as a one a day magnesium supplement and doesn’t have secondary ingredients. It’s an affordable product that doesn’t scrimp on power or manufacturing quality.

However, you’re not going to get complete dietary support in one place. It’s a cheap addition that we recommend adding to your Transparent Labs order to rack up more savings, “while you’re there”.

Benefits: What Does Transparent Labs Magnesium Do?

Transparent Labs Magnesium is one of the most reliable, effective, and comfortable to use Magnesium supplements on the market. 

The Bisglycinate Chelate format is very stable and offers great comfort in the gut. It’s also less likely to contribute to cramping or urination than Citrate.

It comes at a great price, too, relative to market alternatives. It’s available for less cash than other supplements which are less powerful (like BCAAs). It’s not a glamorous supplement by itself, but it supports everything:

  • Metabolism and energy levels
  • Cell health and lifespan
  • Muscle recovery and health support
  • Maintains hormonal regularity
  • Combats calcium-related muscle damage
  • Promotes electrolyte sufficiency and balance
  • Beats common deficiencies

These make Magnesium a great choice, and that makes TL Magnesium a great option if you want the best of the best

Our Verdict: Should You Buy Magnesium From Transparent Labs?

You should buy Transparent Labs Magnesium if you are already buying from them and want a high-quality source. It’s an advanced form of Magnesium, available cheaply, from a brand that offers great standards overall.

If you’re already buying from Transparent Labs, this is a great addition to your basket if you’re already paying for shipping!

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