Transparent Labs Collagen Review – 2023

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Is Transparent Labs the best collagen supplement on the market?

Today we’re asking and answering this question, discussing what collagen is, why you should probably take a collagen supplement, and what the Transparent Labs Hydrolysate collagen peptides can do to help you.

Let’s look at what this product is, then we can discuss if it’s worth your time and hard-earned cash.

Transparent Labs Collagen

Transparent Labs Collagen
  • Supports muscle and joints strengthening
  • Can help improve muscle mass

Transparent Labs Collagen: The Basics

what is collagen

Transparent Labs collagen is one of the best joint-support supplements on the market – offering high-quality collagen peptides. 

It also supports muscle gains and reduces fat mass, when compared with other types of protein like whey protein (1).

Transparent Labs ProteinSeries Collagen is also a peptide supplement. 

This is the most effective format for collagen, offering the most powerful benefits, combining the natural benefits of a high-quality protein with the peptide effects of collagen including metabolic and superior signaling in the body.

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It’s a hydrolysate form, with a better mixability and absorption, making it easier to use. 

This also reduces some of the digestive problems seen in lower-quality formats (2). It’s also 3rd party tested to ensure there are no contaminants, infectious bacteria, or heavy metals.

What is Collagen – and Why Do You Need It?

Collagen is one of the most important dietary proteins and is broken down to produce collagen in your own body.

By increasing your intake, you can increase how much you produce. This is a huge boost to joints and connective tissues like tendons.

Collagen is actually the most abundant protein in the body, which makes it an important part of taking care of yourself.

It’s most present in the joints and muscles, where it is degraded by mechanical tension during exercise and activities – just like muscle.

As a result, you need to replace it, and Transparent Labs Collagen is a great way to do that.

The protein series offers a small amount of concentrated collagen for an easy-mixing and easy to use option, providing additional collagen to boost your production and protect your joints and muscles.


  • Collagen peptides are the best format
  • Hydrolyzed format for better absorption and mixability
  • Super high quality production with 3rd party testing
  • Supports more muscle and joint strengthening
  • Reduces fat mass compared to other protein sources


  • No integrated vitamin C – which would be nice

Transparent Labs Collagen Peptides: What Do They Do?

transparent labs collagen reviews

The Transparent Labs collagen hydrolysate is an easy digesting supplement which can help with signaling, as well as boosting the signals to produce more collagen.

It also has a wide range of benefits that include shifting you towards muscle gain and away from fat mass.

This makes Collagen hydrolysate a good choice when gaining weight, ensuring that your joints get the same support as muscles.

These are where most injuries happen, and proper collagen support can help reduce the risk of overuse and impact injury (3).

Remember that collagen isn’t just a muscle and tendon, it’s also in a wide range of other crucial (and commonly-stressed) tissues:

  • The ligaments
  • Bones
  • Spinal discs
  • Bursae and other ‘cushioning’ tissues that support joint action
  • The fascia that keeps tissues separate
  • Cartilage
  • – and many more!

Collagen is unbelievably important but often neglected.

Transparent Labs Collagen

The Transparent Labs Collagen has a wide range of benefits that include shifting you towards muscle gain and away from fat mass.

The Benefits of Collagen Peptide Supplementation

collagen and skin

The benefits of collagen peptides are pretty impressive, including things like improving skin health, supporting better body composition, and reinforcing joint health. 

It covers a wider variety of benefits than any other kind of protein, and even a little dietary collagen goes a long way.

Transparent Labs’ collagen isn’t designed to replace a protein powder. It’s an addition that offers specific, direct, and crucially important benefits on top of your normal diet. 

It is beneficial even in smaller doses, and is a great addition – especially on, or directly after, training days (when your collagen needs are highest).

One of the unique benefits of a collagen peptide is that it supports the recovery of all the most important tissues for workout. Bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles – as well as all the smaller ingredients in a healthy body!

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How Can You Get The Best Out Of Your Collagen?

The first thing to do is make sure you’re not missing out on your daily vitamin C intake.

Collagen is one side of the coin, but vitamin C controls your internal collagen production – so getting plenty of both these nutrients is key.

Combining the two can be even more powerful, where high-collagen foods combine with vitamin C for powerful synergistic effects. Taking vitamin C and Gelatin, for example, produces better collagen response than either by itself.

You can do the same with collagen hydrolysate where you’ll boost the overall effectiveness. This is important for your whole-day diet, but also for mixing the two, and getting the best results.

How Should You Take Collagen?

collagen supplement

Collagen is often best when taken in with a warm liquid – collagen coffee is a popular choice.

This makes for a good absorption, as well as improving the mixability, and producing a crema when mixed into coffee. It’s a simple but nice detail that has made it easy – and pleasant – to supplement.

Collagen does not need to be timed like whey protein or casein – at least not as intensively.

It’s a slower digesting protein and has great combinations with nutrients like vitamin C and phospholipids – maybe from nuts, seeds, or other healthy fat sources. This makes it a good mid-day top-up supplement.

You can use a relatively small amount of liquid with the smaller scoop size you get in a collagen tub.

The servings are smaller but it’s quite a gummy texture, when mixed, so be careful to get the right amount and maintain a good water-to-powder ratio.

Conclusion: Our Final Thoughts

transparent labs collagen

Transparent Labs collagen peptides are an example of the best type of collagen – and produced by one of the best manufacturers for basic good-practice. 

This makes it an appealing way to improve your results across a wide range of factors.

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If you’re looking for a good collagen peptide supplement, Transparent Labs hydrolysed collagen peptides is one of the best around. 

It also has a surprisingly good price for the quality and benefits, making it a great compromise if you’re still on the fence about the benefits of collagen.

Transparent Labs Collagen

Transparent Labs Collagen
  • Supports muscle and joints strengthening
  • Can help improve muscle mass

It won’t fix your diet by itself, but smart use of collagen can make a huge difference to how well you support your body – and especially the most at-risk tissues!

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