Transparent Labs Bulk vs Pre Kaged – 2023

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Bulk vs Pre Kaged: which pre-workout deserves your money? Or, are they both terrible?

We’re going head to head with these two pre-workouts in our Bulk vs Pre Kaged review. Find out:

  • what you’re going to get,
  • what you should focus on, and 
  • How these two great supplements stack up!
  • Best Pre-workout for Muscle Gain

    Transparent Labs BULK

      BULK is a great pre-workout supplement for weight gain and muscle building with premium ingredients.
  • Pre Kaged

    Pre Kaged

      Great pre-workout but more focus on BCAAs and creatine.

The Outline: Comparing Pre Workout Supplements

Discussing Bulk vs Pre Kaged means looking at what these 2 pre workout supplements and comparing their value for money.

That includes what it does, the key ingredients, and overall value. These are what you need to focus on to get the right pre workout for you.

Transparent Labs Bulk Overview

Transparent labs bulk

Transparent Labs Bulk is a premium pre-workout that relies on great synergists. It has powerful mental benefits and also boosts blood flow to muscles for performance, pumps, and recovery.

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Here are the key ingredients:

  • Green coffee bean: an organic, natural coffee source – 200mg caffeine total
  • Citrulline: improves circulation through Nitric Oxide, boosting performance and muscle pumps
  • Beta-alanine: buffers exhaustion in muscles to let you train harder for longer
  • Betaine: a secondary ingredient to support citrulline and increase oxygen to muscles
  • Taurine: an osmolyte, helping draw water into muscle cells for better endurance
  • Tyrosine: mental support, regulating fatigue and a more regular mood
  • A-GPC: cognitive performance booster to reduce fatigue and improve function
  • Theanine: the perfect synergist with caffeine for better performance and fewer side effects
  • Theobromine: a natural, healthy circulation aid to reinforce your citrulline benefits
  • Senactiv (Ginseng + Rosa): cell health compound that protects muscles from damage
  • Piperine: a black pepper extract that increases nutrient absorption – so Bulk works better.
  • Boron: direct mineral support for hormonal health (especially testosterone levels)

These are also combined with a vitamin and mineral complex, focusing on B vitamins, vitamin D, and electrolytes. 

Pre Kaged Overview

Pre Kaged

Pre Kaged is a premium pre-workout but it focuses on BCAAs, creatine, and a powerful micronutrient blend. 

The main ingredients are: 

  • Betaalanine: the best endurance support ingredient on the market
  • Citrulline and betaine: the same powerful nitric oxide benefits as Bulk 
  • BCAA blend: key amino acids for muscle growth, protection, and endurance performance
  • Fermented leucine: the most important BCAA for muscle growth and repair
  • Creatine: enabler for your muscles’ high energy systems, promoting strength-endurance
  • Tyrosine (N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine): reduces the onset of exercise-related fatigue and stress
  • Coconut water powder: a powerful hydration aid with the most important electrolytes
  • ORAC Blend: dozens of “super greens” ingredients
  • Green coffee bean: 274 mg of caffeine 

These have a completely different focus from Bulk, with more focus on bodybuilding ingredients and plant extracts.

Heads Up – Transparent Labs Bulk vs Pre Kaged

best pre workout

These are both excellent, powerful pre workout supplements. 

Bulk is one of the best mental and physical performance pre workouts, with huge synergists for endurance, mental focus, and pumps.

Pre-Kaged is specialized towards medium-term goals. It has added creatine for drawing water to the muscles, while the BCAAs support endurance and muscle quality.

Transparent Labs BulkPre Kaged
Better synergiesWide variety of high quality ingredients
Excellent value for moneyFewer synergies, some anti synergies
Better – but lower – caffeine contentHigher caffeine content but less balanced
3rd party testing and cGMP facilitiesSome underpowered ingredients (like BCAAs)

The real reason that Bulk wins in the Bulk vs Pre Kaged match-up is because Pre-Kaged’s main benefits aren’t related to pre-workout performance. 

Which Should You Buy?

Between Transparent Labs Bulk vs Pre Kaged, you should buy Transparent Labs Bulk because its ingredients work together – and they’re stronger

Pre-Kaged is a great supplement but many of the ‘best bits’ don’t work directly as pre-workout ingredients. BCAAs are relatively weak pre-workout, while creatine and caffeine are directly damaging to each other.

Bulk uses synergies, instead, to provide a better overall product with more potency per scoop. It cuts out the fluff to offer better basics – which is what you really need!

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