Transparent Labs Bulk Vs Lean: The Best Pre Workout?

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Transparent Labs Bulk Vs Lean – what’s the best pre-workout for body composition and results?

Today, we’re comparing the weight-loss and weight-gain pre-workouts from Transparent Labs to see which is the best, which deserves to get the most attention, and which helps you get closer to your goals most effectively.

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We’ll quickly outline each, what they do, and round up with a quick verdict on what we prefer and why.

Let’s get started with Transparent Labs’ BULK…

  • Best Pre-workout for Muscle Gain

    Transparent Labs BULK

      BULK is a great pre-workout supplement for weight gain and muscle building with premium ingredients.
  • Great Testosterone Booster for Weight Loss

    Transparent Labs LEAN

      LEAN is a great pre-workout for weight list with ingredients such as beta-alanine, BCAAs and DiCaffeine Malate

What is Transparent Labs Bulk?

tl bulk vs lean

Transparent Labs’ BULK is a pre-workout formula designed to support weight gain.

It uses ingredients that improve short-term workout performance and mid-term recovery – like citrulline and creatine – to support better quality weight gain.

BULK is a performance booster first and foremost, with a great overall profile for improving workouts. 

Specifically, it leans into strength and strength-endurance, using compounds like creatine to support better muscle energetics and work capacity (1).

BULK focuses on nitric oxide boosters heavily, supporting better blood flow to muscles for better cell volume, repeated bout endurance, and ridiculous pumps. 

This makes it a great choice for better workouts, but also for post-workout delivery of nutrient-rich blood to muscles – fueling recovery and growth.


  • Supports better muscle growth
  • Excellent combination of ingredients for muscle chemistry
  • Effective anti-fatigue benefits
  • Supports post-workout recovery and growth


  • Premium price tag may not suit everyone

How Does Transparent Labs BULK Work – What Are The Benefits?

Transparent Labs BULK is a pre-workout which means it improves weight gain by improving workouts. 

The ingredients are focused on improving your workouts in strength and muscle-building ranges, and specifically boosting the uptake of fluids and nutrients to muscles.

Transparent Labs Bulk - Ingredients

This improves cell volume, which is a great factor to support muscle growth, as well as improving the post-workout recovery of muscles. 

This means better muscle chemistry after workouts to reduce damage, soreness, and loss of performance. 

The result is better performance in this workout and the next one – which really adds up when you’re trying to build more muscle mass and bulk up.

BCAAs are a smart choice for this blend, too. Leucine improves muscle-growth signaling and Isoleucine protects against muscle damage (2). 

This helps with carb re-uptake into tired muscles to further improve cell volume and muscle energetics.

Transparent Labs BULK

The ingredients in BULK are focused towards improving your workouts in strength and muscle-building ranges, thus helping you build muscle effectively.

What Is Transparent Labs Lean?

bulk vs lean

Transparent Labs Lean is a pre-workout for weight loss, where it combines ingredients to support better workout performance and endurance, as well as fat-burning. 

It’s a great pre-workout by itself and combines popular and effective ingredients like beta-alanine, BCAAs for endurance, and DiCaffeine Malate.

Transparent Labs LEAN is a great way to improve the amount of work you can get done in a single workout. 

It offers a comprehensive endurance support matrix with citrulline, beta-alanine, BCAAs, Betaine, and ALCAR HCL all helping you fight fatigue and work out longer and harder.

This is the main mechanism for burning fat with LEAN. It supports workouts to support fat loss, though the only direct fat metabolism support comes from the 2 types of caffeine.


  • Excellent endurance boost
  • Supports better fatigue-control during calorie deficit
  • Fantastic recovery and protective effects for tissues


  • Benefits are indirect for fat-loss

How Does Transparent Labs LEAN Work – What Are The Benefits?

LEAN pre-workout is as a way to have better workouts while losing weight – rather than as a direct aid in losing weight. 

If you’re already doing everything right, it will offer you a better workout, more endurance, and the capacity for more hard work – but you do have to adapt your workouts to get the best effects.

Transparent Labs Lean Ingredients

LEAN is a good pre-workout for losing weight if you’re just looking to improve performance in the gym to drive up weight loss. 

It may not have the same direct thermogenic fat-burning effects as some other products, but it is amazing for boosting endurance across all kinds of workouts.

The real secret is that LEAN is an amazing performance-boosting pre-workout that has some indirect benefits for weight loss. 

It is great for improving strength, fitness, and endurance – and those are great for burning fat!

Transparent Labs LEAN

Transparent Labs LEAN helps boost your performance in the gym and provides indirect benefits for effective weight loss.

Transparent Labs BULK Vs LEAN: Our Verdict

lean vs bulk pre workout

While both Transparent Labs BULK and LEAN are great pre-workouts, BULK is better not only because of its focus on muscle gain, but also for the fantastic synergies it uses and the smart design that helps it boost weight gain and high-quality muscle building.

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To compare Bulk vs Lean, Transparent Labs BULK is designed specifically for weight gain and muscle building, while LEAN contains ingredients for effective weight loss.

BULK is just a better choice because it has more direct benefits to the goal of weight gain than LEAN does for weight loss. 

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Both TL bulk vs lean are great at improving workouts, but the benefits of BULK are more closely tied to gym workouts and offer amazing short- and mid-term benefits to strength, strength-endurance, and then post-workout recovery.

BULK is also slightly more useful just because building muscle is harder than burning fat!

Key Takeaway

Transparent Labs BULK is our favorite Transparent Labs Pre-Workout between Bulk vs Lean, and it deserves its spot as one of the best workout enhancers for weight gain.

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