Transparent Labs Bulk vs Bulk Black

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Transparent Labs Bulk vs Bulk Black – which is better? Does a higher price produce better results? 

That’s what we’re asking as we go head to head with the two premium pre-workouts.

  • Great Ingredients
    Bulk Black

    Transparent Labs Bulk Black

      Great pre-workout supplement with some extra ingredients compared to original BULK.
  • Best Pre-Workout Overall

    Transparent Labs Bulk

      Best overall pre-workout supplement with the best ingredients and high effectiveness.

Overview: Transparent Labs Bulk Vs Bulk Black

Overview - Transparent Labs Bulk Vs Bulk Black

To compare properly, we need to look at the difference between Bulk vs Bulk Black.

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Transparent Labs Bulk Overview

Transparent Labs Bulk Overview

BULK is Transparent Labs’ basic pre workout, offering a strong but affordable option. It’s a basic but well-balanced product that focuses on nailing the basics.

Here are the major ingredients in Transparent Labs Bulk pre workout:

  • Citrulline: a powerful nitric oxide booster for endurance and better pumps
  • Beta-alanine: the most popular endurance booster for longer, harder sets
  • Betaine: a synergist with citrulline for better results
  • Taurine: hydrates the muscle and supports longer-duration exercise
  • Tyrosine: mental support to reduce exhaustion and fatigue
  • A-GPC: mental performance and anti-fatigue compound 
  • Theanine: a perfect caffeine synergist with excellent overall benefits 
  • Theobromine: a circulation booster to support citrulline and betaine
  • Senactiv (ginseng + Rosa): protection from muscle cell damage
  • Piperine: absorption aid to boost nutrient uptake and potency
  • Boron: essential trace mineral for hormonal health and regulation

These are great ingredients, and a lot of them are shared with Bulk Black. They’re excellent core ingredients.

Transparent Labs Bulk Black Overview

Transparent Labs Bulk Black Overview

Bulk black costs around 10% more per container, and it levels up the caffeine content with Infinergy DiCaffeine Malate. It also uses Astragin instead of Piperine – but it gives up zinc from Bulk’s mineral complex.

This means that you’re paying more for:

  • More, better caffeine: more powerful and less risk of digestive side effects
  • More vitamin B12: a key player in energy metabolism 
  • Replacing one absorption aid with a different one
  • No zinc: an essential mineral, but not an active ingredient

This is what we call a side-grade: it’s not an upgrade, it’s not better, it’s just different.

Bulk Vs Bulk Black: Heads up

Bulk Vs Bulk Black - Heads up

Bulk vs Bulk Black: what wins? 

Original Bulk wins – because Bulk Black asks you to pay more, without offering more.

Transparent Labs BULKTransparent Labs BULK Black
Superior price – 10% cheaperExcellent core ingredients and synergies
Excellent core ingredients and synergiesDiCaffeine Malate for sustained energy
Modestly more expensive than Bulk

You won’t notice the difference between the two products, and that means Bulk wins. It offers better value for money.


The caffeine quality in Bulk Black is better, and may be a major benefit if you’ve had bad experiences. However, most people don’t need this different caffeine profile, and it won’t be a noticeable difference to the average user.

Our Verdict: Which Should You Buy?

Between Transparent Labs Bulk and Bulk Black, Bulk Original is a better pre-workout due to it’s value for money and better active ingredients.

Our Verdict - Which Should You Buy

It’s got all the most important active ingredients, at a lower price. Bulk Black is a different, but not better, product.

You’re paying 10% more, but it won’t be 10% more powerful. Benefits in Bulk Black are not noticeably different from the original formula.

The benefits are slight, and removing things like Zinc and Piperine doesn’t improve the effects. DiCaffeine malate is good but it’s not a big difference compared to the power of the core ingredients.

Click to check prices for Transparent Labs Bulk Black and Bulk Original.

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