Transparent Labs Bulk Black Review

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Is Transparent Labs’ best pre workout good enough to impress you – and is it worth your money?

That’s what we’re asking in today’s Transparent Labs Bulk Black Review. Let’s start with what this fancy supplement is for and why it’s so potent…

Transparent Labs Bulk Black

Bulk Black
  • Improve workout performance
  • Potent Ingredients for better pump
  • Improve workout recovery

Overview: What Is Transparent Labs Bulk Black?

Overview - What Is Transparent Labs Bulk Black

Bulk Black is a premium pre workout supplement for weight gain, as well as metabolism, mental performance, and a serious boost to training volume. 

This means gaining more weight, getting more from your workouts, and improving your post-workout recovery. This supports you at every stage of the growth and development process, maximizing your return on effort.

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This is also a relatively affordable choice compared to market alternatives. You’re going to spend around $1.50 per serving, but the container is likely to last 1.5-3 months, depending on how often you train.


  • Excellent core ingredients
  • Powerful synergies supercharge the effects
  • Healthy – but performance enhancing – caffeine
  • Excellent secondary health support


  • A premium product with a slightly higher price
  • Doesn’t actually increase weight gain

Ingredients: What’s In Transparent Labs Bulk Black?

Ingredients - What’s In Transparent Labs Bulk Black

The main ingredients in Bulk Black include 2 types of caffeine, theanine, citrulline, beta-alanine, alpha-GPC, taurine, tyrosine and theobromine, and Astragin. 

These are widely varied and include some great synergists, improving the power of the product at once.  

  • Citrulline: the best nitric oxide booster, turning into arginine in the body to promote blood flow into muscles. Also an endurance and recovery booster.
  • Betaalanine: a powerful endurance booster for exercise in the 1-5 minute range. Perfect for conditioning and bodybuilding-style high rep sets.
  • Betaine: a great supporting compound for citrulline, supporting greater nitric oxide levels for circulation.
  • Taurine: a useful hydration aid to increase water intake to muscles and improve the benefits of other ingredients.
  • Tyrosine: a mental support amino acid that helps reduce mental fatigue and stabilize mood.
  • AlphaGPC: a cognition aid that improves acetylcholine levels in the brain to boost mental performance and health. 
  • Caffeine Anhydrous: 275mg of caffeine provides clinical level benefits, without overloading your healthy daily levels. 
  • Theanine: the best synergist with caffeine to improve wakefulness and energy levels while reducing the risk of side effects. 
  • Theobromine: a heart-healthy way of improving circulation, supporting capillary health and reinforcing Citrulline’s effects.
  • Astragin: an absorption support ingredient to boost uptake through the gut.
  • DiCaffeine Malate: like caffeine, but slower releasing and more comfortable in the gut – better than more anhydrous caffeine.
  • Vitamins and minerals: a surprisingly great combination of vitamins B6 and 12, D, sodium, and potassium to support health and reduce fatigue.

Benefits: What Does Bulk Black Do?

Benefits - What Does Bulk Black Do

The main benefit of Bulk Black is a better workout, both mentally and physically, driven by caffeine, theanine, citrulline, and beta-alanine. These are the major active ingredients and they improve basically every metric for performance.

You’ll be able to train harder for longer, feel better while you do it, modestly improve your recovery afterwards, and you’ll avoid the harsh come-down of other pre-workouts.

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The synergists make sure that each of these benefits is more potent than most competitors. They offer doubled-up benefits that will be noticeably stronger but less “swingy” than other products. 


Bulk Black has better sustained release and will leave you feeling better for longer than other pre-workouts.

Our Verdict: should you buy Transparent Labs Bulk Black?

Our Verdict - should you buy Transparent Labs Bulk Black

Yes – you should buy bulk black if you want a pre formulated pre-workout supplement. It comes with premium benefits despite only costing slightly more than some entry level alternatives – and you’ll feel the difference in quality.

Transparent Labs Bulk Black

Bulk Black
  • Improve workout performance
  • Potent Ingredients for better pump
  • Improve workout recovery

This product has a great design that makes each ingredient more powerful, and each benefit more obvious. It’s a great choice to improve your workout, whatever your fitness goals might be.

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