Transparent Labs BCAA Glutamine Review

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Do you want to make one purchase that will save you money for months to come?

If you’re spending money on pre-workouts, intra-workouts, and/or post-workouts, this could be your savior.

In our Transparent Labs BCAA Glutamine Review, you’ll learn the neglected economic power of this versatile stacking supplement.

Overview: What Is Transparent Labs BCAA Glutamine?

Overview - What Is Transparent Labs BCAA Glutamine

Transparent Labs BCAA Glutamine is a simple 2-ingredient combination that offers you a versatile mental and physical health supplement.

This combines the popular BCAA supplement core with added glutamine. These are often included together in premium pre-, intra-, and post-workout supplements where they reduce muscle damage.

Transparent Labs offers them in combination because they’re a versatile way to improve your workouts and recovery. It’s a super stackable supplement with a wide range of different synergies out there on the market.

This isn’t a beginner’s supplement, but it lets you take control of your supplements and save money over the long term by making homemade pre—workouts, for example.


  • BCAAs support muscular endurance and health
  • Supports better muscular endurance
  • Can improve health and performance alike


  • Relatively weak benefits

Ingredients: What’s In Transparent Labs BCAA Glutamine?

Ingredients - What’s In Transparent Labs BCAA Glutamine

Transparent Labs BCAA Glutamine only has 2 ingredients: BCAA and Glutamine. These are combined for intra workout support, as they’re some of the most common intra workout supplements bundled together.

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These are also synergistic: they work better together. They’re clustered around workout hydration, muscular protection, and boosting your endurance.

How Do You Use Transparent Labs BCAA Glutamine?

How Do You Use Transparent Labs BCAA Glutamine

Transparent Labs BCAA Glutamine is also a great choice for improving your own homemade pre workout. It combines well with different supplements for different goals.

For example, you can stack it with citrulline and beta-alanine for the best possible endurance. However, you can also mix it with caffeine and L-theanine to improve the mental benefits of Glutamine.

The simplest way to take it is with electrolytes and a fast-absorbing carbohydrate, however, as an intra- and post-workout support drink.

Benefits: What Does Transparent Labs BCAA Glutamine Do?

Benefits - What Does Transparent Labs BCAA Glutamine Do

BCAA Glutamine offers benefits to endurance, muscle performance, and energy levels in the brain and muscles. These are the main roles, but they also protect your muscles from damage after workouts, and support immune function.


BCAAs are great for endurance and muscle protection, where they’re most effective pre- and intra-workout. They’re a staple in intra-workout ingredients for the boost to endurance, while keeping amino acid availability high.

Glutamine is mostly found in the muscles and brain, where it is a key component in metabolism and immune function. In the brain, it’s also a key neurotransmitter component, too.

These are great for extending and preserving performance. 

Our Verdict: Should You Buy BCAA Glutamine From Transparent Labs?

Our Verdict - Should You Buy BCAA Glutamine From Transparent Labs

You should buy Transparent Labs’ BCAA Glutamine if you’re a very serious trainee. It’s a perfect choice for athletes and bodybuilders, especially, who need to stay healthy and recover as soon as possible.

Whether you need to kickstart recovery, maintain performance, or maximize endurance, this is a great choice. It’s also relatively affordable and is easy to tailor to your needs – depending on what you mix it with.

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