TestRx vs Testogen: What is Better?

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TestRX vs Testogen: which is more effective, and which one suits you best?

These are the main questions we’ll look at today, as we go heads up with two premium testosterone boosters. We’re looking at what they are, how they work, the pros and cons, and ultimately which one is best.

Let’s start with Test RX, and then look at how it compares on the most important factors.

Test RX: What Is It?

Test RX - What Is It

Test RX is a hormone support and male wellbeing supplement that aims to improve libido. It’s a powerful libido booster in its own right that is marketed as a test booster – which may be beside the point of the product.

It’s a product that’s great for men over 30 looking to support better sexual health and regain some of the spark and vigour of youth. This focus on potency means there are two basic things you need to know about TestRX before you start:

  1. It’s not as powerful of a pure testosterone booster as some t-boost competitors
  2. It’s got a great set of benefits for the feelings of confidence and virility test is famed for

This makes Test RX a good choice if you’re into mild hormonal support with a lot of libido support and even boosted fertility.

It can be hard to talk about these things, but a product like Test RX gives you a good chance to get back to peak form and take care of your sexual aging – so you age successfully.

Ingredients: What Is In Test RX

Test RX includes key ingredients Ashwagandha, Tribulus terrestris, fenugreek, and Longjack. These are the quartet that provide most of the libido and sexual health support, while the remaining ingredients – like brassica – provide synergistic benefits.

Ingredients - What Is In Test RX

There are really two, overlapping groups of ingredients here:

  1. Testosterone protectors: ingredients that prevent testosterone breakdown or aromatization where it’s turned into Estrogen)
  2. Libido boosters: ingredients that support libido, reduce stress, and help sexual function.

Ashwagandha is the main ingredient in the middle of this venn diagram: it has both sets of properties and functions for both. This makes it the main active ingredient in the product. Let’s look at where each ingredient falls:

Libido BoosterTestosterone Protection
FenugreekBrassica extract
Tribulus extracts 

Obviously, there are more libido boosters in this product than functional testosterone boosters or protectors. This is weighted towards making you feel better, more so than building your long-term hormonal balance.

The benefits are considerable, but they do lack the common ingredients like D-AA which provide a form of short-term testosterone boosting.

This means you’re going to notice rapid increases in libido, but not a matching increase in testosterone levels. This makes it a product with a long-term outlook and protective effect, but not a testosterone booster in the short-term sense.

Comparison: Here’s is how TestRX compares to Prime Male.

Test RX Benefits: What Does It Do?

Test RX benefits include libido boosting, better long-term testosterone stability, and reduced negative effects of stress. The last one is where it gets the majority of its testosterone-effects.

When you reduce stress levels and the aromatisation of testosterone, you don’t directly increase levels. However, this does typically cause an increase over time as the two “destructive” factors of stress and feminizing aromatisation are removed.

This provides you with a long-term path back to better hormonal health, even without a short-term boost, as some products provide. These benefits come from the combination of Ashwagandha and brassica, as well as Agaricus mushroom extracts.

Test RX Benefits - What Does It Do

These 3 ingredients provide great benefits that you can see over time – and which you’ll feel as:

  • More energy
  • Better consistency and performance in workouts
  • Improved recovery from stress and exercise
  • Increased presence and engagement with your life
  • A better sense of self and self-esteem

These add up fast. They can change a man’s whole life in a few short months, with a little bit of smart and dedicated effort. They give you the resources to pursue whatever you want, which is why testosterone boosters and protectors are so popular.


  • Strong sexual health and libido support ingredients
  • Ashwagandha is a perfect choice for both libido and hormonal health
  • Likely to support your mood, sexual wellbeing, confidence, and energy levels
  • The lifestyle benefits expand upon the testosterone protection and support


  • Proprietary blend – a useless way of being customer-unfriendly
  • No actual testosterone boosting ingredients, even if protectors are strong
  • Not as powerful as some competitors for pure hormone support

Verdict: Who is Test RX For?

Verdict - Who is Test RX For

Test RX is best for men who want the mental and feeling-based benefits of testosterone support – from both the protection of their test levels, to protection from stress, to boosted sexual health and libido.

It might not have the biggest punch on the market, but it does the dual job of stress-protection and sexual health support well.

Testogen: What Is It?

Testogen - What Is It

Testogen is a testosterone booster that focuses on the most important factors and ingredients, prioritizing the core effects of a test booster. This makes it quite a stark contrast from the libido- and energy-boosting focus of Test RX.

The power of Testogen comes from this focus on the core effects, as it allows it to produce great effects in boosting hormonal performance. That makes it a powerful choice if you want a good testosterone booster.

There are secondary effects, however: benefits to sexual health, libido, fertility, and more. The main difference is that these are built on top of a stronger core of testosterone boosters, and are truly secondary, whereas test RX puts them at the forefront.

Ingredients: What Is In It?

Testogen ingredients include firm favorites like D-Aspartic Acid, Tribulus terrestris, Fenugreek, and Ginseng. These are supported with strong vitamin and mineral supplements, which help maintain healthy processes around strength, energy, quality of life, and hormonal regularity.

Ingredients - What Is In It

These are some of the most time-tested and effective ingredients. They are effective in controlling your testosterone levels, reducing stress, and promoting a growth and recovery stimulus.

These are some of the most important core ingredients, they provide the ‘engine’ of the product and let you get the on-the-label. It provides a significant basis as a testosterone booster, meaning that it has direct benefits that Test RX is lacking.

Comparisons: Checkout some comparisons between Testogen and other testosterone boosters:
Test Boost vs Testogen
TestoPrime vs Testogen
TestoFierce vs Testogen

Secondary Ingredients: How Testogen Out-Competes Test RX

The secondary ingredients of Testogen are powerful compared to Test RX – it has a vitamin and mineral complex, which helps a lot. Ultimately, it also overlaps with some of the more popular libido boosters – like fenugreek and Tribulus – that Test RX relies on.

Secondary Ingredients - How Testogen Out-Competes Test RX

The fact that Testogen also uses these experience-enhancing ingredients makes it a direct improvement on some of the areas where the competitor is strongest. In other terms, Testogen has some of the strengths of Test RX without the weaknesses – and unique strengths of its own.

These are huge for rounding out the benefits and putting Testogen ahead in our comparison.

Testogen Benefits: What Does It Do?

Testogen’s main benefits are a direct boost to testosterone in the short-term, and then protects your hormonal long-term profile. The stress-reduction is a huge benefit for the long-term where it maintains your newly-elevated testosterone levels.

This makes it a perfect choice for men over 35, or anyone with a stressful life. In these combined benefits, you’ll immediately feel better – due to the DAA profile – and maintain that elevated performance and quality of life for months to come.

Testogen Benefits - What Does It Do

The secondary, subjective benefits are also great: the mood and energy is up, libido increases, and confidence will improve. These all come with the overall improvement in your feelings of engagement with your own life.

These overlap really well with the testosterone boost to give you two layers of protection. The combination of short- and long-term benefits make this one of the best ‘core’ testosterone boosters around – and put it ahead of Test RX in pure hormone support power.


  • Stronger basic ingredients to improve testosterone levels
  • Overlapping benefits in short- and long-term
  • Ingredients are clear and time-tested – without a proprietary blend


  • Doesn’t have as potent libido boosting ingredients
  • Not the most powerful pure testosterone booster on the market

Verdict: Who Is Testogen For?

Testogen is for men over 30 who want to improve and maintain their hormonal health, focusing more on the health and objective benefits on testosterone. These provide a great background for all kinds of male wellbeing – and make it a great product.

Verdict - Who Is Testogen For

They also ‘reinforce’ the benefits of the libido boosters and subjective wellbeing ingredients. This strength in depth makes Testogen a powerful contender – with unique benefits Test RX is weaker on.

Testogen is for any man looking to perform, recover, and feel better. It doesn’t serve a specific niche which makes it a great choice for anyone and everyone – even if it’s not our favorite testosterone booster supplement on the market!

Conclusion: TestRX vs Testogen – Which Is Best?

Conclusion - TestRX vs Testogen – Which Is Best

Testogen is a better testosterone booster than Test RX – because it offers real short-term testosterone boosting benefits that Test RX lacks. It’s also more effective in protecting testosterone in the long term.

Test RX is all about the experience of feeling virile and improving confidence, but without significantly improving testosterone. This only gets worse with the use of a proprietary blend: it’s not clear what’s in this product – and the dosages could be literally anything.

As a result, Testogen is more consumer-friendly, effective, and offers multiple layers of testosterone and wellbeing support that Test RX cannot. This is one of the main reasons why we prefer Testogen, and why it out-competes Test RX’s limited scope of benefits!

Here’s our round-up:

Best for?Libido boosterMen over 40 seeking short and long term T-boosting
Main benefits-Sexual wellbeing
-Energy and mood
-Sexual health
-Energy and mood
-Libido and fertility
-Vitamin and mineral support·         
CostPremium – USD $69.99Premium – USD $59.99
Key ingredients-Ashwagandha
-Tribulus terrestris
-Brassica extract
-Tribulus terrestris
-Ginseng extract
-B vitamins


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