TestRX vs Prime Male: Better Testosterone Booster

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Today we’re comparing two of the giants of testosterone booster supps: TestRX vs Prime Male.

These are some of our favourites, so it’s going to be hard to choose! We’re looking at what they each do, what’s in them, and how they stack up when compared head to head.

Let’s get started with Prime Male, and then we’ll move on to TestRx, and then the showdown!

  • Best Libido Booster


    TestRX is a great libido booster and improves overall drive and mood.

  • Best for Men Over 40

    Prime Male

    Prime Male boosts your testosterone levels and then keeps it high by protecting you from hormone-damaging stress and anxiety levels.

Prime Male: What is It?

Prime Male - What is It

Prime Male is a singular and potent testosterone booster for men over 40. It is also the best supplement design we’ve seen for a testosterone booster or hormonal support supplement for men.

This is a good example of how good the supplement market can be when a manufacturer takes the needs of users seriously. It’s smart, it’s effective, and it is put together with real consideration for the needs of middle-aged men, so they can get the best results!

This is a hormone support and complete lifestyle improvement supplement.

The benefits are wide-ranging and the indirect benefits cover just about everything in life. The result is reported from users as a consistent boost to just about every area of life.

Prime Male Ingredients: What’s In It?

Prime Male Ingredients - What’s In It

Prime Male includes a major group of active ingredients: D-Aspartic Acid, Ashwagandha, Ginseng, and others. These boost testosterone levels and then keep it high by protecting you from hormone-damaging stress and anxiety levels.

The secondary ingredients in Prime Male are all about maintaining the health of your reproductive system and supporting total health. This is because Prime Male is for men over 40 and it provides support for the most common health risks – like prostate hyperplasia and cell damage.

Here are the Prime Male ingredients in full:

TestRX vs prime male

Why Do We Like It?

Why Do We Like It

We like Prime Male because it’s very clearly the best testosterone booster for men over 40. It defines who it’s for, what it does, and then it delivers on the promises. You’ll improve hormonal health and performance with this product if you’re the right person for it.

The effectiveness is what we love most, but the design is also perfect. All of the ingredients in Prime Male are individually effective, but also overlap for the best complementary benefits. These provide stunning powers without adding more items. Synergies are the hallmark of excellent supplement design!

These two areas are perfect and they make Prime Male the best supplement for men over 40 to improve hormonal health. They provide benefits to health, performance, confidence, energy, mood, and physical benefits to exercise and recovery.

It’s great at everything it sets out to do, so we can’t help but like Prime Male.

What Could Improve?

There are no real weaknesses to this product but – as we always say when reviewing it – Prime Male could really benefit from sleep support ingredients

It’s one of those near-misses where we’d love to see a new product from the Prime Male range to support sleep. It’s your body’s natural best time to improve hormonal health and regulate all kinds of processes, and it’s perfect for this supplement.

Alas, you don’t get any!

Ashwagandha can be a secondary sleep supplement, but there are excellent herbal supplements that boost it directly. There are even ashwagandha synergists out there to provide better effects like Valerian root or Chamomile!

It’s an opportunity cost issue, but we’d prefer a sleep aid to more vitamin K2.

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Who’s It For?

Who’s It For

Prime Male is for men over 40. It’s perfectly designed to be the best choice in this category and it fulfils that function by being specific to the needs of men over 40. It sets out to support these men and the smart design and ingredient choice make it the most powerful for that role.

It’s a supplement you can use at any age but the older you get, the more potent it becomes. As your body is placed under more stress, these protective and regulatory effects are ever more useful.

Men over 40 get the most from Prime Male, but more and more so every year and decade. 50 year old men get more than 40 year old men. The same is true for 60 year old men’s testosterone booster experience. 


  • Some of the best and most effective supplement design on the hormone support market
  • Provides overlapping ingredient benefits for immense potency 
  • The best age-appropriate supplement to protect men over 40, and more every year!
  • Synergistic ingredients provide some of the most valuable benefits to your health


  • Easy misses on even better ingredients are great opportunities to boost this supplement
  • Not a cheap supplement – premium prices for premium benefits!

Verdict: How Good is Prime Male?

Verdict - How Good is Prime Male

Prime Male is very good – one of the best hormone support supplements for men. It’s the #1 testosterone booster for men over 40, where it provides targeted and effective support for performance, health, recovery, and mental potency.

The combination of benefits to health and how you feel lead to such a comprehensive boost to wellbeing that we can’t help but love this product.

Prime Male

prime male
  • Great hormone support supplement
  • Contains sleep support ingredients
  • Boosts energy, mood and confidence

TestRX: What is It?

TestRX testosterone booster

TestRx is a seriously powerful libido booster with some testosterone protection benefits. This makes it a competitor for men who want to support testosterone health, but also the feeling of libido, drive, and mood.

The benefits of this product are varied but centre around your sexual health and self-concept.

TestRX Ingredients: What’s In It?

TestRX Ingredients - What’s In It

The blend of ingredients in TestRx include ashwagandha, Tribulus terrestris, Fenugreek, Longjack, and Brassica extract. These are all quite useful in different ways – but some of them are ‘secondary ingredients’.

These secondaries like Tribulus and Fenugreek don’t boost testosterone, but have some other benefits associated with it. These include libido improvements, erectile quality, and fertility improvements.

Brassica is interesting because it has powerful anti-aromatization benefits derived from leafy greens. These can be excellent secondary support that help regulate hormonal health without boosting testosterone levels directly – but functionally.

The ingredient choices are part of a proprietary blend, however, which is a real problem. Here’s the full list of TestRx ingredients:

TestRX ingredients

Why Do We Like It?

There are some absolutely brilliant ingredients in this product – and Brassica extract is the most important example. It has powerful anti-aromatization effects to stop your testosterone turning into Oestrogen (to oversimplify!). 

Why Do We Like It - TestRX


The combination of powerful ingredients is all it takes to make this an effective and useful testosterone booster. It’s a potent choice for improving libido, too, which is important for many men struggling with low testosterone levels and its consequences.

This isn’t as powerful and well-designed of a supplement as Prime Male, but it offers some of the most desirable benefits out there.

It’s a proprietary blend – which is annoying – but the ingredients boost energy, confidence, mood, and libido when it matters most!

What Could Improve?

Test RX - What Could Improve

We don’t like that this product uses a proprietary blend – there are so many things that could be dosed ineffectively hidden in this product. The choice of ingredients is effective but the actual doses make a huge difference to the power of the product.

This product also doesn’t use D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) which is a prominent and effective test booster. It’s specifically useful in supporting men who are testosterone deficient or low test, helping re-normalise for some incredibly powerful benefits.

The differences made by the exact amount of something in a supplement is huge. This is especially true for some of the testosterone boosting ingredients like Ashwagandha.

These are dependent on getting enough – which this product can’t promise!

This is needless, because there’s nothing secret and ground-breaking in TestRx! It’s not like there’s anything to hide – but it’s just consumer-unfriendly. This could be improved incredibly easily!

Who’s It For?

Who’s It For - TestRX

This is a product for men who want a testosterone booster that’s going to change how they feel. Ashwagandha protects testosterone but there’s no direct testosterone boosting effects here – it’s about the mental and subjective benefits.


This is a supplement for men who want to protect and regulate testosterone – and improve sexual wellbeing. Those two things come together and it can be an important thing to emphasize if you’ve been feeling a little ‘off’ in recent years.

This is a natural supplement for men who want to protect their testosterone and improve their total wellbeing.

It’s not a potent testosterone booster but it has excellent secondary benefits for confidence, mood, energy, and getting your spark back!


  • Excellent sexual health support supplement
  • Ashwagandha is a perfect choice to protect and regulate testosterone levels
  • Strong choices for mood, energy, and confidence in men
  • Double layer of lifestyle benefits between testosterone protection and secondary ingredients


  • Proprietary blend is needlessly opaque and doesn’t let you know what you’re getting
  • No actual testosterone boosting ingredients in this product
  • Many options are only useful if you’re looking for sexual health and drive improvements

Verdict: How Good is TestRX?

Verdict - How Good is TestRX

TestRX is excellent – one of the best testosterone boosters around! The benefits are powerful and smart, while the health protection is genuinely underrated!

Then you get all the lifestyle improvements that come from better hormonal health and powerful performance support. It improves your quality of life, and lifespan!

That is how good TestRX is!


  • Great for boosting mood and energy
  • More affordable than Prime Male

Conclusion: Which Is Best – TestRX vs Prime Male?

Conclusion - Which Is Best – TestRX vs Prime Male

Between TestRX vs Prime Male, Prime Male is easily better than TestRX. It’s a superior testosterone booster in every area and may even be a better libido supplement due to the overlapping benefits. The increased testosterone is the basis for this, which TestRx just can’t compete with.

ParameterPrime MaleTestRX
Best for?Men over 40Libido Booster
Main BenefitsSexual Health
Hormonal Health
Successful Ageing 
Energy and Mood
Sexual Wellbeing
CostPremium – $69.00 USDPremium – $69.99 USD
Key IngredientsDAA

It’s also worth noting that Prime Male is clear about ingredient choices and doses in a way that TestRx isn’t! They take your concerns seriously and have enough of each ingredient to effectively improve your main risks and lifestyle factors. 

There’s nothing to hide because the doses and ingredient choices are powerful.

Prime Male is one of the best supplements on the market and it’s no surprise that it wins our comparison. It’s the best supplement for men over 40 – who are the main people who should use a testosterone booster!


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