TestoPrime vs Testogen: Better Testosterone Booster

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Testoprime vs Testogen is a comparison of two testosterone boosters that change how you feel while they support your hormone levels. But which is best?

Today, we’re outlining what these products do, what ingredients they contain, and which we prefer for more men, more often!

  • Premium Testosterone Booster


      Known to improve libido, confidence and energy levels.
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      Great for hormonal support and sexual wellbeing.

What is TestoPrime?

What is TestoPrime

TestoPrime is a premium testosterone boosting supplement that focuses on potency in the basics – boosting testosterone in the short term, improving libido, and supporting men’s mood, confidence, and energy levels.

This is a relatively simple supplement but has a clear design focus and does a good job at the things it focuses on. It’s more of a “feelings” testosterone booster, with a focus on the subjective feelings of being a higher testosterone male with a healthy intake of key vitamins and minerals.

These subjective benefits are hard to outline in percent points or kilos on a bar.

They’re about the experience you have, specifically energy, confidence, and drive – which gives it a strong appeal to guys who want to fuel ambition, first and foremost.

TestoPrime Ingredients

The main ingredients in TestoPrime are D-Aspartic Acid (DAA), Ginseng, Maca Root, and Fenugreek. It also includes oyster extract and a complex of vitamins and minerals – specifically D3, K2, Magnesium, and Zinc.

TestoPrime Ingredients

Some of these are very “standard” for the market. DAA boosts short term testosterone levels and prevents acute deficiency, which is a huge boost for guys who are stressed or need a change immediately. This gives TestoPrime quite a short-term timeline for the best benefits.

Ginseng is a great all-purpose health and wellbeing supplement, with a range of science-backed benefits to hormonal health, digestion, and more.

Maca and Fenugreek are there for subjective wellbeing support, boosting mood and libido, respectively.

The vitamin and mineral complex on TestoPrime is a benefit, but a mild one compared to many alternatives on the market. It has basic support, preferring to invest in the main ingredients, which are heavily dosed to reach clinical potency.

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TestoPrime Benefits

The main thing you’re going to notice with TestoPrime is an uptick in your baseline energy levels, your mood will be higher overall, and you’ll feel more confident.

TestoPrime Benefits

These come from a combination of the main ingredients – and the testosterone-supporting effects of Vitamin D, DAA, and Ginseng.

Supporting these factors all at once is a great way to improve your experience, improving testosterone itself but also the associated, overlapping feelings.

Most men don’t just want to change hormones: they want to feel invigorated, driven, and confident – and that’s what TestoPrime focuses on.

You’ll get a short term boost to testosterone, and a ton of benefits to how you feel while using this product.

Secondary Benefits

The secondary ingredients in TestoPrime aren’t the best on the market – it’s very dependent on the main ingredients. There are, however, benefits from the vitamins and minerals – and specifically the oyster extract.

Vitamin D is a powerful mood and hormonal regulator, K2 supports blood and eye health, and zinc can be helpful for maintaining hormonal balance.

Secondary Benefits - Testoprime

The magnesium in this product is probably the most universally useful, as it’s often deficient and is essential in 100s of health processes.

The oyster extract is a mineral and vitamin source with a higher bioavailability than most supplementary sources to support better absorption from the same dose.


  • Great focus on main ingredients that work together
  • Supports better mood, energy, confidence, and libido
  • Improves your testosterone levels during periods of stress or suppression
  • Great choice for the feelings of high-test life and vigor


  • Not the most powerful mid- or long-term testosterone support
  • Could benefit from Ashwagandha or a similar test-protector

Summary: Who is TestoPrime For?

Summary - Who is TestoPrime For

TestoPrime is for guys who want to support testosterone and feel the difference. The subjective wellbeing element defines this product and it has potent doses of compounds like DAA, which help to produce rapid change.

It doesn’t have the most staying power but is a great supplement for 1-month use, for example.

What is Testogen?

What is Testogen

Testogen is a hormonal support and sexual wellbeing product – combining the physiological and mental support you need for better sexual health. It has the main ingredients of a test booster, but its design focuses more on the libido boosting and fertility factors.

In comparing TestoPrime vs Testogen, this is clearly the more “niche” product, with a focus on the changes to fertility and libido that happen to men in their 30s onwards.

The combination of testosterone boosting and libido support can be a huge help if you’re noticing change and decline.

We like Testogen for what it does differently, and that’s going to determine whether it’s the right product for you or not.

Testogen Ingredients

The main ingredients in Testogen are D-Aspartic Acid, Tribulus Terrestris, Ginseng, and Fenugreek. This is a libido focused ingredient list with a combination of some synergistic aphrodisiacs and sexual support compounds – Tribulus and fenugreek providing fertility and libido.

Testogen Ingredients

This is a different kind of subjective wellbeing to TestoPrime but still supports mood, confidence, energy levels, and sexual health. These add up rapidly if you want a supplement that contributes to any – or all – of these areas.

It’s a great choice for tackling both the physical and mental bases for sexual wellbeing, life satisfaction, and changing your self-concept.

These are huge changes for men at any point in life, but especially after 35 where these all start to decline – worryingly – at the same time.

Secondary Ingredients

The secondary ingredients are vitamins and minerals – zinc, vitamin B2, B5, B6, D3, and Selenium. This lacks the magnesium that we love in other products, and that does limit the breadth of its benefits.

Secondary Ingredients

The zinc and B vitamins are powerful, however, and make up for this absence. It’s better to supplement Magnesium than B vitamins on top of this kind of product, typically, since it’s cheaper and easier to get.

Overall, the selenium and B vitamins are great, while Zinc is a staple essential mineral for this kind of testosterone booster and male wellbeing support.

Testogen Benefits

Testogen Benefits

The main benefits of Testogen are improved libido, mood, confidence, and short-term testosterone levels. It’s a product that boosts your masculine energy through a range of different factors, adding up to NET gains in virility.

Benefits from DAA are profound in the first few weeks and cause a boost to the male sex hormones underlying muscle, strength, sleep quality, cravings, confidence, social performance, and more. These are common on the market but always a positive change from a t-booster.

Fenugreek and Terrestris Tribulus provide a powerful 1-2 combo for men’s libido and confidence. Fenugreek is a proven sexual health compound, helping men and women alike improving fertility, libido, and more.

Tribulus reinforces these libido benefits – a perfect choice for sexual wellbeing for men over 30.

Ginseng is great for this product because it overlaps with all of these benefits. It regulates testosterone, supports digestion and metabolism, and is a huge player in mood, fatigue, and energy. This means a balanced approach to mental wellbeing for men.

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Secondary Benefits

The main secondary benefits of Testogen are hormonal regularity, higher energy levels, and mental performance.

Secondary Benefits - Testogen

The benefits from vitamins and minerals in this product are better than TestoPrime – you’ll get the same benefits but improved mental energy support. Added B vitamins offer more metabolic support and efficiency, while the selenium doubles up these benefits with better neural nutrition.


  • Excellent libido support
  • Good basic ingredient choices and doses
  • Provides good vitamin and mineral support – better than TestoPrime


  • Lacks some potency compared to other premium test boosters
  • Better as a libido and sexual health supp that testosterone booster

Summary: Who is Testogen For?

Testogen is for men over 30 who want to support the physiological and mental factors in sexual health and wellbeing.

Summary - Who is Testogen For

It’s got great support for these goals – a good niche – but lacks some of the potency to go 1-1 with other testosterone boosters at a similar price point.

We like Testogen within its niche, but that niche is very specific and most guys aren’t going to see huge results on the core benefits a test booster is for.

It’s good if you want both benefits, but otherwise you’d be better off going with either a pure test booster or sexual health supp.

Final Thoughts: TestoPrime vs Testogen Heads Up

Final Thoughts - TestoPrime vs Testogen Heads Up

In the comparison of TestoPrime vs Testogen, TestoPrime is a better as a testosterone booster due to better ingredient profile and more benefits.

While they’re both subjective focused products, TestoPrime has a wider appeal: every man wants to be more confident, happier, more energetic, and less stressed. Meanwhile, Testogen’s benefits require you to commit to libido boosting, trading off for the generally useful subjective benefits of TestoPrime.

Best for?Cheap all-purpose test booster with mental health benefitsMen over 40 seeking short term T-boosting
Main benefits-Health and wellbeing
-Testosterone support
-Mental wellbeing and energy
-Vitamin and mineral content
-Sexual health
-Energy and mood
-Libido and fertility
-Vitamin and mineral support
CostCheap – $59.99 USD – but good!Premium – $69.99
Key ingredientsMACA
-Vitamins + Minerals
-Tribulus terestris
-Ginseng extract
-B vitamins

TestoPrime is just better for more men, most of the time, and that’s what makes a great T booster!


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