TestoFuel vs Hunter Test: Which One to Choose 2023

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When comparing TestoFuel vs Hunter Test, we’re looking at two of the most popular products on the market.

It’s going to be a controversial comparison and our verdict might not be the same that you see out there.

We’re going to look at the ingredients, the benefits, and the shortcomings of these products so you know which is best – and how they might suit you, if you’re in the market for a testosterone booster or male wellbeing supplement.

  • Great Vitamin and Mineral Support
    testofuel small


    TestoFuel is a good testosterone supplement and offers great vitamin and mineral support but lacks the “punch” of Hunter Test for overall benefits.

  • Best Overall Testosterone Booster
    hunter test small

    Hunter Test

    Hunter Test is the best overall testosterone booster due to it’s strong core ingredients including Ashwagandha, I3C, and Boron.

What is TestoFuel?

testofuel vs hunter test

Testofuel is a popular testosterone booster supplement that is marketed to younger guys trying to build more muscle mass, perform better, and improve libido

It has the same focus on testosterone as other products, but a different target market and set of systems.

Testofuel does offer a combination of ‘core’ ingredients along with secondary benefits. 

These are in-line with the usual approach, and we’re going to look at the testosterone-boosting complex, the secondary benefits to how you feel, and the choice of vitamins and minerals.

Overall, Testofuel is a well-balanced all-rounder for testosterone boosting and this is clear from its ingredients:

TestoFuel Benefits

The main benefit of Testofuel is – of course – improving testosterone in the short and long term. It achieves the former with D-Aspartic Acid (DAA), where it boosts testosterone levels acutely to give you better mood, energy levels, and confidence (1).

This is perfect for guys who suspect low testosterone levels, where DAA is even more effective and will help you bounce back at your best.

Otherwise, it’s a great short-term boost when you’re under stress and need to give your body support to keep recovering and improving.

The DAA concentration is high, while the duration is relatively short – don’t expect more than a few weeks of benefits from DAA alone. Fortunately, it’s not alone…

The Core Ingredients: Synergist and Support

DAA’s testosterone benefits receive extra support, making them more effective and robust, from the added Panax Ginseng and Boron.

Ginseng is an all-round health and wellbeing support compound, but it does also support testosterone levels (2).

It’s also got secondary benefits around testosterone – like better cognition and mood, support for immunity, and better sexual health for men.

These overlap with Boron, which helps prevent the conversion of testosterone into Estrogen. This makes it a perfect double-benefit ingredient to improve male wellbeing (3).

Along with Ginseng, this ensures a long-term bump to testosterone levels – meaning you’re not just reliant on DAA for better hormone health.

Secondary Benefits: Sexual Health and Mood

testofuel uses

Testofuel doesn’t just improve testosterone – it also supports sexual health, mood, cognition, and overall quality of life.

These are important because how you feel is a huge part of the appeal of a testosterone booster – and I’ve personally found it to be one of the most rewarding benefits.

Testofuel has some great subjective benefits – specifically improvements to libido, mood, and cognition.

These come from a range of sources, primarily in the Ginseng and Fenugreek – a pair of herbs that support immunity, mood, cognition, and libido or sexual health for men.

These include better libido but also erectile quality and mood-related sexual wellbeing (the mental stuff).

Maca root has a ton of mood and subjective benefits by itself – improving relaxability, preventing stress-effects, and helping you improve overall mood (4).

This pairs well with the sexual health benefits (which depend on good relaxation), pairs with Maca, and especially with Ginseng’s mental and physical health benefits.

Bonus Benefits: Vitamin and Mineral Content

testofuel ingredients

Testofuel packs some of the best vitamin and mineral ingredients of any testosterone booster.

It uses real food supplements – from Oyster – to boost the absorption and quality of its mineral content – making it one of the most well-thought-out and powerful complexes on the market.

This is where the Zinc in Testofuel comes from and it’s a more absorption-friendly form than just about any other supplement.

It has a significant variety of supporting (but small) compounds, and helps support testosterone’s role in the body, helps prevent prostate cancer risk, and maintains healthy tissue building.

You’ll also get plenty of other vitamins and minerals.

The Vitamin D3 content is amazing, supporting all-round hormonal and mental health, with extra benefits to testosterone. K2 supports circulatory health and eye health, making it a good general-purpose health support ingredient.

The final micronutrient is magnesium – probably the most important supplementary electrolyte (5).

It supports better muscular health and recovery, reducing soreness and fatigue, and playing 100s of different roles in your metabolism to keep you healthy – another great all-rounder for Testofuel.


  • Great vitamin and mineral bioavailability
  • Combined support of DAA and Ginseng is effective for short- and long-term testosterone
  • Improves a wide range of health and performance factors – a good all-rounder support


  • Lacks a strong singular benefit
  • Doesn’t compare 1-1 on core ingredients with products like Prime Male or CentraPeak
  • Younger guys may not need testosterone support as much as men over 40

Product Summary

Testofuel is a good – but not outstanding – testosterone booster supplement. It has a good vitamin and mineral content, as well as some strong secondary choices, but it doesn’t look like a world-beating supplement.

It’s a good choice if you’re just getting into male hormonal support, or you’re a younger man looking to top up your testosterone levels and support general wellbeing and recovery.


  • Great vitamin and mineral content
  • Supports recovery and general wellbeing
  • Helps reduce soreness and fatigue

What is Hunter Test?

hunter test

Hunter Test is an interesting testosterone booster that combines simple and effective ingredients with a small twist for health.

It’s a strong all-round testosterone and health support supplement and offers a great core of ingredients, with a pretty singular focus and a narrower scope than some other products we’ve reviewed before.

Hunter Test is great for actually boosting and supporting testosterone in the long term, and may be more effective for that purpose than most other choices.

The trade-off is that it has a narrower set of benefits for most people, as compared with a super-heavy product like CentraPeak, which uses around 7 major ingredients for its core.

Hunter Test is streamlined, but effective and intelligently designed, leaving a simple but powerful ingredient list:

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Hunter Test Benefits

Hunter Test’s main benefit is boosting testosterone levels, which it does by combining D-Aspartic Acid, Ginseng, and Ashwagandha.

Secondary benefits come from the synergistic Boron levels, as well as the excellent Indole-3-carbinol (I3C) which makes it a little bit more interesting than other testosterone boosters on the market.

There are also vitamin and mineral extracts in this product, which add another layer of general wellbeing that overlaps with heightened testosterone.

This makes it a great, balanced product for both testosterone levels and general health.

The Core Ingredients: Higher, Robust Testosterone Levels

hunter test uses

The major benefit of Hunter Test is a powerful core of testosterone-boosters. DAA and Ginseng will increase testosterone levels in the short-term and mid-term respectively.

That means boosted test levels to improve your mood, energy, confidence, recovery, and other lifestyle benefits.

Then, when levels are up, Ashwagandha plays a protective role to keep them high and prevent damage from stress and other secondary risks, like environmental change, or even just high-intensity workouts.

These are key to keeping testosterone levels up over time.

This makes Hunter Test a good product for the main thing it sets out to do: improve testosterone now and into the future.

This is more powerful than the Testofuel choices, with the additional ashwagandha extract offering a better duration of benefits, alongside the higher DAA content (3g vs Testofuel’s 2g).

Overall, this main core of ingredients is the majority of what you’re getting from Hunter Test, so it’s good news that it’s effective and well-designed. It’s not the strongest we’ve seen, but it will definitely get the job done.

The Secondary Benefits: Better Health With I3C

Hunter Test has good secondary benefits – particularly for health and cancer risk. It’s a great way to reduce overall cell damage and early death risk, with Indole-3-carbinol supporting better anti-oxidative function.

I3C is a Brassica metabolite, the most important and effective cancer-prevention compound found in green vegetables like Broccoli and Kale (6).

This is the concentrated form that has the greatest potency and it is included as a way of both preventing cell damage and preventing the aromatization of testosterone into Estrogen.

The added Boron also has this effect, making the two a powerful combination for better health and preventing the slide from masculizing to feminizing hormones.

This is another simple but powerful combination.

Bonus Benefits: Preventing Deficiency and Boosting Longevity

Hunter Test uses vitamins and minerals to prevent deficiency, improve health, and to reinforce testosterone benefits. It uses a simple collection of vitamins and minerals that you’ll find in many other products: D3, K2, Magnesium, and Zinc.

Vitamin D3 is the most important ingredient, with benefits to mood, mental health, brain health, and hormonal balance (7).

It’s also one of the most commonly deficient (or sub-optimal) nutrients, and the support is excellent to help men get the most from their health.

Magnesium is just behind vitamin D, being the most important mineral supplement.

It’s often deficient in active people and plays an important role in 300+ bodily processes, making both demand and importance very high.

You’ll get over half your daily requirement from Hunter Test – a good bump to reinforce the health benefits.

K2 and Zinc are less important, but offer benefits to blood health, tissue production, and metabolism.

They support the health benefits of things like I3C but don’t have particularly powerful benefits – especially if your diet is already well-balanced. They’re good, but not amazing.


  • Simple but effective core ingredients
  • Indole-3-Carbinol is a perfect synergist for the health and testosterone benefits
  • Good vitamin and mineral content to support health, wellbeing, and recovery


  • Not as powerful as some other products on the market when compared 1-1
  • Lacks secondary benefits outside of the boron-I3C complex

Product Summary

Hunter Test is a stripped back approach to Testosterone booster supplements – and this has pros and cons.

It doesn’t have a wide array of benefits, but it does a few things very well – and the result is a good testosterone booster supplement without any of the fluff.

The added I3C is a great choice, and the overall effects are long-term, robust benefits to testosterone.

It’s a great supplement to dip your toe in the market and see if you can benefit from testosterone boosters, but it is far too expensive to be the economy choice this profile would best suit.

Hunter Test

hunter test
  • Great overall testosterone booster
  • Can help build muscle and with recovery
  • Good for overall health and wellbeing

TestoFuel vs Hunter Test: The Comparison

Comparing TestoFuel vs Hunter Test, we think Hunter Test is the best testosterone booster because of the stronger core ingredients. The added ashwagandha provides better duration and sustainable gains, while the added I3C is a perfect synergist with Boron and other ingredients.

Combining these benefits gives Hunter Test a stronger core benefit than Testofuel, which lacks strong central ingredients. TestoFuel offers a great vitamin and mineral context but just lacks the ‘punch’ of Hunter Test’s better overall physical benefits – the ones that you’re paying for.

Benefit head-to-head

t boosters

The benefits of the two products are quite close, but Hunter Test has great dependability where TestoFuel is going to peter out after the first 2-4 weeks.

This dependence on DAA and weakness of secondary or supportive ingredients really lets Hunter Test out-compete TestoFuel.

The two compete closely on secondary ingredients because the TestoFuel ingredients are all about subjective wellbeing.

We love these benefits, but Ashwagandha does everything Maca does – such as better mood and relaxation – but with added stress-protective and testosterone benefits!

TestoFuel unquestionably wins in vitamin and mineral content – especially on bioavailability – but that’s not the main focus of a testosterone booster.

It’s strong on the less-important factors, which leaves it lacking in the more-important, core benefits.

For whom?

TestoFuel is marketed to younger guys looking to build muscle and get into shape, but it doesn’t do this better than Hunter Test or some other competitors (like Prime Male or CentraPeak).

Hunter Test has a more general profile but will typically have better benefits to strength, muscle, and athletic performance through Ashwagandha’s recovery benefits and sustained T levels.

Hunter Test is for anyone looking to boost testosterone and health, but doesn’t dial down into a specific niche. It’s a good all-rounder. TestoFuel is just a slightly less effective all-rounder.

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What Are Testosterone Boosters – And How Do We Review Them?

Testosterone Boosters – or T boosters – are supplements to improve male hormone levels and wellbeing. Testosterone dictates a lot for the processes in your body – but also your mood, confidence, and sexual wellbeing.

These supplements can directly or indirectly improve these factors, changing your quality of life or just supporting better feelings.

There are objective physical changes and subjective, mental changes from these kinds of products – meaning they can change your whole life, in some small way.

We’ll be looking at TestoFuel and Hunter Test as our two main examples, today, but there’s a whole market out there with different types of testosterone boosters and male lifestyle support.

How Testosterone Boosters Work

The idea of a testosterone booster is to improve your testosterone levels, which will then improve your quality of life in physical and mental arenas.

They use nutrients that support hormonal health, rebalance your hormones, or prevent the breakdown of testosterone to improve overall levels.

These often mean boosting testosterone, protecting it when it’s there, and preventing it from being turned into feminizing hormones like estrogen or its derivatives.

How We Review Testosterone Boosters

hunter test or testofuel

We review testosterone boosters across their main functions: boosting testosterone levels, protecting them in the long-term, and then secondary health benefits or other non-testosterone advantages they can give you.

We also consider how well supplements’ ingredients work together, with some of the best examples on the market being great synergies of 2 ingredients being more powerful together than apart.

This is smart supplement design and helps you get more from less.

It’s also important to consider how in-demand an ingredient or effect is. 

Things we’re typically lacking (like vitamin D) are more useful than those we usually get enough of from a balanced diet (like K2).

This will be important for figuring out who benefits most from a supplement, how valuable it is, and just what it can offer you that a balanced diet can’t!

Verdict and Final Thoughts

Key Takeaway

When comparing TestoFuel vs Hunter Test, we found Hunter Test superior for core benefits, secondary ingredient choices, and smart synergistic design. These left TestoFuel out-classed, focusing on the wrong things to beat the competition.

Hunter Test is more expensive than it deserves to be when buying 1 month’s supply, but it does become far better value for money with bulk buys.

Hunter Test is a good all-rounder testosterone supplement with long-lasting and effective support, as well as some really interesting secondary ingredient synergies.

This product doesn’t have flashy secondary benefits, but will cover your hormonal health, support mood and cognition, and leave you performing and recovering better for longer. 

That’s why we’ve chosen Hunter Test over TestoFuel, and why it’s a solid contender if you’re buying in large bundles.

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