TestoFierce vs Testogen: Full Comparison 2023

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In the battle of Testofierce vs Testogen, what is the best testosterone booster? And which one is actually pretending to be a testosterone booster?

Today, we’re looking at two of the most popular testosterone boosters on the market with their benefits, uses, and how they stack up. We’ll compare them and give you our verdict on the best testosterone boosters around.

Testosterone Boosters: What Are Reviews Based On?

Testosterone Boosters - What Are Reviews Based On

We’ve reviewed countless Testosterone Boosters and our focus is always on how they improve hormonal health and support better mental and physical results. These break down into a few areas that we use to review products:

  • Does this supplement actually improve testosterone levels?
  • Does a testosterone booster provide short-term or long-term support – and how well?
  • What synergistic benefits does a hormone support supplement bring to the table?
  • Can it provide secondary benefits – like health, wellbeing, or performance elsewhere?
  • Does it have a reliable manufacturer, good reviews, and a good reputation?
  • How does this product fit into a healthy lifestyle, diet, exercise routine, or sleep schedule?
  • Does this actually deserve money – or can you do it without a supplement at all?

These are the factors we’re using today, too. Further, we’re going to pick out any brand specific claims – like those Testofierce makes about itself.

It helps us test if a supplement does what it says, and if you can realistically get those benefits from normal use.

We won’t touch on it today, but other factors like cost, servings-per-container, and value for money are also taken into account. We’re not mentioning them because these two testosterone boosters are comparable across the board.

Testofierce: What is It?

Testofierce - What is It

Testofierce is a testosterone booster supplement that promises to “build muscle, lose fat, and retake control of your masculinity!”. To do this, it promises 4 major benefits:

  1. Increased muscle growth
  2. Boosted metabolism
  3. Awaken sex drive
  4. Boost confidence (or “take control of your manhood” – which sounds a bit odd).

These are the benefits that we’re going to judge Testofierce by.

It’s the marketing spiel, and so we’re going to use these 4 major categories when we look at the benefits and how well it performs as a testosterone booster – especially when compared with Testogen.

The ingredient profile of Testofierce makes it look like one of the most well-balanced and effective testosterone boosters on the market, combining health with direct testosterone boosters and a secondary set of male wellbeing ingredients:

What Are The Benefits of Testofierce?

The main benefits of Testofierce break down into 3 major groups: raising and supporting testosterone levels, supporting libido and mood, and micronutrients for health.

These ensure complete coverage of the most important factors for any testosterone booster product.

What Are The Benefits of Testofierce

Testofierce acutely boosts testosterone levels with D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) – one of the most popular choices on the market for the first month of boosted T levels (1).

Then, it doubles this up with sustainable improvements through Ashwagandha, which is a powerful anti-anxiety compound that protects your testosterone and stabilizes hormonal health.

Secondary compounds also work to relieve excessive feminizing hormones like estrogen and prolactin. Boron is powerful for this function, where it suppresses and normalizes hormonal balance, and Ginseng helps suppress stress hormones which could harm your testosterone.

You’ll also get better brain health protection, mood, and cognition from the combined benefits of Vitamin D3 and Ginseng root (2). B6 at nearly 600% RDA supports metabolism and is one of the most common deficiencies (because it’s usually hard to absorb) and Vitamin K2 supports blood health.

Bonus Benefits: Fenugreek and Piperine

Bonus Benefits - Fenugreek and Piperine

There are a few other, “smaller” benefits that we count as bonuses. Fenugreek supports better libido and erectile quality, as well as being a general fertility aid for (interestingly) both men and women (3).

Piperine isn’t an active ingredient, but a powerful support compound. It improves your gut’s sensitivity to nutrients to improve absorption and make the most of other compounds.

This is especially important for Ginseng and B6 – which benefit most from extra absorption and use.

Best Use of Testofierce

Best Use of Testofierce

Testofierce is probably the premier ingredient list for the best all-round testosterone booster benefits. This puts it in direct contention with Testogen (also an all-rounder) and other leading testosterone boosters like Prime Male.

This makes it a perfect choice for any adult male, and increasingly useful with every year that passes.

The actual ingredient list and benefits make it even more effective when you’re dealing with stress and other testosterone-disrupting lifestyle factors, and want to keep your hormones healthy.

Any man with lower testosterone, lost sex drive, or a poor metabolic profile will get double benefits from Testofierce. Many of the ingredients are particularly useful for these deficiency and deficiency-risk cases, where it is even more effective, restoring diminished testosterone to healthier levels.


  • Very good ingredient profile – with good dosage
  • High content of vitamins and minerals – especially commonly-deficient vitamin B6
  • Supports non-testosterone factors like libido, mood, and energy levels
  • Secondary benefits to health and wellbeing
  • Piperine for better absorption


  • Not the cheapest choice on the market
  • Marketing materials are hucksterish but the product itself is very effective

Testofierce Summary

Testofierce Summary

Testofierce is one of the best testosterone boosters on the market with a generalist profile. It doesn’t have a single benefit that beats others, but it improves testosterone levels well and supports them in the long-term with a great collection of benefits.

How does it fare on the 4 big claims it made – the ones we started this section with?

Better strength and muscle gains: somewhat true, mostly as recovery after workouts

Boosted metabolism: true, but only just – B6 is doing a lot of the major work here

Awaken sex drive: definitely true with Fenugreek, improved fertility, and erection quality

Boosted confidence: maybe – that’s quite individual but Ginseng is very powerful for this

Overall, it looks like Testofierce actually delivers on its promises and combines these 4 benefits to great effect. These are big claims but they’re mostly-true, even if some of them are not as powerful as they’d like you to believe.

The subjective wellbeing benefits are some of the most powerful – and you will see this in trying it.

7 capsules a day is a lot, but the result is an improvement in mood and confidence that I can personally confirm – even if there’s not a ton of scientific evidence on it.

Testogen: What is It?

Testogen - What is It

Testogen – like Testofierce – is an all-purpose testosterone booster supplement with a focus on combining testosterone gains with vitamin and mineral support.

These produce a good all-round improvement to both biological and subjective wellbeing benefits.

Testogen is a competitor to Prime Male and others – also like Testofierce – and they even have some of the same ‘core’ ingredients. This makes the comparison inevitable, and here’s what you’re going to get with Testogen:

The main difference here is the focus on Tribulus terrestris – a popular ingredient for testosterone boosting. This is a herb whose main benefits are related to libido and mood, and have made it a famous and often auto-include choice for testosterone boosters.

This might give you a hint that Testogen is going to be one of the more libido-and-mood focused testosterone boosters – so let’s see what it offers…

The Benefits of Testogen

Starting with testosterone, Testogen relies solely on D-Aspartic Acid to improve testosterone levels. You may want to remember that this is the only ingredient in Testogen that boosts testosterone. DAA is effective but this does give Testogen a soft 4-week upper limit to direct testosterone boosting.

The Benefits of Testogen

This makes it a great choice for acute testosterone boosting, but then it has to switch to milder interventions. These come from D3, primarily, which is one of the most important regulating compounds to support mental health and brain health, as well as regulating hormone levels.

Ginseng also does a significant amount of long-term work by improving the maintenance of testosterone levels, once heightened. 

It reduces the damage that stress and stress-hormones will do to your hormone balance. It also supports mood and cognition, as mentioned in Testofierce, to really change how you feel.

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Bonus Benefits: Sexual Health, Libido, and Mood

When it comes to how you feel, Testogen can really shine. Aside from testosterone boosting, its main effects are in perception of energy and – especially – libido.

Bonus Benefits - Sexual Health, Libido, and Mood

Fenugreek and Tribulus are both herbal extract aphrodisiacs, with additional benefits to erectile quality and male fertility. This combination means significant aphrodisiac effect, better erections, and possibly even better seminal motility.

This is great if you’re feeling a little gun-shy with age and want to recapture libido-control. This doesn’t actually improve testosterone levels, but it does benefit from those testosterone boosting DAA and Ginseng benefits mentioned above.


  • Great foundations of DAA, Ginseng, and Vitamin D
  • Good vitamin and mineral content for health and wellbeing
  • Effective ingredient choices for secondary benefits
  • Very effective sexual health and libido support supplement


  • Lacks Ashwagandha
  • Some compounds do not boost testosterone
  • Design focus is split 50:50 between sexual health and testosterone

Testogen Summary

It might perhaps be better to look at Testogen as two mutually-supportive functions at once: a sexual health booster and a testosterone support compound.

Testogen Summary

Better testosterone means better libido, mood, and sexual health – as well as recovery and confidence.

On the other hand, the active ingredients for libido benefit from these changes, while supporting further mood and energy level benefits – on top of added sexual health improvements.

This makes Testogen feel like an all-purpose supplement, but also one that leans towards better subjective wellbeing and libido.

It is as much a sexual health support compound as a testosterone booster, and caters more to how you feel than the “hard” testosterone benefits of Testofierce.

Testofierce Vs Testogen: The Comparison

Testofierce Vs Testogen - The Comparison

In the comparison of Testofierce vs Testogen, Testofierce is the most effective testosterone booster – it has all the best high-quality ingredients of Testogen – and then some! Testogen, on the other hand, may be the most effective testosterone booster for erectile dysfunction, but not general purposes.

Testofierce is a shockingly comprehensive testosterone booster supplement that strikes a very strong balance between hormonal support and protection, and wider health benefits.

Testofierce manages to combine the best benefits of products like Testogen and Prime Male, at the same time.

It does lack some of the more specialist ingredients – like the Mucuna Pruriens or Stinging Nettle from Nugenix, but its own ingredient profile is very powerful.

We particularly like the long-term testosterone supporting synergy of D-Aspartic Acid and ashwagandha to ensure Testofierce has real, sustainable testosterone benefits.

What Is Testogen For?

So, what can we say about Testogen? It hasn’t had the best luck in our heads-up reviews, also losing out to Prime Male and Nugenix – despite actually being a very solid choice.

What Is Testogen For

Testogen is a foundational testosterone booster that makes some steps towards a good balance of hormonal benefits and all-round wellbeing. The reason it lost is the lack of sustainability that Testofierce has – and the sheer power of Ashwagandha as a supporting synergist for DAA.

Testogen is good, but Testofierce feels like the next-generation alternative – combining the best benefits of Testogen with other effective, popular support compounds.

Testogen does the basics well, but other products seem to be doing far more than the basics with smart designs and synergistic ingredient choices.

Testogen is more of dual-function sexual health and testosterone support compound than a clear example of hormonal support. In this sense, it offers great male vitality, but it feels like the testosterone supports the sexual health – and not the other way around!

Conclusion: Our Final Thoughts

In the battle of Testofierce, vs Testogen, Testofierce is the best testosterone booster – and one of the most powerful on the market. It competes head-to-head with other favorites like Prime Male, using a smart combination of powerful ingredients that will boost your testosterone and then keep it high into the future.

Conclusion - Our Final Thoughts

This is all we want from a good testosterone booster, and the added health benefits from micronutrients are just a great bonus.

This core-and-bonus quality is why Testofierce won today, and why it’s one of the best testosterone supplements and male vitality boosters around.


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