Test Boost vs Testogen: What’s Better in 2023?

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Test Boost vs Testogen: two completely different testosterone boosters, each perfect for a certain niche of man. Which is going to give you the best bang for your buck?

Today we’re working through the details you need for both of these products, what they can do for you, and which is best.

What is Test Boost?

What is Test Boost

Test Boost Max is one of the most interesting testosterone boosters and male hormonal support supplements on the market. It combines the powerful “core” ingredients you’d expect from a test booster with one of the widest ranges of secondary ingredients on the market.

Some of these ingredients are exceptional, others are interesting, and overall it provides a total supplementary set of benefits we love.

Test Boost Max is a premium supplement, but a little cheaper than some other options on the market – offering huge value for money.

It’s looking like a very strong contender in the comparative review today – Test Boost vs Testogen. Let’s look at the specifics…

Test Boost Ingredients

Test Boost Ingredients

The main ingredients of Test Boost are Ashwagandha, 3DIM, Ginseng, and Longjack. There are also outstanding secondary ingredients: Tribulus, Epimedium, Eleuthero, Hawthorn berry extract, and Cordyceps.

This is a great ingredients list for both the individual effectiveness of each of these ingredients, as well as the sheer variety it offers. Many testosterone boosters rely on 2-4 of these ingredients, but Test Boost Max actually offers a coherent whole with benefits to all kinds of aspects of life and health.

This does come at the expense of a complete vitamin and mineral complex. This is something Testogen does quite well, so it’s an interesting contrast to “normal” formulations for testosterone booster supplements.

If nothing else, it means that everything on the label does something to boost testosterone – and that’s the goal you want from this kind of product. Noticeably, it also lacks D-Aspartic Acid, which changes a lot.

Test Boost Benefits

The main benefits of Test Boost Max are long-term protection and regulation of male sex hormones. The combination of ashwagandha, 3-DIM, Ginseng, and Eurycoma longifolia (Longjack). These are perfect for protecting testosterone levels against stress, time, and the chaos of life.

These also overlap with their powerful regulatory effects on other areas of health, providing a range of mood, cognition, energy, and health benefits.

Test Boost Benefits

They also work from both sides: Ashwagandha and Ginseng support testosterone, while 3-DIM prevents it from being converted into Estrogen.

You also get multi-layered benefits to sexual health, fertility, and further layers up the anti-Estrogen effects seen with 3-DIM.

This means yet another angle of improving both the physiological basis for low testosterone levels and the drop off in libido, confidence, and sexual health seen in men from 35 onwards.

Test Boost Max Secondary benefits

Test Boost Max Secondary Benefits

Test Boost has the best secondary benefits of any testosterone booster we’ve reviewed: a huge boost to energy levels, cognitive support, anti-fatigue, anti-aromatisation, and improve both libido and sexual wellbeing.

These come from the variety of secondary ingredients – and many are overlapping benefits of secondary ingredients.

These give Test Boost a deep, rich profile that provides benefits to male health, quality of life, and self-concept.


  • Best secondary ingredients on the market
  • Excellent variety of overlapping, layered active ingredients
  • Effective long-term testosterone booster and protector


  • Lacks a powerful short-term testosterone booster like DAA

Summary: Who Is Test Boost Max For?

Summary - Who Is Test Boost Max For

Test Boost Max is for any man who wants great long-term hormonal support and testosterone protection. Its ingredients are designed for longevity, offering consistent benefits for months and years, but lacking the immediate punch of some other products on the market.

While it doesn’t provide an acute boost to test levels, it makes up for it when other supplements would fade away and lose their key benefits.

What is Testogen?

What is Testogen

Testogen is a short-term testosterone booster that is all about how you feel – using a blend of fast-acting physiological and mental support compounds to boost energy, mood, and libido. These are supported by an additional vitamin and mineral complex for health and wellbeing.

Testogen is the opposite end of the spectrum when compared to Test Boost: its effects are shorter lasting but more immediately noticeable.

The added D-Aspartic Acid does a lot of heavy lifting, while the herbal supplement ingredients are all about feeling more energized and invigorated.

This is a great product for men who want to both support their natural testosterone levels and, simultaneously, lean into the masculine energy and libido it provides. For men over 35, that’s a combination that can significantly improve multiple areas of life at once.

Testogen Ingredients

Testogen Ingredients

The main ingredients of Testogen are D-Aspartic Acid, Tribulus terrestris, ginseng, and fenugreek. These provide immediate testosterone support, libido support, quality of life, and fertility, respectively.

These herbal supplements are effective together, where they have serious overlapping benefits. The subjective wellbeing changes reported with these ingredients are all positive, which tends to produce a combined effect that’s even more powerful.

This is the main set of ingredients that make this product work.

You’ll also get secondary ingredients – primarily vitamins and minerals. The secondary ingredients are B vitamins, vitamin D, Zinc, and Selenium. These are great inclusions – especially the energy levels and metabolic support of the B vitamins, and the hormonal and mood support of vitamin D.

Testogen Benefits: What Does It Do?

Testogen’s key benefits are higher short-term testosterone levels, better libido and sexual health, mood, and confidence. It also supports metabolism and mood, which are key contributors to your total quality of life and feelings of happiness and fulfillment.

These are great because of how they compound – they all help you feel better, which is one of the main reasons we want to boost testosterone!

I’ve found that the subjective benefits are hard to convey, but they are noticeable in your day to day life.

Testogen Benefits - What Does It Do

These are especially important in men over 30 where overlapping areas – confidence, libido, sexual health, and energy levels. These are great when you feel yourself slowing down or losing your edge.

You’ll also get a range of general health benefits, as herbal supplements typically support you with phytonutrients that support small health processes in modest ways.

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Testogen’s Secondary Benefits

Testogen’s secondary benefits from vitamins and minerals are good – but not the best on the market.

One of the things I really like about the ingredients in Testogen is that they include B vitamins. These are some of the most common deficiencies and you could go from deficient to sufficient.

Testogen’s Secondary Benefits

If this happens, you’ll experience a huge boost in energy levels, metabolic wellbeing, and the things they produce – like workout performance.

However, the other ingredients like zinc and vitamin D are common across products. Test Boost is one of the only supplements that doesn’t have any, while the ingredients in Testogen are found in almost all other test boosters.

This means the added benefits – like mood and hormonal support from Vitamin D – aren’t huge selling points. It also lacks magnesium, which isn’t the end of the world but should be supplemented in your diet from somewhere.


  • Excellent mood and libido support
  • Great for fertility and sexual wellbeing
  • Good mood and metabolism support from vitamins and minerals


  • Not as effective long-term as Test Boost
  • Doesn’t provide testosterone protection
  • Many ingredients are also seen in market competitors

Summary: Who is it For?

Testogen is a great testosterone booster in the short term, especially for men over 35 who are as interested in libido and sexual wellbeing as they are actual hormonal support.

This is a common set of benefits to look for and it can drastically improve your quality of life.

The feelings of these ingredients are great, and it’s only missing a few things – like Ashwagandha and Maca root – which would really elevate this product.

Summary - Who is it For

As it stands, however, Testogen is very niche. It’s not the most powerful testosterone booster, and is more concerned with libido, mood, and fertility than actual long-term testosterone.

This means you need to be really invested in these sexual health benefits to make this the right product for you.

Conclusion: Test Boost vs Testogen Heads Up Review

Conclusion - Test Boost vs Testogen Heads Up Review

In comparing Test Boost vs Testogen, we think Test Boost is a better supplement. It doesn’t compare very well in the first month – when the DAA of Testogen is doing a ton of work – but it has a huge long-term benefit that we can’t ignore.

Test Boost is a better product when we look at the total possible effects, and the benefits to the men who get more from testosterone boosters: men over 30.

Testogen is great for the short-term benefits, but will taper off after a month, and lacks Test Boost’s staying power.

ComparisonTest Boost MaxTestogen
Best for?Long-term testosterone support and health regulatorMen over 40 seeking short term T-boosting
Main Benefits-Health and wellbeing
-Testosterone support and protection
-Mental wellbeing and energy
-Vitamin and mineral content
-Hormonal regulation and anti-stress powers
-Sexual health
-Energy and mood
-Libido and fertility
-Vitamin and mineral support·         
CostPremium – $67.00 USDPremium – $69.99 USD
Key ingredients-MACA
-Vitamins and Minerals
-Tribulus terestris
-Ginseng extract
-B vitamins

Consider what you want from a testosterone booster – and whether you’re more interested in the short term feelings or the long-term hormonal support. That’s the main conflict when measuring up Test Boost vs Testogen!


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