Can I Take Whey Protein and Weight Gainer Together?

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You can take weight gainer and whey protein together, but it’s an odd choice. Weight gainer supplements already contain whey protein in many cases and – if you want more protein in your weight gainer – it’s usually cheaper to simply buy a high-protein mass gainer or weight gainer powder.

Weight gainer powder is often just a mixture of whey protein powder with a carb powder – like oat powder, rice flour, or maltodextrin. This makes it a source of whey protein.

Of course, if you want to increase the protein content of a weight gainer, you can add more protein powder. It might not mix very well and the flavors could be weird if you’re not careful about what you’re mixing together.

However, if you already have extra protein powder and you want to get a better weight gain and muscle building shake, you can mix the two together.

How Can You Use Whey and Mass Gainer Together?

can i take whey protein and weight gainer together

If you’re using both in your diet at different times, you can use whey and mass gainer together to improve weight gain quantity and quality. Especially when you’re trying to boost both your calorie intake and daily protein levels – around a hectic schedule.

For example, there have been times when I was busy with studies and work, and I would use a mass gainer shake during the working day and then use a whey protein shake after workouts.

This is a better choice than combining the two, in my opinion.

It helps you get the best of both worlds without thickening up an already-dense shake. It’s also a great way of spacing out your intake of heavy shakes and the digestive burden of something like a whey protein or mass gainer.

In my opinion, you’d do better to combine weight gainer shakes in the day, use whey protein after workouts, and then use casein before bed on rest days.

This trio is one of the best ways to make sure you’re gaining extra, high-quality weight.

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Can I Mix Weight Gainer And Whey Protein?

You can mix weight gainer and whey protein if you want to – it can increase the protein content of the drink and improve per-calorie muscle recovery and growth.

However, it’s also likely to make an already thick shake thicker, the flavors may clash, and it may not be a great choice. It’s also a significant amount of your diet to drink, instead of eating, which isn’t a great choice.

You’ll typically miss out on the vitamins and minerals you get from real food.

Ideally, you’d split them over time and have them as separate drinks. Just make sure that you’re not putting too much of your calorie “eggs” into one basket.

Intended Use: Maximizing Results with Whey And Mass Gainer

taking whey protein

While you can take whey and mass gainer together, the best way to use them is specific to their use.

Whey is a great way to boost protein, while mass gainer is a fantastic post-workout carb and protein source for muscle gains and recovery.

If you use each product for its specific, intended use, you’re going to get better results for the same price and calorie intake.

Timing your whey shake for a lull in the day is a huge benefit, while a post-workout mass gainer shake can be a perfect way to kickstart both recovery and growth.

How Much Protein Can The Body Absorb In One Sitting? 

Most scientific recommendations suggest an upper limit of 0.55g per kg of bodyweight for muscle gain. The body can absorb a lot of protein in one meal, but it depends on your size, muscle mass, and recent exercise performance. 

There are a few basic adjustments to make to this:

  1. More muscular people can consume, absorb, and use more
  2. Recent resistance training increases the ability to uptake and use protein
  3. There are no real negatives to exceeding the upper limit – and weight gain quality only improves as (daily) protein intake rises

This means that super-heavy shakes with 100s of grams of protein may not be useful.

They can easily be broken down into energy, which is fine, but doesn’t maximize for muscle gains. This makes a smaller, higher-protein shake a better choice for texture, taste, and even muscle gains.

Weight Gainer And Whey Impact On Calories and Macronutrients

drinking mass gainer

The major risk of using both a weight gainer and whey protein is the addition of too many calories to your diet.

Even when trying to bulk up with a weight gain diet, there is a balance you need to strike between calorie intake and micronutrient intake.

Weight gainer and whey protein are high-quality protein sources but they do take up significant space in your calorie intake.

A high-calorie mass gainer may take up as many as 1300 calories per day, which makes for a significant opportunity cost: what natural, whole foods could you be eating instead?

The combination of whey and a mass gainer is likely to represent 1000-1500 calories, which may be around half of your diet.

This doesn’t provide as many vitamins and minerals as an equivalent in whole foods. This is why it’s important to make sure you have ‘space’ for a mass gainer and whey shake before adding them to your diet.

It’s not just about what they add – but also what they replace, and if you’d be better off with less supplements and more food.

Is Whey Protein A Weight Gainer Supplement?

Whey protein is not a weight gainer by itself and will need to be combined with a carbohydrate source to really maximize muscle gains. This is what most weight gainer supplements provide.

Whey protein can be very lean – offering few calories for a high protein content. It can also be a mixed choice with additional carbs and fats, like Syntha-6 from BSN.

Whey is the main ingredient in many weight gainers, however, so it’s easy to confuse the two.

What’s The Difference Between Whey And a Weight Gainer?

Whey protein only targets your protein intake, while weight gainer attempts to boost your calories, carbs, and protein together. This makes whey a “purer” choice as a concentrated form of a single macronutrient – protein.

This makes whey protein more versatile, but less effective at causing weight gain by itself. It’s a supplement that is taken for weight loss, weight gain, and even just improving recovery without any change in body weight.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I Mix Whey Protein With Mass Gainer?

You can mix whey protein with mass gainer, but it is not advisable. Mass Gainers already contain high amount of protein content and provide enough protein per serving for recovery. Adding whey protein to mass gainer will not add more value and instead can make the taste worse.

Conclusion: Our Final Thoughts

taking whey protein and mass gainer

You can take weight gainer and whey protein together – it’s just not the best choice. If you want more protein, you should invest in a higher-protein mass gainer like the Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer. If you want more total calories, you may as well just add more scoops!

Whey protein can theoretically improve your protein intake in a mass gainer but this shouldn’t be your first choice.

If you want to take both in one day, however, you can put each to work with proper timing – a whey shake during the day, and then a post-workout mass gainer for the extra energy and 

Otherwise, I would only combine mass gainer and whey protein if you’ve got a cheap product leftover that you don’t want to use by itself.

It’s a good way to make the best of supplements you might not have another use for. 

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