Five Best Compound Exercises That You Need To Start Doing In 2021

Compound exercises are defined as any movement that works multiple joints, they also work multiple muscles. They are great for building strength, increasing muscle size, and burning fat, they can also help improve athletic performance. Basically, compound exercises can benefit you no matter what your goals are, hence we’ve developed this article about some best compound exercises.

The same cannot be said of isolation exercises, these are exercises that only work one joint and primarily work one muscle. Isolation exercises can be fantastic for building strength, and can also really help increase muscle size (think bicep curls increasing bicep size). But isolation moves are not great at improving athletic performance in the same way that compound movements are, nor are they great for fat burning.

Considering the many benefits of using compound movements (many programs exclusively use them) it’s perhaps surprising how few people use them in their programs. Or if they do use compound movements they usually use the slightly easier and less effective ones such as chest press machines, leg presses, or lat pull downs.girl-2607110_960_720

In this article, we are going to mention a list of compound exercises that you need to start doing in 2021 if you want to see really impressive results. We’ll also look at a way to make the exercise easier, and a way to make them more difficult. This way this compound exercises list will have exercises to suit all abilities.

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exercises for explosive chest

7 Exercises for an Explosive Chest

The chest is one of the biggest areas of the entire body. Both pectorals makes up the vast majority of musculature on the front of the body, and as such their development can absolutely make or break your entire physique.

Having a big, well developed, chest makes you look big and lean while wearing a t-shirt – and absolutely monstrous without one.

Something worth mentioning is that the pectorals are one of the most explosive muscle groups in the entire body, in which they dominate powerful pressing movements.

Subsequently, chest development is actually maximized during these pressing movements. And it is for this same reason so many people leave a huge amount of chest development on the table – because they don’t train it correctly.

So with all this in mind, in the following article we have outlined the best 7 exercises for an explosive chest – allowing you to maximize your chest development quickly and efficiently.

1) Dumbbell Bench Press

When most people think of chest based movements, they automatically jump to the barbell bench press. And while there is nothing inherently wrong with this exercise (it offers a great tool to develop upper body strength), it doesn’t develop the pectorals nearly as well as the dumbbell bench press.

The dumbbell bench press allows us to increase our range of motion AND target the pectorals specifically (through a better line of pull) – of which both factors lead to vastly improved chest development and is thus one of the best dumbbell exercises for chest.

The important thing here is to control the eccentric portion of the lift and move the weights up as quickly as possible on the concentric portion.

best exercises for chest

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Ways to Stay on Target with Muscle Gains

3 Ways to Stay on Target with Muscle Gains

We all know the commitment that it takes to be a bodybuilder. It’s time consuming, and it’s a lot of hard work. It’s easy to laugh off those quick fix articles you stumble across while looking for realistic tips to help you stay on target.  But, it’s sometimes hard to find solid helpful advice on how to stay on target when it comes to making true gains.

We thought it would be great to “bulk up” your knowledge on what it takes to stay on track with your goals.  You know gaining lean muscle and staying in peak physical health takes time, and it takes concentration.  But what exactly does time and concentration look like at the gym?  We’ve broken it down into 3 simple categories.

Make a Plan for Reaching Your Goals

We’re not asking you to bust out your smart phone and pencil in dates and times on your iCal for specific work hours, but we are asking you to take a good hard look at your current physique. Determine exactly what you hope to gain.  Then make a plan to get there.plans

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