SuperGreen TONIK vs Athletic Greens- Which is Better?

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Superfood supplements are the hottest craze in the market but are they really ‘superfoods’ or is it just another ‘superhype’? Well, for me, and most people who have known even as much as slightly about the supplement industry, superfood supplements do deserve the limelight that health-conscious people are flashing at them.

Superfood supplements are those metaphorical nutritional bridges to fill in the gap in your diet.

  • Best Overall Green Powder

    Super Green TONIK

      The 16 superfoods in SuperGreen TONIK can help boost energy, immune system, focus and concentration, and help decrease anxiety.
  • Great for Athletes and Working Professionals
    athletic greens

    Athletic Greens

      Beneficial for athletes to combat poor nutrition and helps support mental functioning.

In the specifics of the article, I will talk about the two highly said of and truly efficacious superfood powders- SuperGreen Tonik vs Athletic Greens, dive deep into each of the products and finally choose one winner that I’d recommend over the other based on several factors.

However, before breaking down the specifics of each product, let us first understand why you should be taking superfood supplements other than just balancing the nutritional density of your meal.

Why Should You Take Superfood Supplements?

For me, superfood supplements are a great source to fill in on antioxidants and probiotics that are great for the gut, however, supergreen powders do more than just that.

what are superfood supplements

The stack of vitamins and what they do for your skin (we girls spend a whole lot of time on skincare) available in superfoods and their supplements is more than just impressive. The most prominent benefits of superfood supplements are:

1. Nutritiously Richer than an Average Meal

It is no lie that most people have a diet plan that is low in nutrients and superfood supplements can be a great way to fill in for the missing nutrients. The reputed supplements like SuperGreen TONIK and Athletic Greens are loaded with vitamins, probiotics, antioxidants and so much more.

If you are thinking you should just buy superfoods instead, you should know that the idea is to have a balanced diet, not an excess of one macro or micro and the deficiency of the other. Also, scrutinizing and buying superfoods from the supermarket won’t just cost you a fortune, but most of them will probably be a waste if you don’t finish them soon enough.  

2. Improve Overall Health and Immunity

It is no notion that superfood supplements promote overall health and immunity. The vitamins, probiotics, and everything that make superfood supplements ‘super’ evidently improve long-range health beyond their nutritional values while also giving a huge boost to your immunity.

3. Give an Energy Boost

With seriously fewer calories, you may be sceptical if superfood supplements supply any energy at all, however, they may have plant compounds to help you burn calories and feel more alert.

Certain superfood supplements have green tea extract that actively helps you feel more energized and boosts alertness

4. May Stave off Chronic Diseases

With a large number of antioxidants, phytonutrients and anti-inflammatory compounds in greens powders, these supplements may help prevent the risk of chronic diseases.

Most trustworthy superfood powders have a decent amount of probiotics that keep the gut healthy which ultimately staves off chronic diseases from housing your body.

SuperGreen TONIK– The Ideal Greens Powder 

Although, it is true that we all want to be healthier, do we not want to FEEL healthier too? Feeling healthy is a state of the body as much as it is of the mind- SuperGreen TONIK with it’s carefully selected nootropic blend included in the 38 ingredients (22 vitamins and 16 superfoods) helps you achieve both health and that feel-good vibe with it.

In a 12g serving size, there’s 1 gram of sugar- this is a downside if I am to say, cause I don’t really see the point of sweeteners (even natural ones) in a superfood supplement.

The slight minty taste is absolutely amazing while it’s highly palatable with water. Having said that, from my personal experience, it totally does stand true to increasing mental clarity, promoting general health and helping you stay calm and start active and energized. 


supergreen tonik ingredients
  • Organic Greens Blend (7500mg): SuperGreen TONIK is gaining popularity all around the world, for it is a concentrated blend of organic greens like Chlorella, Barley, Spirulina, Spinach Leaf and Kale, The organic part has already won me over which translates to zero to almost negligible concentrated pesticides. The blend improves gut health and promotes overall health without interacting with medications. 
  • Nootropic Blend(1800mg): Ingredients like Ashwagandha, Bacopa, Rhodiola and L-tyrosine, have brain-boosting properties, which help to enhance your memory power, mental focus, etc. The nootropic blend also aids in improving cognitive ability, sleep patterns and generally the quality of life. This highly efficacious blend does truly help you feel more mentally alert while greatly benefiting your cognitive capabilities.
  • Immune Blend(1000mg): A healthy immune system helps you to fight diseases and work against cell damage which may cause diseases like diabetes- SuperGreen TONIK helps to enhance your immune system with the help of ingredients like dandelion leaf, garlic extract, and olive leaf. 
  • Vitamins and Minerals: SuperGreen TONIK has 22 essential vitamins and minerals, like Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium, Copper, Iron, Vitamin A, Zinc etc. which are crucial for the proper functioning of the immune and nervous system. Additionally, these vitamins and minerals are in just the right clinical dosages so you’re neither getting less nor more.


  • More Energy: The 16 included superfoods in SuperGreen TONIK boost your energy and there can be no better way to start active and energized than to sip on a glass of this highly efficacious superfoods powder. You can finally pick up that sport or hobby that you earlier felt too tired to pursue with SuperGreen TONIK.
  • Boosted Immune System: Fight against infections and diseases with the SuperGreen TONIK immunity booster. SuperGreen TONIK with a high concentration of nutrients fulfil all your requirements for good health and a boosted immunity system
  • Reduced Anxiety: SuperGreen TONIK makes your life more enjoyable and stress-free by increasing your mental focus and reduces anxiety. It helps you to keep yourself calm and relaxed and also aids normalized sleeping patterns.
  • Increased Focus and Concentration: Maximize the level of your brain’s productivity and increase your focus and concentration, with SuperGreen TONIK. 


  • Organic healthy greens
  • Transparent formula and full disclosure of dosages
  • Donation to VitaminAngels, a trust that helps malnourished and the unfortunate
  • Packed with 38 vitamins/minerals, and superfoods
  • Added nootropic blend that is rare in green and superfood powders
  • 365-day money-back guarantee


  • The monthly tub can be rather expensive
  • Contains no probiotics
  • Has 1 gram of sugar per serving
  • Contains no prebiotics or digestive enzymes either

Athletic Greens– The All-Rounder Greens Supplement

Ruling the market as a pioneering brand to provide the best superfood powder since 2010, Athletic Greens does truly deserve the credits thrown its way. As a comprehensive supplement with 75 ingredients (yes, you read that right), Athletic Greens is the easiest way to cover your nutritional bases. 

The company keeps tweaking the ‘proprietary’ formula over time to incorporate the most up-to-date ingredients into the SUPER healthy powder that helps you adapt to change as your daily needs start differing from the existing one.

However, here’s the catch: they do mention the ingredients present, although the dosages aren’t mentioned. I truly dislike this practice because you may know what you are consuming but you never know how much of it you are consuming in order to meet your daily goals.

Apart from these downsides, it has a great taste and a greens powder can never taste better. You’re sure to feel the energy oozing out combined with enhanced performance if you take it the first thing in the morning (preferably with water, but it also tastes great with orange juice or lemonade).


athletic greens ingredients
  • Vitamins and Minerals: This ultimate daily greens powder is loaded with vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the well functioning of the nervous system. These vitamins and micronutrients also aid in bettering the immune system.
  • Superfood Complex: The superfood complex of Athletic Greens has all the antioxidants needed to counteract the impact of free radicals on the body, a major impact being the acceleration of the ageing process. The complex incorporates antioxidants that are equivalent to 12 servings of veggies and fruits.
  • Dairy-Free Prebiotics and Probiotics: If you are lactose intolerant- Voila! Problem solved. Athletic Greens incorporates high-quality prebiotics and probiotics that improve gut health, better your immune system and enhance nutrient absorption. 
  • Digestive Enzymes and Mushroom Complex: These enzymes in Athletic Greens bolster the digestion process and also aid in the absorption of the nutrients. The Mushroom complex has a blend of carefully chosen mushrooms that support and strengthen the immune system.
  • Adaptogens: The adaptogens are an uncommon addition to Athletic Greens that aid in normalizing sleep patterns, reduce stress and lower physical and mental fatigue. These amazing herbs can also be a great neural support, that benefit cognition, memory and the nervous system. 


  • Increases Energy: Athletic Greens contains nutrients which help you feel energized throughout the day, fights with fatigue, and it also helps in losing weight by keeping you feeling full. With Green Tea Extract and Wheat Grass fused in one supplement, you are sure to get that energy kick from Athletic Greens.
  • Supports Recovery: Athletic Greens is helpful in recovering from anxiety and stress. Designed to enhance performance and recovery, Athletic Greens does surely help you get back in shape and overcome fatigue.
  • Improves Immunity: The essential vitamins and minerals contained in Athletic Greens help to improve our immunity system. Athletic Greens has a mushroom complex too, to support the immune system which is rare in greens powders.
  • Helps with Digestion: Athletic Greens powder contains the probiotics in their powdered form that are readily soluble in liquid and this speeds up the digestive process. It has prebiotics in order to feed the probiotics and help them work better to enhance absorption and strengthen the gut.

SuperGreen TONIK vs Athletic Greens – Where Do They Stand?

I’ve compared SuperGreen TONIK and Athletic Greens on various standards that are ingredients, taste, transparency, benefits, and price.

Ingredients and Dosage

SuperGreen TONIK has 38 ingredients with 22 minerals and 16 superfoods, divided into three separate blends: organic greens blend, nootropic/ brain blend and an immune blend. The nootropic blend is really rare for a greens powder and this especially gives SuperGreen TONIK a cut above the rest. However, it has no probiotics or digestive enzymes which is a downside.

Athletic Greens on the other hand has 75 easy to absorb ingredients with the prebiotics, probiotics and the digestive enzymes that were missing in SuperGreen TONIK. This gives Athletic Greens an upper hand over SuperGreen TONIK both in terms of the number of ingredients and the crucial ingredients that should always be there in a superfood supplement. 

The one thing that brings the competition to equal or more or less weighted towards SuperGreen TONIK is the formula disclosure whereas Athletic Greens has a ‘proprietary blend’ and you do not get to know whether the ingredients you consume are effectively dosed or not.


Athletic Greens is by far the best tasting greens powder and it does beat SuperGreen TONIK by much. If you’ve never had greens powder before, you must be of the notion that it will have that distinctive grassy taste, however, Athletic Greens will take you by surprise with its irresistible taste while being highly palatable even with water. 

SuperGreen TONIK has a minty taste with much sweetness to mask the grassy flavour however, some might still find it to be slightly odd tasting and it in no way compares to Athletic Greens when it comes to taste- Athletic Greens wins here.


Athletic Greens is one of the most sold superfood powders that is a comprehensive all-in-one supplement for daily consumption. It definitely has a lot of multivitamins that you do not have to buy separately at the local store.

The supplement supports recovery which is highly beneficial to athletes, other than providing the regular benefits of a typical greens powder.

SuperGreen TONIK can be used to combat periods of poor nutrition. The one benefit that gives SuperGreen TONIK an edge over Athletic Greens is the enhancement of cognitive abilities with the Brain Blend.

Finding a greens powder that also supports your mental functioning is truly rare and SuperGreen TONIK does definitely sweep off the trophy in this case.


Both Athletic Greens and SuperGreen TONIK are premium, high-end products but breaking down the daily cost for each product, Athletic Greens costs around $2.90 per day, however, this cost is exclusive of the additional shipping charges levied on Athletic Greens.

If you add the delivery charge along with the original product charge, the serving cost can go as high as up to $3.56.

SuperGreen TONIK on the other has no shipping charges and the daily serving cost for the larger bundles can be $2.09 whereas the daily serving cost for the monthly tub can be somewhere near $3.00 which is still significantly cheaper than Athletic Greens.

Again, SuperGreen TONIK wins here by working out visibly cheaper than Athletic Greens.

Who Wins The Ultimate Battle-SuperGreen TONIK Vs Athletic Greens

In a comparison between SuperGreen TONIK vs Athletic Greens, SuperGreen TONIK has a better ingredient profile, great taste and is more effective compared to Athletic Greens or other green powders in the market.

The reason I chose SuperGreen TONIK is that it cuts through the dubious marketing strategies, bringing you minimal yet the most important nutrients into one glass of ‘super’ drink while maintaining full disclosure of the ingredients and dosages.

Athletic Greens isn’t a product that is aimed to aid our professional lives when you want not just an energy boost but also cognitive benefits (all under a budget), which is why SuperGreen TONIK can be a great alternative that isn’t just cost-efficient but also works as a nootropic stack to clear out brain fog and help boost mental clarity. 

I drink SuperGreen TONIK every day, and knowing that I have full knowledge of what I consume while starting my day with nothing but the best, there’s no other greens powder that deserves the crown more than SuperGreen TONIK.

Click to get discounted price for SuperGreen TONIK and Athletic Greens.

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