Super Greens Powder Side Effects

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Are super greens going to cause you to poop your pants in the gym? Will they make you sick?

Let’s find out, as we discuss super greens powder side effects – and what you need to watch out for…

Do Super Greens Powders Have Side Effects?

Do Super Greens Powders Have Side Effects

No – super green powders shouldn’t have side effects. The ingredients themselves are derived from food products which are very safe. 

This doesn’t mean you won’t have a bad reaction, however. Individual responses always vary – and so do the ingredients used in each product. Make sure to check ingredient labels for foods you don’t respond well to.

Super green powders are very safe, but you never know how you’re going to feel until afterwards. Be sure to follow manufacturer guidance on doses and use plenty of fresh, clean water when mixing.

Green Powders Negative Reaction

Green Powders Negative Reaction

You should always consider your own experiences and health conditions before using any supplement. If you have existing medical problems, any supplement could cause a negative reaction – or interact with prescription medication.

Talk to your doctor regarding a course of supplements before you start. It’s only more important to be vigilant if you know you have a health concern, are pregnant, or using medications.


Make sure you don’t have an allergy or intolerance before use, reading the ingredient label carefully.

Contaminants In Super Greens

Contaminants In Super Greens

Most negative responses to super green powders are the result of contamination in low-quality ‘bargain bin’ products. These are often manufactured in poor conditions where contamination from other products or heavy metals is possible. 

Look out for FDA certified good manufacturing practices (cGMP) and 3rd party testing, which ensure better standards. Products with these seals of quality deserve your money, even if they’re a little more expensive, because you know you’re getting quality.

Super greens are definitely not the best place to scrimp and save, if you’re worried about quality and side effects!

How Do You Stay Safe With Super Greens? 

Stay safe with super greens by following recommended dosages, using plenty of water, and maintaining a stable, healthy diet. Don’t drink greens with excessively large, filling, or fatty meals.

How Do You Stay Safe With Super Greens

Try to take greens with starchy foods, or afterwards, to produce a stable gut response. Don’t combine them with novel, spicy, or acidic foods – as you may experience odd interactions.

Introduce greens into your diet in a way that is familiar to you. For example, after your morning oatmeal, or after a reliable lunch that you know will digest well.

Avoiding Contaminants In Supplements

The best way to avoid contaminants in supplements is to do your research, buy from reputable brands, and look for signs of high quality. That doesn’t just mean price!

Avoiding Contaminants In Supplements

Many brands are known for high quality products with good ingredient choices and manufacturing reliability. These often carry FDA “good manufacturing processes” certifications (cGMP) so that you know the facilities are well maintained and contamination risk is very low.

Even better, some supplement companies – like Transparent Labs – use 3rd party batch testing. This lets you see for yourself what’s in each product. There’s no better way to get peace of mind on your green supplements than this.

When in doubt, go for a brand you know and trust. It’s always better to spend on what you believe in and trust.

Can Super Green Powders Make You Sick?

Can Super Green Powders Make You Sick

No – most people will not get sick using green powders. The opposite is true: green powders will reduce your risk of sickness and infection by supporting immune function.

As mentioned above, contaminants can cause sickness, but shouldn’t be present in good products. The ingredients in green powders are typically safe, healthy, easy to store green food extracts and aren’t common allergens. 

There are very few ways to use these products as intended and get sick. This is usually the result of proper storage or buying out of date products, where bacteria may grow.

Can Green Powders Cause Diarrhea?

Can Green Powders Cause Diarrhea

Green powders can cause diarrhea when consumed in excessive quantities. They may also cause problems if you have some gut conditions, where green vegetables may aggravate existing conditions. 

Diarrhea isn’t a normal response, but it is possible. This is often the case during high doses or when drinking greens on an empty stomach.

Adjust your water to powder ratios, use the prescribed serving, and make sure you’ve eaten something stomach-stable before your greens.

What Happens When You Start Taking Super Greens?

When you start taking super greens you should notice a slight change in how you feel, with increased energy and clarity. Over the first day, you will start to feel less bloated, lighter, and more regular in your digestion.

What Happens When You Start Taking Super Greens

Over the first week, you should notice an improvement in skin health and appearance.

This is even more relevant if you’re a fair skinned person in a sunny climate, where the protection can really help. This will be paired with better average energy levels and reduced blood sugar concerns.

Finally, from one month of taking super greens, you’ll likely have a more stable gut, better skin, better overall health, and better subjective well being. These are the things you’ll notice, but your cells will be healthier, you’ll have reduced overall inflammation, and a more stable metabolism.

What Are The Cons Of Super Greens?

What Are The Cons Of Super Greens

The main con of super greens is that they can be quite expensive, depending on the brand that you use. This means that – for some people – they’re just not a reasonable option.

Super greens can include exotic and expensive greens, which often raise the price. If you’re a young adult trying to improve health and wellbeing, the price tag for super greens could be too high. This is primarily a product for people with more money and a few more years under their belt.

Super greens aren’t going to suit everyone, and other cons may include:

  • Some people’s digestive system won’t “agree” with every product
  • There’s significant variety in quality, even among the same price range
  • They’re typically not the tastiest product 
  • You won’t get all the same benefits as eating normal vegetables
  • Some focus on poor-absorbing ingredients like spirulina

Conclusion: Super Green Powder Side Effects

Conclusion - Super Green Powder Side Effects

There are no major side effects to green powders for most people. They’re safe and healthy products, and it’s how you use them that often causes side effects.

Mix with plenty of water, between meals, and use appropriate doses. This keeps you safe from side effects and provides the best health benefits.

If you’re still unsure on what to buy for safety and quality, take a look at our best green powders review for clarity and the best of the market.

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4 thoughts on “Super Greens Powder Side Effects”

  1. After blending Transformation super greens with fruit, water, and a smoothie mix I experience almost immediate slight difficulty breathing like asthma but I have no respiratory conditions. What could it be?

    • Hey Craig,

      That’s an unusual side effect for a supergreen powder, but my guess is that a particular ingredient in that specific product could be causing it. I’d recommend discontinuing the use of that product immediately.
      If you want, you can try using a different product that has all their ingredients listed, like SuperGreen TONIK, and see if it happens. Also ensure that you are consulting a doctor before starting a new supplement.

    • Hey Amanda,

      Thanks for the comment!
      There could be various reasons why you may have gotten that, which is why it’s always advised to consult with a physician before starting any supplement. As a personal experience, I too get mild diarrhea/stomach issues when I start a new greens supplement, and it usually happens when I start directly with the recommended serving.
      However, since the body is not used to such a supplement, I think it’s important to start with half a scoop or even less than that, and gradually increase it to one serving (or remain at half if it suits your body better). This way it’s easier for the body to digest and gives your body time to adapt.
      The other reason is that it could be due to a specific ingredient in the specific product you tried. Sometimes, changing product also helps, since different products have different supplements. For me SuperGreen TONIK works really well but some other brands don’t.
      I would still advise you to consult with a doctor to see if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients, if not you can try switching products.


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