5 Rules For Skinny Guys Who Are Trying To Gain Muscle

People with lean or ‘delicate’ builds have been known to be called ectomorphs.

Ectomorphs can eat unimaginable amounts to some, never putting on weight, or gaining any strength, muscle, or endurance.

Ectomorphs have extremely active metabolisms; that may offer many benefits, but can be considered a curse by skinny guys who are trying to gain weight, muscle and stamina.ectomorph body type

There are two other body types that are generally accepted. The opposite of an ectomorph would be considered an endomorph.

This body type is also not desirable for most.

Endomorphs have extremely slow metabolisms and low energy. They have the opposite problem of being unable to turn their fat into muscle, as opposed to ectomorphs desire to gain weight in the form of muscle.

The happy medium is the mesomorph. Mesomorphs maintain lean yet muscular physiques with seemingly very little effort.

Famous Mesomorphs include Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, known for their broad shoulder and symmetrical figures.

The good news is that bodies can evolve to most any conditions.

Being able to instill some positive and disciplined habits is often what distinguishes ectomorphs from mesomorphs.

Although it is a long road, skinny guys trying to gain muscle should remember to keep following the correct path toward their goal of the perfect male body.

1. Watch What You Put In

 The first step in the journey is to understand calories.

Calories are units of energy that our bodies get from the food we eat. Simply put someone who wants to gain weight needs to ensure they are getting enough calories in their diet to make up for their workout, and then some for added desired weight gain.

Skinny guys can eat 2,000 calorie meals all they want, but it is no use if their workout burns most of those calories away.calories for skinny guys

In order to gain weight that can be turned into muscle, meals cannot be an afterthought.

The day must revolve around a set schedule of healthy meals that include all food groups.

When trying to gain weight, it is OK to eat foods that are known to be fattening, but sodium content should be minimized in order to avoid water weight gain.

It is wise to schedule meals around two to three hours apart, with a total of up to six meals per day that are high in calories.

This will provide the body with enough constant energy and nutrients to gain weight, and keep it on long enough to turn to muscle.

The simple rule here is this : Anyone who wants to gain weight but cannot, ought to eat more.

2. Watch What You Give Out

Compound lifts , such as bench presses, squats, and pull-ups, force multiple muscles to work at the same time, maximizing muscle build in the workout.compound movements

Exercises that isolate certain groups of muscles should be avoided to avoid one part of the body becoming bigger than the other.

Skinny bodies are not necessarily used to the exercises required for building muscle, so well rounded exercises are always highly recommended.

3. Lift Heavy

Of course, it is never wise to lift anything beyond personal capabilities.

That said, it is important to push individual capabilities on a daily basis in order to maximize goals. It is not only important to lift heavy, but proper form is very important for maximum weight gain, as well as safety, so skinny guys who are not familiar with lifting may be wise to ask a trainer for some tips.

The most important thing to remember here is to keep shoulders and back straight and lift with the strength of the legs.how to gain weight for skinny guys

Lifting lighter weight in proper form is always a better idea than lifting heavy and potentially hurting yourself.

Reps should be done in sets of 8-10, and exercise routines should be changed every three to four weeks, to avoid one part of the body being worked out while others are neglected.

4. Don’t Rely On Supplements

Supplements are great for those out of the ordinary vitamins and nutrients that we sometimes don’t get, but it is unhealthy to rely heavily on them.

They are called supplements for a reason – they are not meant to be a meal replacement. Calories and nutrients are always best taken from actual food. Supplements can always be added to a balanced diet with no negative effects.

Mass gainers, such as meal milkshakes, can occasionally be used when a meal is going to be missed, but again, it does not replace the nutrients in actual food.

Skinny guys who want to drink protein shakes are better advised to purchase a blender and create healthy milkshake and smoothies at home.

5. Just Keep Moving

Skinny guys can easily get discouraged when trying to gain weight or muscle because it is a long process that sometimes takes years.

If a good meal plan is in place, and exercises are challenging and executed properly, some difference should be noticed within a few months.

Often, skinny guys don’t see any difference on their own bodies, and it is many months later that someone else mentions their new physique.

The most important piece of advice is to eat properly, and remember to get plenty of rest.

Even Arnold was a skinny guy once.

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