Should You Drink Mass Gainer On Rest Days?

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Mass gainer is best post workout – but should you drink mass gainer on rest days? 

Is it safe, will it cause problems, and does it offer good value?

Today, we’re answering these burning questions and getting to the bottom of mass gainers on rest days…

Should You Drink Mass Gainer on Rest Days?

Should You Drink Mass Gainer on Rest Days

Yes – you should drink mass gainer on rest days. Your body still needs the calories and protein to help support muscular recovery and growth.

This is key because the muscular repair and growth process can take anywhere from 24-72 hours. The average person will require elevated calorie and protein intake for 36-48 hours after strength training.


It’s also important to remember that your calorie surplus is about weekly averages. Each day will fluctuate, and the goal is to eat more each week than you need. This is why you should drink mass gainer on rest days; it helps you stay high-energy all week long.

How Should I Take Mass Gainer On Off Days?

How Should I Take Mass Gainer On Off Days

Yes – you should take mass gainer on off days, but you can also reduce your intake. Especially if you use mass gainer post workout, you can reduce intake – since you don’t need as many carbs.

While you still need plenty of energy, you should try and use training and rest days to control carb levels. When you’re more active, you need more carbs, and the opposite is also true.

As you’re likely to be less active on rest days, they’re the perfect time to reduce mass gainer intake.

You don’t need to remove it entirely, but consider halving your serving on a rest day. This will help you get more nutrients from real food, lower total carb intake, and give you the space to make better dietary choices.

Can I Drink Mass Gainer Without Workouts?

Yes – you can drink mass gainer as a way to gain weight, even without workouts. Mass gainer is most effective with workouts, a way to turn strength training into muscle mass – but it’s not necessary.

Can I Drink Mass Gainer Without Workouts

You can use mass gainer as a way to gain weight, even if that’s not for the purpose of building muscle.

For example, many underweight people use specially-formulated mass gainer shakes. This is common in older people, post-operative patients, and those who just want to gain weight.

When Should I Drink Mass Gainer?

You should drink mass gainer during a midday lull or after workouts for the best results. 

When Should I Drink Mass Gainer

You can use a lean mass gainer during the day for extra protein and slow-release carbs. This is perfect if you can’t eat large meals at work, or struggle to maintain good eating habits during the day. This can be very helpful during studies or work, if you’re too busy to cook.

Post-workout mass gainer shakes are perfect, as their main ingredients – protein and carbs – boost post-workout recovery (1). They kickstart the recovery and growth process for better results. This is also a great time for super mass gainers: those with huge calorie and carb content.

Final Thoughts: Should You Drink Mass Gainer on Rest Days?

Final Thoughts - Should You Drink Mass Gainer on Rest Days

You can and should drink mass gainers on rest days – especially if you’re struggling to get enough calories. They’re not as effective as post workout mass gainers, but they’ll still give you the energy you need for calorie surplus.

It’s not as effective, but it’s still a great routine to maintain and takes some of the pressure off your diet!



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