Will Quest Bars Make You Gain Weight?

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Quest bars are some of the most popular protein bars on the market – but will quest bars make you gain weight?

We’re going to answer that key question, take you through what’s in a quest bar, and what you should use them for – so let’s get straight into the most important stuff!

Will Quest Bars Make You Gain Weight?

Will Quest Bars Make You Gain Weight

No – quest bars won’t make you gain weight by themselves, but they can be used to gain weight in a calorie surplus diet. They’re a high protein choice to help you build muscle if the rest of your diet is in the right place, with plenty of protein, carbs, vitamins, and minerals.

Quest bars are only one part of the puzzle and your diet needs to aim for weight gain all together.

It’s about the total daily intake of food, and you can use a quest bar to add a few more calories and some extra grams of protein, but adding it to a diet won’t make you gain weight by itself.

Quest bars typically contain around 200-300 calories, which is a good start to adding more food to your diet, but isn’t quite enough for optimal weight gain.

You want to add around 500 calories to your normal, maintenance diet to make sure you gain muscle mass and gain weight.

What’s in a Quest Bar?

What’s in a Quest Bar

Quest bars usually contain nuts, milk protein, whey protein, and ‘natural flavors’ which range from raw chocolate to sea salt, depending on the flavor.

You’ll typically find that these bars are made from natural ingredients and only lightly processed compared to their reputation.

Protein bars like Quest bars blend protein powder with a good-quality whole food like almonds to produce a chewy texture and a pleasant taste. They’re not as good for you as real food, but they’re not bad for you.

Quest bars are typically safe, healthy, and they taste good. They’re not vegan and they do contain nuts, but there are no nasty hidden ingredients and they’re pretty ‘natural’.

What are Quest Bars Good For?

Quest bars are good for adding easy, convenient, and delicious extra nutrients to your diet – making them perfect for a post-workout boost, or to replace snacks during the day.

These are definitely healthier and better for you than a normal candy bar.

What are Quest Bars Good For

For example, the quest nutrition protein bar in chocolate chip cookie dough flavor provides 200 calories, 21g of carbs (4g NET), 21g of protein, and 9g of fats.

It’s a sustained energy release that is more comfortable than most protein shakes and slightly more convenient!

These make quest bars popular – and they are more popular than other protein bars because they usually taste better. That’s always a positive!

How To Use Quest Bars To Gain Weight?

The best way to use Quest bars to gain weight is as a snack between meals or after a workout. These are times when you may use them to consume more calories and protein without taking anything out of your diet – and they kick start recovery after a workout for better muscle growth.

How To Use Quest Bars To Gain Weight

The carb and protein content of a quest bar are perfect for a post-workout snack, but they’re also balanced enough for use throughout the day.

Any time that you can eat more and not ruin your appetite is perfect – and the quest bar tastes good enough and is balanced enough to fit this role perfectly!

Make sure you’re not replacing real food with quest bars or using them to crutch a poor diet.

The point is to add more, eat more, and keep yourself on the same nutrient intake – just adding extra protein, carbs, and calories from these high-protein bars between meals.



Quest bars won’t make you gain weight by themselves but they can be a helpful addition to a muscle-building and weight gain diet.

Quest bars are a fan favorite because they taste good, they have well-balanced nutritional values, and they’re mostly free from any ‘unnecessary’ additions. They’re a lean option that can be used to replace your unhealthy snacks or add more easy calories and protein to your diet!

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