Prime Male Vs TestoTEK: What’s the Best?

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Prime Male Vs TestoTek: which is better – and which is best for you?

We’re looking at these two supplements, what they do, and why we have a strong favourite. Let’s get into what they are, what they do, and the most important things you need to know when comparing testosterone boosters!

Prime Male: What is It?

Prime Male - What is It

Prime Male is the #1 testosterone booster for men over 40. It’s a supplement that’s perfectly targeted to reverse the main risks of ageing for men.

It does this by improving hormonal health around the most important factors. It boosts and protects testosterone while also providing health support and specific extra benefits. These include sexual health, fertility, energy, mood, and confidence.

This has made Prime Male one of the pre-eminent testosterone boosters on the market. It hits the men who need it most and gives them some of the best benefits around.

Prime Male Ingredients: What’s In It?

Prime Male Ingredients - What’s In It

Prime Male includes D-Aspartic Acid which is a testosterone boosting ingredient. It also uses herbal supplements like Ginseng and Ashwagandha, which are powerful together to protect your hormones and regulate testosterone.

These are particularly useful because they regulate lowered testosterone – perfect for at-risk men over 40. Every year and decade after 35, these become more important. Here’s the total ingredient list for Prime Male: 

prime male vs testotek

These are all great ingredients.

Options like Boron regulate testosterone and combat deficiency. Luteolin is a male sex organ regulator and supports hormonal health (1). Nettle Root prevents prostate health problems and protects you from the most common male cancers (2).

These all pair up with health, mood, and reducing chronic health risks. Men of all ages need these benefits, but combating them is key when you’re over 40. This is what we love about prime male.

Why Do We Like It?

Why Do We Like It

The benefits of Prime Male are perfect for men over 40 – the group of people most likely to need a Testosterone Booster. Prime Male is just a smart and effective way to give these people the most effective support they need.


These are perfect – Prime Male is a perfect problem solver. It takes the issues that you’re most likely to experience and locks them down with effective regulatory ingredients. Then it goes even further and protects you later on to keep levels high and healthy.

What Could Improve?

What Could Improve

Prime Male could probably do with some more benefits to lifestyle – especially a sleep aid. These are the only things missing from this product, as it hits almost everything else.

Ashwagandha may have small benefits but nothing crazy.

Adding a secondary synergist to ashwagandha could be one small improvement that makes it a powerful sleep and recovery supplement. It’s already boosting hormonal health – supporting sleep doubles these benefits during the most important restorative time!

It’s a great product without it, but this is the only addition we’d really put on Prime Male!

Who is It For?

Who is It For

This is a perfect testosterone booster for any man over 40 concerned with how they’re going to age. This is most of us!

The point is that it’s a perfect choice for not only living longer, but better.vIt’s a product that’s going to directly improve your life right now, but also support your health over the decade(s) ahead. We love this about Prime Male and it’s so well-specialised that it’s definitely the best for men over 40.

If you’re a man over 40, this is the hormonal support for you.


  • Powerful ingredients that work well every time
  • Good balance of boosting, protecting, and health benefits
  • Intelligent design to offer the best benefits from each serving
  • Superior ingredients like Ashwagandha


  • Could benefit from extra sleep support
  • More expensive than many products on the market (because it works better)

Verdict: How Good Is Prime Male?

Verdict - How Good Is Prime Male

Prime Male is the best supplement for the men who need it most. It’s the best testosterone booster for men over 40, which makes it the best choice for the most at-risk men.

The double layer of benefits are key. It is a problem solver for deficiencies and problem-levels of testosterone. Then it protects against future problems and protects your hormonal health. This dual-benefit is what makes it the best on the market for its intended users.

We love Prime Male, but it’s not the only great choice on the market…

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Testotek: What is it?

Testotek - What is it

Testotek is an all-purpose testosterone booster that uses many of the same ingredients as Prime Male. It also has unique benefits from Oyster body extract and Mucuna Pruriens that separate it.

These benefits are perfect for a more natural option and a great way to support both sexual health and mood. These offer different and effective routes to the major benefits that Prime Male offers – and with potentially better absorption.

These are some of the best options on the market, but they do come at the cost of some powerful ingredients. Notably, this product has no ashwagandha!

TestoTek Ingredients: What’s In It?

TestoTek Ingredients - What’s In It

TestoTek is all about using DAA – like other testosterone boosters – and ginseng. It also uses Mucuna Pruriens to combat stress, and has oyster extract to provide a naturally synergistic set of benefits that bring you a different take to the same key priorities.

Here’s the complete list of ingredients and doses that you get with TestoTek and it’s newest formula:

TestoTek ingredients

The omission of Ashwagandha leaves us a little underwhelmed but the alternative – Mucuna pruriens – is a great ingredient. It provides a dopamine pre-compound that helps you combat stress and improves total relaxation, energy, confidence, and mental performance.

The oyster extract is a great source of magnesium and zinc. This natural and native form of these two powerful ingredients are perfect together and oyster is among the most bioavailable option.

It’s not enough to beat Ashwagandha, but it’s definitely an effective ingredient list.

Why Do We Like It?

The focus on Mucuna pruriens makes TestoTek a great choice. It’s an effective and really popular way to boost mental performance, comfort, resilience, and more.

Why Do We Like It - Testotek

The oyster extract is also great for providing higher quality options for essential minerals and electrolytes. These are powerful for the body – and it’s clear that this product has more focus on physical wellbeing and performance than the hormonal and mental effects of others.

It’s a balanced option that provides some of the best options on the market for these areas. It lacks Ashwagandha, but takes a different journey to some of the best lifestyle benefits anyway!

What Could Improve?

What Could Improve - Testotek

This product is dying for a testosterone-protective like Ashwagandha, and this would be 100% better than Fenugreek. This simple switch would open up tons of synergies with Ginseng, Oyster, DAA, and stinging nettle.

There’s also no boron here, which is an ‘easy win’ for some guys who are not getting enough. It’s an easy and cheap addition that TestoTek could easily improve with.

Who is It For?

This is an all-purpose testosterone booster, unlike Prime Male. It’s a testosterone booster that anyone can use but it doesn’t have a strong demographic. The design is a little confused since it has some sexual health support, some recovery benefits, and some physical support.

Who is It For - Testotek

However, none of these are as well-formed as the Prime Male benefits – or other all-purpose supps like Hunter Test.


  • Oyster is a fantastic natural source of electrolytes and a reputed aphrodisiac
  • Provides great mental health benefits with Mucuna – which we love
  • The ingredient profile is effective and each item is useful for health


  • Lacking powerful testosterone-protection without Ashwagandha
  • Oyster is better in non-testosterone-booster supplements for essential minerals
  • You can get serious benefits to Magnesium and Zinc directly – or from a multi-mineral!
  • Misses some ‘easy wins’ seen elsewhere on the testosterone supplement market

Verdict: How Good Is TestoTek?

This is a good product but it’s not in the same class as Prime Male. It’s a good choice and has some factors we really like, but it just falls short. Overall, its main benefits aren’t that strong or well-designed, while the things it lacks are quite damaging to the total results.

TestoTek is doing some interesting and less-common things but these just don’t pay off. They come at the cost of things we know and love – like Ashwagandha and Boron – which are just better!

Verdict - How Good Is TestoTek

TestoTek definitely works but when we compare them head to head, it’s clear what it lacks. This would be fine if TestoTek was much cheaper – but it’s not. What we find is that this product just needs a better design coherence, and a clearer idea of what it wants to offer!

Conclusion: Prime Male vs Testotek

Conclusion - Prime Male vs Testotek

This is one of the easier comparisons: Prime Male is a better testosterone booster than TestoTek. It’s got better ingredients and a much clearer design philosophy that puts it head and shoulders above the competition.

ParameterPrime MaleTestoTek
Best for?Men over 40Best all-rounder
Main BenefitsSexual Health
hormonal Health
Successful Ageing
Energy and Mood
Fat loss
Muscle gain
Hormonal health
Cell health
CostPremium – $69.00 USDPremium – $79.99 USD
Key IngredientsDAA

This is one of the ways that Prime Male stands out, but TestoTek still has some positives. We like some of the tweaks with Oyster and Mucuna, but they just don’t outweigh the things they’ve removed to make space for them!

Prime Male is better for men of all ages, and specifically those over 40, who are the main group who need a testosterone booster!



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