Prime Male vs Nugenix Ultimate: Our Choice in 2023

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Prime Male vs Nugenix Ultimate – what’s the best testosterone booster, and which is best for male health and wellbeing?

Today we’re looking at the ingredients and benefits of these great supplements, determining which we like best, and what you should take each for. 

Let’s get into what you’re looking for and what is most important for choosing a testosterone booster.

  • Good for Sexual Health

    Nugenix® Total-T Ultimate

    Nugenix Ultimate can help with short-term testosterone increase and better sexual health for men.

  • Best Overall Testosterone Booster
    prime male

    Prime Male

    Prime Male is the best testosterone booster and helps in every area, including: hormonal balance, mood and energy benefits.

Supplement Facts: How We Review Testosterone Boosters?

Testosterone booster supplements are a type of male wellbeing and performance supplement to boost hormonal wellbeing. 

They improve testosterone levels and/or protect them over time to help prevent stress-related testosterone loss.

Testosterone loss and testosterone boosters are important for a range of reasons. In men, testosterone levels control – or interact with – some of the most important health factors:

  • Mood
  • Energy levels and wakefulness
  • Libido and sexual health
  • Recovery after exercise and athletic performance
  • Muscle growth
  • Joint health and remodeling
  • Metabolic health and efficiency
  • And many more

When you improve testosterone levels, you can radically improve these factors. This is especially effective if you’ve experienced low testosterone due to lifestyle, sleep quality, or simply being over-stressed. 

In these cases, a testosterone booster can be even more effective in less time.

Prime Male: What is It?

prime male

Prime Male is one of the best testosterone boosters on the market with a well-deserved place as one of the best testosterone, hormonal, and all-round health supplements. 

It is effective for boosting testosterone, which is essential, and then has interesting health benefits on top.

This is a great choice if you’re looking for a testosterone booster that performs well in every area: testosterone boosting, hormonal balance, mood and energy benefits, as well as additional vitamin and mineral support. 

It’s a great all-rounder that makes it one of the best choices for most people.

Benefits of Prime Male

The benefits of Prime Male are better testosterone in the short- and mid-term, as well as a collection of health and mood improvements.

These break down into a powerful core of testosterone-booster ingredients, health support, and support compounds.

How Does Prime Male Support Testosterone Levels?

D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) is the core of the product, boosting testosterone levels acutely to improve recovery, mood, and energy. This is the main short-term benefit of Prime Male – around the 2-4 weeks mark. DAA boosts testosterone even more in deficient or Low-testosterone men (1).

This is supported with testosterone protecting effects from the combination of Ashwagandha and Ginseng. 

These are herbal extracts that support overall testosterone levels, specifically through protecting your hormones against stress and stress-hormones, which can squash testosterone circulation.

You also get a second layer of defense from the added Luteolin and Boron. Luteolin is the opposite of DAA: instead of raising testosterone, it lowers unwanted levels of prolactin and other estrogen-derivatives.

Boron has a similar effect. Boron deficiency can produce heightened estrogen and prolactin levels, so supplementing it can help stave off these effects. 

This synergises with luteolin perfectly and makes Prime Male a great way of targeting both sides of your hormonal health.

This 4-way synergy between DAA, Luteolin, Ginseng, and Boron are the core of this product.

It has a 4-way synergy set that makes it one of the most effective testosterone boosters for its main purpose: boosting male sex hormones and curtailing feminizing hormones.

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Prime Male Health Benefits: Micronutrients and Herbal Support

benefits of testosterone

Prime Male uses 2 powerful mineral supplements – Magnesium and Zinc. These have combined benefits – supporting metabolism across 300+ processes and maintaining muscle and protein-folding health (2).

This makes them particularly useful in the support of better muscle mass and recovery.

These also support better nervous function, heart health, and bone density. They’re also more common deficiencies in active people.

Supporting these mineral choices provides Prime Male with a wide range of health and wellbeing benefits, aside from testosterone and hormone support.

Stinging Nettle root extract is the final addition for health and wellbeing, which is a general anti-inflammatory supplement.

It has specific benefits to men’s health, where it targets prostate cancer and reduces your risk of hyperplasia and cancers – with prostate cancer accounting for around 7% of all cancer deaths.

Bonus Ingredient: Piperine And Efficiency

The last ingredient – piperine – isn’t an active ingredient. It doesn’t boost testosterone, but it does make sure that everything in Prime Male works better by improving absorption through the gut.

This makes each gram of active ingredient more effective and ensures that you’re getting the best of each ingredient, especially Ginseng. The result is clear: better efficiency without any more capsules.


  • Fantastic line of ingredients to offer clear, strong, defined benefits
  • Great 4-way synergy to form the core of the product
  • Effective protection as well as short-term testosterone boosts
  • One of the most powerful direct testosterone boosters on the market
  • Great health, metabolism, mood, and energy support


  • Lacks some of the more-specific benefits of products like Nugenix or Testogen

Prime Male: Product Summary

Prime Male is one of the strongest all-purpose choices on the market and its 4-way synergistic core for hormonal. Prime Male’s role is as a premium all-purpose testosterone booster – and its secondary benefits are nothing to sniff at.

The main benefit is that Prime Male actually has a clear and direct benefit to short- and medium-term testosterone levels beyond what most can offer. 

This makes it a great choice if you’re in the market for a testosterone booster – and don’t have a hyper-specific goal in mind besides better hormonal health.

These are going to define the market and we’ve used Prime Male as the measuring stick for other products because of it.

Great all round, with a powerful core of hormone support.

Prime Male

  • All-purpose testosterone booster
  • Better hormonal health
  • Can improve recovery, mood and energy levels

Nugenix Ultimate: What Is It?


Nugenix Ultimate is a very deliberate testosterone booster with a focus on longevity and health.

This product has a core of DAA, just like Prime Male, but with a wider range of secondary ingredients – relying on traditional medicine herbs like stinging nettle, maca, and eurycoma (Longjack or Tongkat Ali).

This product also has a distinctive focus on some of the other areas around testosterone levels that are important to male health and wellbeing. 

These include things like hormone balance, libido and sexual health, and reducing the risk of male-specific health risks like prostate hyperplasia and cancer.

This makes Nugenix a very health-conscious supplement but without focusing on the vitamins and minerals that Prime Male (and many other testosterone boosters) offers. 

Nugenix Ultimate Benefits

The core benefits of Nugenix Ultimate are short-term testosterone increase, better sexual health, and specific care for men’s health.

These focus more closely on sexual health and prostate protection than Prime Male – giving it a separate and more-specific focus than the all-purpose testosterone booster.

How Does Nugenix Ultimate Support Testosterone Levels?

nugenix ultimate

Like Prime Male, however, Nugenix Ultimate offers a core of testosterone boosters.

D-Aspartic Acid is at the core once again to provide the first month’s short-term, intense testosterone boost and help combat any deficiencies or low testosterone levels you might be experiencing.

Epimedium is an interesting secondary to DAA, with suspected benefits to testosterone that remain unproven (3). 

What we do know it offers is better libido and powerful aphrodisiac function, as well as boosting your mental performance and whole-body health.

These benefits are protected in the medium-term by Eurycoma Longifolia (Longjack or Tongkat Ali) and Mucuna Pruriens – a pair of protective herbs. 

While neither is as powerful as Ashwagandha, they offer protective effects by supporting mood and reducing stress.

This protects you from the negative effects of stress-hormones, which might otherwise chip away at your raised testosterone levels.

As with Prime Male, you’re also going to get Boron to prevent deficiency and feminizing hormone excesses.

This is less powerful than in Prime Male, due to reduced synergies, but still offers a core of strong testosterone-supporting ingredients.

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Nugenix Ultimate: The Best Testosterone Booster For Sexual Health?

Nugenix’s focus on sexual and prostate health starts with Fenugreek – whose main benefit is a powerful improvement to libido, erectile quality, and sexual health (4).

This also trickles down to better mood and energy levels, as well as an associated spike in confidence as potency improves.

Epimedium and Stinging Nettle combine to support these benefits. We’ve mentioned the aphrodisiac effects of Epimedium above, but stinging nettle is a prostate health support compound. 

It reduces inflammation and prostate overgrowth, cutting cancer risk down and protecting you from this common early-killer.

Nugenix Ultimate gains a wide array of modest benefits from including Maca Root – a subjective wellbeing supplement that has a few benefits.

Maca is a great choice, supporting stress-resilience and potentially improving:

  • Sleep quality
  • Nervous system recovery after exercise
  • Improving stress-testosterone balance
  • Supporting better dietary and lifestyle choices


  • Great male-specific health benefits to combat risks like prostate cancer
  • Incredibly powerful libido-booster, aphrodisiac, and sexual health support supplement
  • Many subjective wellbeing elements to improve confidence, mood, and energy levels
  • Good 4-part core ingredient list with some popular and effective choices


  • Core ingredient synergies are weaker than in Prime Male
  • Narrower effects on testosterone as compared Prime Male or Testofierce
  • Missing Ginseng and Ashwagandha really hurt the benefits of Nugenix

Nugenix: Product Summary

Nugenix Ultimate is a testosterone booster and sexual health supplement in equal measures, combining good testosterone boosting with outstanding sexual health support. It improves men’s health, supports healthy libido, and the testosterone boosting backs up all these benefits.

The main downfall of Nugenix Ultimate is simply that we’re comparing it with a dedicated testosterone booster.

While Prime Male has one major focus of boosting testosterone levels, Nugenix spreads itself across these two functions and becomes something other than a testosterone booster!

Nugenix Ultimate may be the most effective testosterone booster for sexual health and wellbeing, but its only good as a testosterone booster, due to a slightly weaker core of ingredients.

Nugenix® Total-T Ultimate

  • Great for sexual health and wellbeing
  • Supports healthy libido
  • Can improve mood and energy levels

Prime Male vs Nugenix Comparison

Prime Male is the more well-rounded choice for health and male wellbeing, while Nugenix Ultimate is locked into sexual health.

This makes Prime Male the better choice for most men, while Nugenix offers a niche and specialized benefit that Prime Male can’t compete with.

Head To Head Benefits: Which is Best?

Comparing the benefits, Prime Male is the best testosterone booster for the widest variety of men. It has the best combination of ingredients for testosterone boosting and protection, as well as health.

While Nugenix Ultimate has a more clear ingredient focus for testosterone and estrogen, it’s the synergy of Prime Male that stands out.

The added micronutrient focus doesn’t replace anything important (as we saw with our Testogen review). The result is a mixture of powerful testosterone benefits with added health and long-term support.

The difference between a good testosterone booster and a great one is how it handles long term hormone health.

Prime Male has a perfect balance of the two with mood and energy, while Nugenix just falls behind slightly on the synergies and long-term benefits.

Which Testosterone Booster is Best For You?

Prime Male vs Nugenix

Prime Male is the best testosterone booster on the market for general purposes; it does all the best things we want to see, while expanding on competitors like Testogen, Testofuel, and Nugenix with more-effective and better ingredient choices.

The quality of overall design makes a huge difference to your results and – with Prime Male being effective for testosterone and male health, it’s got the widest appeal.

Nugenix Ultimate has great benefits but they’re mostly useful to men with concerns for sexual health and prostate health.

These are worthwhile places to put your effort – and these are common health and quality of life risks for men of all ages. However, the average man will get the most from Prime Male on a serving-for-serving comparison!

Verdict: Which is Best between Prime Male vs Nugenix?

prime male vs nugenix ultimate

Comparing Prime Male vs Nugenix Ultimate, Prime Male is our favorite testosterone booster, offering a simple but incredibly powerful core of testosterone-boosting ingredients.

With the combined effects of better testosterone levels and a more robust hormone system, it offers everything that defines a great testosterone booster.

Nugenix Ultimate is a great choice with its own ingredients and offers a similar experience, but does lack the staying power of compounds like Ashwagandha.

This is easily better than Nugenix’s Maca root, though it does compete with Eurycoma and Mucuna, and the result is quite close.

Prime Male wins primarily because of Ashwagandha and its smart, synergistic design with a wide range of vitamins and minerals.

This makes it a great short-term support compound, but also a great way to protect heightened testosterone levels in the mid-term, with great general health and wellbeing

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