Performance Lab Review for 2023

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You must have, someday strode to the supermarket, looking at the vitamins and supplements aisle and thought- “I don’t know if I’m doing this right!”. Many fitness supplement brands are popping in the market overnight and a lot of them slap a label with fancy names, a whopping price, and sell that stuff to you with cheap fillers and inefficient dosages.

You consume them daily alongside your workout regime, hoping to get those coveted muscles or better performance and when you see nothing happening, you give up on your fitness regime as a whole.

performance lab

So, should you stop taking supplements at all? I don’t mean that. There are myriad supplements companies that are genuine and way better than brands that try to compel you through their shady marketing strategies. Performance Lab® is one of those companies.

With its cleanest and efficacious products that literally are ‘state of the art’ supplements, Performance Lab® helps you unlock your next level performance. It has been on my must-have stack for over two years now, and when you get to the end of this Performance Lab Review, it will possibly be on yours too.

Let’s dive into what the company is about and which products from Performance Lab worked the best for me and how you too can step up your fitness game with Performance Lab.

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About Performance Lab- Are they legit?

Performance Lab® is an innovative line of supplements sourced directly from Opti-Nutra Advanced Nutraceuticals, a company that provides its consumers with the highest quality ingredients and purest of potency.

Starting with ingredients, the form is often the key to the success of supplements, and Performance Lab supplements are sourced from natural sources with superior ingredient formulations and transparency.

It also strives for ultra-modern clinical-range dosages to maintain efficacy in formulas. The formulary is the game-changing, performance-optimizing factor in Performance Lab® stacks.

The branded ingredients are trademarked forms that are made with patented technologies with never-seen-before designs to confer advantages over plain forms. Performance Lab manufacturing exceeds the quality standards mandated by the famous regulatory bodies, and they have been extending their culture of quality beyond the manufacturing floor applying it to ultra-advanced innovation.

All their supplements are always non-GMO, non-irradiated, and 100% free of gluten, caffeine (except Stim), allergens, synthetic additives, artificial colors, and preservatives. The NutriCaps® additionally, makes Performance Lab® stand out from its competitors.

To best unlock peak performance, Performance Lab takes great care in each process from development to manufacturing to produce superior nutritional supplements, bringing positive changes in your body.

What Products Do They Make?

The company offers two ranges of products- CORE and SPORT focused on two different aspects of healthy living, and in this Performance Lab Review, I’ll take you through most of their supplements.

CORE Range

performance lab core review

Initially designed to support and bring unequivocally constructive changes in the health backgrounds and lifestyle, CORE Range enhances a number of health performances such as vision, sleep, cognition, flexibility, energy, long-range health, and more. It has 10 supplements under its name- Multi Men’s, Multi Women’s, Energy, Mind, Sleep, MCT, Stim, Prebiotic, Flex, and Vision that are proven to effectively promote all-round health.


performance lab supplements

SPORT range unlocks your athletic performance and I could literally hear it scream ‘beast mode-on’ when the boxes arrived at my door-step. The supplements are designed and developed through ultra-modern technology with the cleanest processes and healthiest ingredients that are vegan and dairy-free besides many more labels that assure you of the reliability of the supplements.

There are 9 products under SPORT: Protein, Carb, BCAA, Pre, Post, Maintain, Burn, T+, and Sport Mixer to help you crush your fitness goals.

Performance Lab Review: My Favorite Supplements

If not all, I can say I’ve tried most of the supplements from the CORE Range and SPORT Range and they have worked pretty well for me. My definition of a healthy life is a lot of things from staying in shape, to getting good sleep, to having the energy to drive me through the day and well, the list goes on.

It was difficult finding the right supplements that would aid my lifestyle, at least before this Performance Lab Review. Below, I have reviewed the 6 products from the Performance Lab® CORE and SPORT range that I found the most effective and I would definitely encourage you to try them.

Performance Lab Sleep

performance lab sleep

Before starting with how this vegan and non-GMO nootropic stack is absolutely the best buy for getting a good-night sleep, I’d like to tell a little about myself.

So, I am a terrible sleeper and I wake up in the middle of the night, every night through the midnight fog, tossing and turning on my bed, wishing I could get more sleep. So, when Performance Lab launched Sleep of CORE Range, I rushed to get myself this ultra-modern sleep aid that cost me only $40.00 for 60 pills, which are quite reasonable in comparison to the other ineffective however cognizant products in the market.

To come to conjecture, the first night that I took the 2 pills as suggested, I slept at peace, but I did wake up in the middle of the night, however, my sleep disruptions did get better with time. However, there was no grogginess haunting me the other day and it has been just as important as my night Pajamas since then.

Unique Ingredients and How They Benefit You

CherryPURE® Montmorency Tart Cherry: The branded upgrade of tart cherry extract for the natural production of melatonin from Opti-Nutra® using the patented BioGenesis™ technology is a revolution. Montmorency Tart Cherry is the richest source of melatonin that enhances sleep and sleeping patterns without the daytime grogginess that comes associated with synthetic melatonin megadoses causing brain fogginess.

To additionally enhance good sleep, Montmorency Tart Cherry also helps emulate the sedating effects of bedtime darkness, corrects melatonin disruptions, and regulates circadian rhythm. The anthocyanin antioxidants help you stay asleep in tranquility by soothing achy muscles and joints.

TryptoPure® L-Tryptophan: A good-night sleep means a bright day. Personally, I couldn’t go through even half of the day without pulling onto my hair for no obvious reasons when I slept to the point of zilch ( I always had disrupted sleeping patterns before Performance Lab® Sleep). Performance Lab® Sleep tackles this issue brilliantly with another branded upgrade of L-Tryptophan- TryptoPure® L-Tryptophan. It breaks your unhealthy stress-sleep cycle with versatile sleep and mood support. It promotes the synthesis of sleep-supportive brain chemicals to help you sleep better and L-Tryptophan supports a bright daytime mood, serene sedation, and better sleep patterns.
TryptoPure® in Performance Lab® Sleep is sourced from non-GMO, Gluten-free vegetables using patented and highly effective Ferment-A-Pure™ technology.

Magnesium (Bisglycinate + Taurate + NutriGenesis®): Ongoing sleep problems are majorly compounded by a deficiency of magnesium and hard to absorb magnesium supplements in the market. When I looked at this part of the equation, I was surprised to know that 60% of adults suffer from the deficiency of magnesium in their diet.

Performance Lab® Sleep with its technology breakthrough 3x matrix design blending magnesium and amino acid compounds got to grips with the magnesium deficiency issue.

The sleep supportive amino acids blended with NutriGenesis® magnesium (has absorption boosting cofactors) is perfectly stacked with L-Tryptophan to help convert tryptophan into serotonin that promotes relaxation and melatonin release.

Final Review: With Performance Lab® Sleep, you extend regenerative sleep phases and wake up primed to perform. The little throw-in gift is the enhanced cell renewal that helps you start actively the next day. It’s non-habit forming with no side effects.

The Prebiotic Nutricaps upon ingestion has no distinguishing tastes or flavor and two capsules of Performance Lab® Sleep before going to bed shall be enough to help you sleep if you have been overwhelmed with insomnia lately.


  • Highest quality ingredients
  • Natural melatonin for healthier sleep
  • Great for filling up magnesium deficiency
  • No grogginess after waking up
  • Cell renewal and repair
  • Soothes muscle and joint pains


  • Only available on the official website

Performance Lab Energy

Is it only midday and you already have had about four cups of coffee and are rushing to take the fifth, huffing half-despondent about how it spikes up the energy but crashes hard? Sounds familiar?

Performance Lab® Energy is the supplement that might make you consolidate your daily supplement regime. The stim-free energy and vitality booster has the best band of ingredients designed to provide superior mitochondrial support for cell energy and vitality.

Whether you are aiming for peak vitality, supreme athleticism, long-range health, energized cognition, and effective fat metabolism, Performance Lab® Energy is the candle on your metaphorical nutritional cake that helps you endure the day.

Unique Ingredients and How They Benefit You

performance lab energy review

MicroActive® Q10 (CoQ10): This nutritional technology breakthrough restores the levels of CoQ10 that is actively degraded upon aging, environmental or workout stressors, or medications for cholesterol.

CoQ10 is the center of bioenergetics and MicroActive® Q10 uses bioavailability-enhanced technology for faster and efficient absorption of CoQ10 which is typically hard to absorb.

It helps to spark cell energy and to protect mitochondria from free radical cell-damaging and age-accelerating effects. MicroActive® Q10 was designed to outrun CoQ10 and it does, with its faster absorption and steady release for energizing you throughout the day.

BioPQQ®: Pyrroloquinoline Quinone’s branded upgrade BioPPQ® works in concert with CoQ10 to boost, multiply, and protect mitochondria. BioPPQ® in your body stimulates mitochondrial biogenesis and fights mitochondrial oxidative stress.
BioPPQ® is the most evidence-backed PQQ form that is available in the market today with cutting-edge technology.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR): An amino acid cofactor, ALCAR is crucial for muscle performance. This ingredient was specifically put in the already powerful composition to enhance athletic performance.

Therefore, Performance Lab® Energy greatly supports energized training and fat metabolism to optimize all body composition programs, whether your goal is to bulk up or burn calories and lose fat.

R-Lipoic Acid (Bio Enhanced®): It is a universal antioxidant, that helps counter oxidative stress in all parts of the body, also enhancing cell performance.

Bio Enhanced® is an unmatched breakthrough that helps eliminate gastric side effects to the supplement and maximizes bioavailability. The synergetic of ALCAR+ALA supports mitochondrial synthesis, protecting mitochondria and proteins from free radicals to release energy steadily round the clock.

BioPerine® Black Pepper Extract: With another branded upgrade, this time of Black Pepper Extract, piperine, Performance Lab® Energy increases the energy expenditure aiding fat burning and maximizing fitness with its thermogenic effects. The thermogenic effects of piperine also amplify the nutrient bioavailability of Energy’s MicroActive® Q10 supporting increased endurance and higher metabolism.

Final Review: With every other preformulated nootropic stack using cheaper gelatin or vegetarian capsules that are literally plastic, Performance Lab® Energy influentially stands out with its NutriCaps® capsules that are made from pullulan and have prebiotics to support digestion.

The caffeine-free formula (which is the cheap filler for many premium companies) means more energy and no more 15 minutes crashes anymore.


  • Unlocks next level performance as claimed by the company
  • Non-GMO, non-irradiated and comes true to each label
  • 100% formula transparency
  • Efficacious and effective dosage in each serving of 2 pills
  • Affordable for a premium energy enhancer


  • Only available on the official website
  • Has only 60 pills. No discount on the monthly box or the two month supply

Performance Lab Mind

Why did Performance Lab® launch Mind when the main company already had a successful gamer, Mind Lab Pro in the cognitive enhancement department? Essentially, it is stripped and a more cost-effective alternative to its cousin.

It not only focuses on enhancing cognitive functions but is also a comprehensive brain health support that you definitely need. As a content curator, I have a deep interest in optimizing my performance which greatly and largely depends on my brain health and Performance Lab® Mind is the perfect synergy that I had always been looking for.

A monthly box costs $49.00 and is doubly tested, quality controlled, and free of allergens to not let these factors (including others) impede you from recovering your brain health from intense exertion and steering clear of degenerative diseases.

Unique Ingredients and How They Benefit You

performance lab mind review

Cognizin® Citicoline: Citrocoline with enhanced properties (Cognizin®) is a versatile nootropic for both brain health and cognitive enhancement. The next-generation technology of Cognizin® is clinically shown to enhance brain energy, focus, attention, multitasking, long-range health, and is a provenly a better supplement for cognitive enhancement than placebos.

Sharp-PS® Green (Soy-Free Phosphatidylserine): It isn’t a surprise anymore that Performance Lab supplements are soy-free and PS is the star player in the Mind. It not only helps brain cell formation through neurogenesis but also optimizes brain cell membranes for peak performance.

Performance Lab® Mind with PS supports brain energy level and combines bio-actives to provide powerful support for memory and performance-driven thinking.

Ajipure® L-Tyrosine: The subsequent depletion of catecholamine is often associated with stress-induced cognitive issues, majorly brain fog, and mental burnout. While intense thinking, these brain chemicals (dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine) are burnt out at an accelerated speed.

Thus, supplemental L-Tyrosine made using Garment-A-Pure technology brings Ajipure® to serve as a raw material for the synthesis of the performance-oriented brain chemicals, and maintaining norepinephrine levels that are typically depleted by stress. It is the master precursor that enhances brain chemicals for performance-oriented thinking.

Maritime Pine Bark Extract (95% proanthocyanidins): The Mind’s stack is the most potent nootropic supplement available, and majorly because of the efficacious pine bark extract that has 95% antioxidant proanthocyanidins that reduce age-accelerating effects.

These antioxidant proanthocyanidins help the brain by signaling the release of NO in order to support blood flow and the optimum delivery of key micronutrients to the brain. Long-range brain health is all the magic (if you believe in that kind of stuff) brewed in by pine bark extract in Mind.

Final Review: Where most other brands have listless ingredients that sound so cool but work so less, Performance Lab® Mind has only four, with clinically effective potency and efficacy that makes it the best supplement in the nootropic segment for cognition enhancement.

Might I need to tell you how the hackneyed yet true saying ‘consistency is the key’ goes? No, right? Over a few weeks to months of consuming the Mind, you are sure to notice a conspicuous improvement in your brain energy, concentration, learning performance and processing, retention, and memory.


  • No risk of potential megadosing
  • Allergen-free and vegan
  • More affordable in comparison to the cheap yet pricey alternatives
  • Improves long-range brain health
  • Relieves the mind from intense exertion on the brain
  • Clean from the start to the end with 100% formula transparency


  • Only available on the manufacturer’s website with no such discounts for monthly or two monthly supply.

Performance Lab Protein

Protein by Performance Lab® is an absolute ‘state of art’ supplement from the SPORT range that I would undoubtedly list as the best protein stack for sports nutrition.

Whether you are considering the paleo club or the keto crew for muscle gain, you’re sure to be pulled towards this vegan, organic, and world’s first rice protein supplement for countless reasons including the affordable price for a regular tub; I shall trade any protein supplement for Performance Lab Protein considering its way more efficacious than whey protein that is so glorified by the outdated nutrition protocols.

Unique Ingredients and How They Benefit You

performance lab protein review

Oryzatein® organic-certified Brown Rice Protein: Brown-rice protein supplement is a revolution in itself and then comes Oryzatein® in the picture. The branded upgrade is curated for you from a nutrition technology advancement that makes protein cleaner, more delicious, and highly palatable with a strong efficacy.

This patented organic brown rice protein powder is specifically designed to unlock your next-level power and is a great supplement to enhance your athletic performance.

It functions as a complete protein in supplement form, nourishes muscles better than extensively cleaned whey protein that isn’t palatable enough while also supplying leucine that absorbs 30% faster than whey’s leucine which is an essential amino acid for muscle growth.

Infused with probiotic Bacillus coagulans, Performance Lab® Protein improves protein absorption, ultimately enhancing bioavailability for better performance.

Performance Lab Protein is the only rice protein supplement that can proudly boast enhancements in your athleticism like building muscles, improving endurance, increasing power and strength, supporting exercise recovery while also effectively curbing hunger (I never had to eat even half a meal when I drank this delicious protein powder in the afternoons).

With most companies selling whey protein from bovine sources that support questionable cleanliness, SPORT Protein starts out clean from organic farms and plant sources.

A great number of whey proteins require synthetic additives for masking to be palatable. However, Performance Lab® Protein starts out palatable with natural flavors, sweeteners, and thickeners like Stevia, pink Himalayan salt, organic Cocoa powder, organic guar gum and so much more that never obstruct its efficacy.

Do you still need a reason to switch to the smarter, the more delicious, and the cleanest athletic protein? No, right?
P.S.- it’s vegan and gluten-free, complementing all lifestyles. Thank me later for helping you get an insight to this unmatched protein stack that might be the best decision for your fitness goals.

Final Review: I see people around me getting attracted to random fad diets promoted by many oblivious ‘influencers’ on social media who never ingest the supplements they represent and it’s disappointing.

Performance Lab® Protein is one of the rare and highly advanced sports stacks that isn’t just dairy-free but the cleanest and an irresistible tasting powder. Now that the secret’s out, go on, upgrade to a better protein now!


  • Cleanest protein powder sourced from plants
  • Patented Organic Brown Rice instead of whey protein
  • Has natural thickeners, sweeteners, and additives
  • Palatability is higher than most protein supplements
  • Active bacteria coagulans


  • Little pricey in comparison to the alternatives. But, considering the ‘what’s inside’ factor, it’s actually reasonable
  • Only one flavor available – Chocolate
  • Only available on the official website of Performance Lab

Performance Lab Carb (Currently Unavailable)

The HIIT craze has been painting the carbs in all the wrong colors, sending a confusing message that carbs are the enemies for muscle building- this is completely erroneous. With Performance Lab® Carb, you’ll know why.

The versatile supplement provides your muscles with an energy spike that goes up fast but never crashes hard. One monthly regular tub is priced at $59.00, with fast shipping. It didn’t have a very distinct chocolate flavor like Protein and some of you might see it as a plus side but I usually like my drinks intense in flavors (natural) and I wish they had few more options in the flavor segment.

Unique Ingredients and How They Benefit You

performance lab carb review

KarboLyn®: This is the company’s big gun when formulating Carb. It is labeled as the world’s fastest-acting carbohydrate fuel that was designed to be absorbed faster to provide you with long-lasting fuel for 2+ hours of stim-free muscle energy.

It makes a pre, intra, or post-workout supplement with no crashing, bloating, or gastric distress when taken before or during exercise. Derived from plant sources like potato, rice, and corn, KarboLyn® is clean and palatable.

SPORT Carb conquers carbohydrate muscle-loading challenges with KarboLyn nutritional technology and advanced design from Performance Lab® that brings you high-grade micro-fine powder without any cheap glucose or fructose additives or stimulants.

When taken as a pre-workout supplement, it enhances strength, post-workout it supports faster recovery of muscles, and intra workout it greatly improves endurance and continues muscle growth for the rest of the day.
The only downside

Coconut Water Powder and Himalayan Pink Salt: These are the natural transporters of important electrolytes to your body that prevent you from dehydration, vomiting, and nausea. Not only does Himalayan Pink Salt add taste to the Carb but also impact the overall mineral content of the formula to keep you going without cramps.

Final Review: Coconut Water Powder has vast and countless benefits, majorly transportation of electrolysis in the supplement. It vastly improves the hydration capabilities of Carb and boosts the absorption of the supplement in the bloodstream.

Performance Lab® Carb is the cleanest and the best-tasting carb powder with no side effects like bloating. The stim-free energy lasts longer than the other carb supplements. Natural flavors like Organic cocoa, vanilla bean, and Ceylon cinnamon along with natural thickeners and sweeteners make it highly efficacious to aid your grueling exercise routine.


  • Ideal for daily use
  • Doesn’t entail the carb-induced crashing and bloating
  • Cleanest and tastiest Carb drink with electrolytes
  • Has pink Himalayan salt


  • Only comes in Chocolate flavor
  • Only available on the official website.

Performance Lab T+ (Now Testo Lab Pro)

Are you countering the age-related decline in testosterone levels or maybe your low testosterone levels are inviting fat in all the wrong and undesirable places?

Either way, Performance Lab® T+ is the ultramodern T upgrade to help boost up your testosterone levels, fortitude, focus, and masculine power with a significant increase in muscle strength. I’ve tried scrutinizing every angle and honestly, other than the under dosage of Boron as stated in the ingredient label, there is no downside to the supplement.

It’s safe and legally supported with clean formulary and premium plant-based nutrition, beating its alternatives by far.

Unique Ingredients and How They Benefit You

performance lab t booster review

KSM-66® Ashwagandha: The active withanolides in Ashwagandha help boost T-levels. The branded upgrade is the strongest full-spectrum ashwagandha extract, superior to the other brands in the market- standardized for 5% active withanolides. It is proudly boasted by Performance Lab® as the only 100% Organic Certified Ashwagandha.

KSM-66® Ashwagandha reduces stress-induced T decline. It supplies targeted antioxidant activity to fight free radicals damaging testes, sperm, and testosterone. It has masculine athletic advantages and is a clinically backed ergonomic that builds energy, enhances muscle function, and sharpens focus.

Mucuna pruriens (15% levodopa): Also known as velvet beans, Mucuna is a male tonic herb that supplies L-DOPA, effective for masculine health and testosterone production. It significantly increases T in males with low sperm count.

D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate (D-AA-CC): This amino acid in T+ regulates the sex hormone throughout the endocrine system. It is technologically designed to improve absorption and digestive comfort.

Luteolin (from orange fruit extract): It promotes ideal T levels by blocking aromatase that converts T into estrogen. Stacked with D-AA-CC it limits the female hormone activity to let male hormone activity work to its fullest.

Final Review: The NutriGenesis® Testosterone essentials like Zinc, Magnesium, Boron, Vitamin D, and K are readily absorbed by the body because of the ultra-modern technology. Get your tub of clean and efficacious T+from SPORT and start winning over your testosterone problems with ease.


  • NutriGenesis® Testosterone essentials
  • High Quality, Legally effective and Clean
  • Safe for long term ingestion without cycling


  • Boron is a little underdosed
  • Like all others, this too is available only on the official website

How I stack CORE and SPORT from Performance Lab?

When I’m evaluating a feeding program, I make sure that the supplements I stack are utilized to overcome the shortfalls. The multitude of feed options is perplexing enough, so I am not going to complicate this further.

However, keep in mind that filling yourself with supplements won’t do any good alone unless you have a nutrient-rich diet and a healthy exercise regime (there’s no alternative to hard work!).

Sleep + Mind + Protein: My Stack

Sleep isn’t your regular sleeping pill with synthetic megadoses that shall leave your brain to conquer the fog and grogginess all alone on waking up. It took my body some time to adapt to the stack but, I did notice the effectiveness when my midnight breaks reduced to almost bupkis.

performance lab stack

This completely natural product helps you sleep, primed to perform for the next day, and also soothes your joint pain as a bonus. I prefer stacking Sleep with Performance Lab® Mind because Mind greatly helps me enhance my cognition and also effectively relieves my mind of excessive mental exertion, promoting long-range health.

Why Protein? Besides being delicious, it provided me with a superior alternative to whey protein. When I usually hit the gym, Performance Lab® Protein efficiently builds endurance, and I visibly workout longer. With Sleep, Mind, and Protein, you too can focus more on lifestyle enhancements, if you have a nutritious diet, already.

You can always stack CORE and SPORT based on what your spectrum of fitness goals are. For instance, stack Energy+Protein to get that ultra-boost, maximizing your athletic performance through hard-training exercises or intensive muscle gaining workouts.

Carb+Protein might seem contradictory to be stacked together, but now that you know carbs aren’t your enemies, you know that with low carb in your diet, the protein you use for muscle gain won’t be of use. Energy+T+ stack helps you reduce your body fat with high testosterone levels and energy to perform endurance exercises and workout more efficiently.

T+ along with promoting athletic performance, also promotes ideal androgen levels associated with masculine vigor, virility and muscle strength.

Final Thoughts

Do I recommend these supplements based on my Performance Lab Review, and as an innovative line that truly does what it says- enhance and unlock your next level performance?

Best Price for Performance Lab Products

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To answer that without a second thought, I do. The patented technologies, the branded upgrades, the cleanliness of the supplements, the formula transparency are just some reasons and it’s still counting as to why Performance Lab® is the ideal supplement line for your fitness goals, no matter what the approach.

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  1. Swati, I think the review is great! I had a question, I recently started with the gym and stuff so, what do you think will be better for me? Protein Isolate or Protein Concentrate? I don’t wanna build the superman body, I just want an athletic build. My height is 5’9 and I weigh 147 lbs.

    • Hi Abhinav,
      The only difference between protein isolate and concentrate is that the concentrate has more carbohydrates and fats, while isolate has a higher protein content and less carbs and fats. If you are just trying to use protein to build a healthy physique, you can use either of the two, based on your budget and preference in terms of taste.


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