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For Ectomorphs and Hardgainers, our Exercises Guide cover everything you need to know to help you overcome your ultra-fast metabolism. We have mixed our extensive experience with science, and together the articles are packed with information and action plans that you can immediately incorporate into your lifestyle to gain healthy weight.

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The counterfeit supplements industry and underperforming products have made it more important than ever to take a closer look at what you are consuming. Dietary supplements directly affect your body, which is why it’s important to know how the product has worked for others with similar fitness goals as you. Our supplement reviews are personal, unbiased, and provide the important information to help you decide whether a nutrition supplement is worth buying or not.

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If you are still wondering why to trust us, it’s because we are hardgainers, and we’ve been at the same stage where you are today, and we’ve made it through. Gaining healthy weight with a fast metabolism takes a consistent approach with diet and lifestyle, along with consistency and persistence. Since we’ve done it already and have years of knowledge, you can count on us for all things weight gain-related.

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In a world full of misinformation, we at GainingTactics strive to provide only the information that is genuine, and reviews that are unbiased and personal. Our articles are written by certified fitness professionals, reviewed by registered dieticians, and finally brought to you after an accuracy and relevance check.

creatine or mass gainer

Creatine or Mass Gainer: Can You Take Both?

Creatine and Mass Gainer are both popular supplements for people trying to gain weight. They’re 2 of the most effective, popular, and cost-effective options on the market. This makes them competitors, right? Today we’re going to compare creatine vs mass … Read more

Best Pre Workout Meal For Weight Gain – 2023

What should you eat before a workout? Today we’re discussing the best pre-workout meal for weight gain: what they need, some great examples, and why you should focus on them. The main lesson will be to take your workout nutrition … Read more

does pre workout make you gain weight

Does Pre Workout Make You Gain Weight?

Pre-workout supplements are some of the most popular on the market with a wide range of benefits and effects. But does pre workout make you gain weight? This is the big question we’re going to answer today, while explaining what … Read more

meal replacement shakes for weight gain

8 Best Meal Replacement Shakes For Weight Gain 2023

Can you use meal replacement shakes for weight gain? It’s not what they’re marketed for, but the nutritional information is exciting, offering tons of important nutrients and easy, convenient calories. Today we’re discussing what meal replacement shakes are, how you … Read more

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