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creatine weight gain

Creatine and Weight Gain: Everything You Need to Know

While Mass Gainers and Whey Protein shakes are widely regarded as the best muscle building and weight gain supplements, there are many other supplements that can help you reach your goals faster.

Supplements indeed make only a small part of your diet, but using the right supplements in the right way can largely impact the rate at which you build muscle. In this article, the particular supplement that I’ll talk about is Creatine. Starting from what is creatine, we’ll see how creatine and weight gain are related, does creatine make you gain weight, or is it safe to add creatine to your supplement stack or not.

Creatine, or any other supplement for that matter, only works if your nutrition and workout is on point. This means if you’re not engaging your muscles properly in the gym, or if your diet in terms of whole food is not right, supplements aren’t going to do the magic.

Before including supplements in your diet, always make sure that you’re getting at least 80-90% of your caloric and macro-nutrient requirements through high quality whole foods.


  1. Zero Artificial Sweeteners
  2. 5G of Creatine
  3. Enhances Strength and Increases Endurance

Coming over to the process of weight gain, it may seem easy for people to put on healthy weight, but it is not. For hard-gainers and people with high metabolism, gaining healthy weight takes a lot of patience and a regular supply of calorie surplus for a period of time. In simple words – you need to eat more calories than what your body burns in a day. THE EXTRA CALORIES = WEIGHT GAIN.

does creatine make you gain weight

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how to gain weight with a fast metabolism

How to Gain Weight with a Fast Metabolism

Obesity and being overweight might have their own effects on health, but so do being underweight. Lack of appetite, low self-esteem, and skinny body structure, I get it all.

I’ve been a hard-gainer myself, and being born with a fast metabolism sure has some cons apart from a few perks. In this article, I’ll discuss everything related to your question on how to gain weight with a fast metabolism, categorized into three segments or pillars of a muscle building and weight gain routine: Nutrition, Training and Rest.

The dynamics of gaining weight with a fast metabolism are simple, you need to consume more calories than your body burns in a day. However, a high metabolism, busy schedule and unavailability of time to track calories make it all difficult for you to see results.

This is why this article covers each aspect of gaining weight including the right diet, foods that help you gain weight, the best weight gain supplement list and the benefits of working out in the gym. But before we dive into these topics, let’s see why you should be already working on putting on weight.

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progressive overload principle

Guide to Progressive Overload for Building Muscle

Have you ever hit a fitness slump? Do you feel like your body has stopped showing tangible results despite intense workout sessions? Don’t panic! You’ve probably reached a fitness plateau, and might need to do a progressive overload to build muscle.

Now, if you have been working out for a while, you might have faced such stagnancy at multiple points and battled your way out of it. However, if you are new to the world of fitness, this sudden lack of results can leave you quite confused and unmotivated. 

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nutrigain weight gain review

NutriGain Weight Gain Pills Review

To ease the weight gain process for those finding it extremely difficult to gain weight owing to your innately high metabolism, numerous supplements in the market help you bulk up healthily.

One such weight gain supplement is the NutriGain, available as syrups and pills. In this post, let us explore the NutriGain Reviews with benefits, ingredients and in-depth understanding of the effects and side effects of the NutriGain supplements, my 4-week based Nutrigain review and reach a verdict together!

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mass gainer vs whey protein

Mass Gainer vs Whey Protein Powder For Bulking

A popular dilemma for hardgainers trying to bulk and gain weight, or those looking to build muscle is between Mass Gainer vs Whey Protein: what’s the difference between the two? After completing this article, you’d practically be able to choose between the two based on your own goals and requirements.

As a side note, before you even think about looking at supplement, be it even finding the difference between gainer vs protein powder, you should first have a goal in mind. A goal could be as simple as gaining 10 pounds in the next 6 months, but it has to be realistic, achievable and direct.

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