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on pro complex review

Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex Gainer Review and Results

optimum nutrition pro complex gainer review

In this article I will review the Pro Complex Gainer. Optimum Nutrition is
one of the leading companies in Sports and Nutrition and delivers some amazing
top rated supplements like Gold Standard Whey, Serious Mass and Pro Complex.
In this article I am going to talk particularly about Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex Gainer.

Mass Gainers are loaded with proteins and carbohydrates and are low in fats to help you gain lean mass. The protein helps in repairing and recovering muscles while carbohydrates supply energy for workouts and help you gain weight. Mass gainers can be easily consumed by just mixing them in water or milk and a single serving of it gives you more than 600 calories a day. Consuming just 2 servings a day can add more than 1200 calories above your diet.



  1. 53g of Protein and 109g of Carbohydrates
  2. No Artificial Sweeteners or Harmful Additives
  3. 100% Grass Fed Whey Protein Concentrate

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Exercises to gain weight

Top Exercises to Gain Weight

In this post we will talk about the top exercises to gain weight. Gaining weight is a natural process and it takes months of consistency to gain weight the healthy way. It is generally seen that people eat whatever they like in order to fulfill their calorie requirement and end up getting fat. This type of approach should not be followed by anyone. The basic idea of healthy weight gain should be:

  • Eating 6-8 Small Meals: The first thing you should aim for is eating 6-8 quality meals per day so that your body stays in anabolic or muscle building state. Gone are those days when people used to eat 3 large meals a day. If you want to stay active throughout the day and keep your body in anabolic state be sure that you eat 6-8 small meals a day and never skip a meal.
  • Eat Clean Foods: The second most important thing is that you eat less of junk food and more of quality whole foods. Focus on consuming foods like lean chicken, oats, peanut butter, dried fruits, shake and other muscle building foods listed in Top Foods To Gain Weight.
    It will be very easy to gain weight by eating all junk food but this will lead to fat gains not muscle gains. Hence try to eat quality foods for 5-6 days a week and keep one day as cheat day when you can eat whatever your body wants.
  • Working Out with Compound Exercises: Another important step if you wish to gain weight the healthy way is to make sure that you focus more on compound exercises and less on isolation exercises. Compound exercises will work on more than one muscle and help in releasing Growth Hormone in your body. Aim for 2-3 compound movements in the beginning of a workout and end with 1-2 isolation exercises.

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how to put on weight

How to Put On Weight Without Supplements

Do you wish to know “How to Put on Weight” and look healthier than before? Are you tired of being skinny? In this post I will tell you steps to put on weight naturally without the use of supplements or pills. Putting on weight is not a difficult task, but you will now have pay attention to what you eat, when you eat and how much you eat and you will have to stay consistent with this. Gaining weight is just science, you eat more than what your body burns and you gain weight.

But for some people it does not seem an easy task. You might feel full after just eating a 200 calories meal or your metabolism may be so high that whatever you eat you feel that you do not gain weight. For people like these, I have following points which you should remember if you wish to put on weight.

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