How to Make Oats Smoothie for Weight Gain

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Are you struggling with weight gain? What if you could use an Oats smoothie to gain weight quickly and in a healthy way?

Today we’re looking at oat smoothies and why they’re some of the best

Oat Smoothies: Why Should You Use Them

how to make oats smoothie for weight gain

You should use oat smoothies because they’re the healthiest, cheapest, and most effective way to get a homemade protein shake. Oats are rich in calories from complex carbohydrates, as well as the vitamins and minerals you need to maintain health and wellbeing.

Oats are better than most carb sources because they offer a mixed nutrient profile and a sustainable energy release (1).

As wholegrains, they’re also some of the most effective ways to get nutrients into a weight gain diet to support healthy weight gain.

This is a great alternative to commercial mass gainers, which are typically high in sugar but low in nutrients. You can use oat smoothies to gain weight in a more balanced way that supports your total dietary quality.

Oat Smoothies Benefits

The main benefits of oat smoothies is that they are slower absorbing than commercial mass gainers, they offer a much healthier carb source than your average weight gainer, and they can be customized to suit your needs.

The speed of absorption makes them metabolically healthy compared to super mass gainer supplements.

This is important to reduce risks of metabolic damage, digestive stress, and simply to improve the experience of use.

You can adjust the ingredients to suit any nutritional needs and improve the quality of your diet, the flavor, or the speed of absorption for post-workout shakes (where more sugars and faster absorption are helpful for muscle growth).

Best Ingredients For Oat Smoothies To Gain Weight

The best ingredients for oat smoothies to gain weight are protein powder, nut butters, maple syrup, and cocoa powder. These are some of the best ways to add more calories while also improving your nutrient intake and support healthy growth.

These ingredients are perfect for building up better weight gain quality, reducing the metabolic risks associated with normal mass gainers, and letting you customize the flavor to your own preferences.

Protein Powder

You should primarily use an oat smoothie to gain weight with protein powder – this is the best way to gain muscle mass. The higher calorie content needs to be balanced with the protein content to make sure that you’re getting muscle-building stimulus from the shake.

This can be whey protein (ideally vanilla or chocolate flavors), soy protein, or blended plant protein powders from hemp, pea, brown rice and others. The important thing is a higher protein content.

Nut Butter

Nut butters are perfect for oat smoothies both in the flavors and nutrients they provide. They offer fats to combine with the protein and carbs of an oat smoothie, as well as providing a creamy and interesting taste.

Peanut butter is highest in protein and suits the flavors best, but you can also use roasted hazelnuts, cashew butter, or almond butter.

Maple Syrup

Maple syrup works perfectly with oats, nut butters, and vanilla flavors. It’s a fast-absorbing carb source that is perfect for use post-exercise as a way to kickstart recovery, speeding up the otherwise-slow absorption speed of oat smoothies.

This is a specialist use but tastes amazing and ties together some of the oaty and vanilla-rich flavors.

Cocoa Powder

cocoa powder

Cocoa powder is a fat-rich and heart-healthy powder that also tastes excellent. It’s rich in theobromine, which is highest in cocoa (around 10x more than any other source) and supports the slow digesting nature of oat smoothies.

Cocoa powder is great for any form of chocolate flavored oats smoothie to gain weight. Popular choices include the basic chocolate oat cookie shake, but also chocolate peanut butter cup and

How to Make Oats Smoothie for Weight Gain: Recipe

Our favorite oat smoothie recipe is a simple but delicious oatmeal snickerdoodle shake. It uses oats, protein powder, dates, a frozen banana, nut butter, and spices to get the best from these ingredients.

  • 1 chopped banana, frozen
  • Milk to preference (test the consistency and add more as necessary)
  • 1 – 2 scoops protein powder (vanilla flavors work best here)
  • 1 – 2 pitted dates, chopped
  • ½ cup – 1 cup of steel-cut oats or soaked rolled oats
  • ½ – 1 tablespoon cashew
  • ½ tablespoon peanut butter
  • ¼ teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/8 teaspoon nutmeg
  • ¼ – ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • Optional: maple syrup or agave nectar to taste 

This oats milkshake typically produces an oatmeal smoothie of around 650 calories and 51g of protein (2 scoops) with 75 grams of carbohydrate from dry ingredients – comparable to a ‘lean gainer’ like Optimum nutrition Pro Gainer.

With added maple syrup, honey, or agave, this may be 700-750 depending on the portion.

Mixed with 1 pint of milk, you get 876 calories, 99g carbs, 67g protein, and 21g fat.

If you add this to a normal, healthy diet, you will typically gain weight. It’s a calorie surplus that would support excellent muscle gain for most skinny guys looking to bulk up.

This makes a shake that is rich in calories, contains good protein, and gets its carbohydrates from mostly-healthy sources. It’s an oats smoothie to gain weight but also supports the vitamin and mineral intake that keeps you healthy while you grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Smoothies To Gain Weight?

Yes – you can use high calorie, high protein smoothies to gain weight. These are like homemade mass gainers but you get more control over the flavor, ingredients, and nutrients. This makes smoothies a fantastic option to add more calories to your diet.

Because they’re liquids, you can use smoothies for rapid absorption of carbs and protein – such as after exercise.

This also means that they’re not as filling as the constituent ingredients, letting you get back to eating more again quickly, keeping your appetite up for more eating later.

Are Oats Good For Weight Gain Or Weight Loss?

oats smoothie

Oats are one of very few foods that are good for both weight gain and weight loss. They’re mid-absorbing carbohydrates from starches that are also packed with vitamins and minerals.

This makes oats (as a whole food) perfect for weight loss where they’re quite filling and packed with energy that’s also nutrient-dense.

As a smoothie ingredient, oats are less filling but still retain the same high-quality carbs, vitamins, and essential minerals.

Oats are great for weight gain in smoothies – one of the healthiest and best carb sources – while being a great food (as oatmeal) for weight loss and appetite control. Oats are perfect for dietary quality, whatever result you want to achieve with your weight.

Is It Okay To Put Raw Oats In A Smoothie?

Yes – you can put raw oats in a smoothie, especially finer oats like the steel-cut variety. However, soaked oats or oatmeal are better since they degrade the phytates, an anti-nutrient in raw oats that can cause some poor interactions with iron, an essential mineral.

You can use raw oats, oat flour, and powdered oats without any real problems – just try to soak your oats or prepare them as oatmeal if possible.

Alternatively, make sure you’re not drinking an oats smoothie for weight gain along with your iron-rich meals.


oats milkshake for weight gain

Anyone can use an oats smoothie to gain weight in a healthy way, supporting metabolic regularity while also improving weight gain and muscle growth.

These are the basis of the diets of some of the best bodybuilders and athletes in the world because they work – they are more like whole meals than commercial mass gainers.



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