NutriGain Weight Gain Pills Review

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To ease the weight gain process for those finding it extremely difficult to gain weight owing to your innately high metabolism, numerous supplements in the market help you bulk up healthily.

One such weight gain supplement is the NutriGain, available as syrups and pills. In this post, let us explore the NutriGain Reviews with benefits, ingredients and in-depth understanding of the effects and side effects of the NutriGain supplements, my 4-week based Nutrigain review and reach a verdict together!

What is NutriGain Weight Gainer?

They are a standard weight gain supplement available as both pills and syrups, promising the consumer a healthy and safe weight gain- and here is all that I know about NutriGain.

Manufactured in the USA, it is made using safe, natural ingredients and is generally okay to be used by adults and children over about 12 years of age (I recommend consulting a physician before you take any supplements).

NutriGain syrup and NutriGain pills are essentially the same, the differences in formulation aimed at convenience of consumption. Not much information is available on their website regarding the levels of safety regulations in place but I can generally assume from other NutriGain pills reviews that not any severe adverse effects have been noted.

The brand insists that the composition is strictly natural and does not contain any harmful drugs, thus keeping adverse effects to a minimum, if any. 


  1. Stimulates Hunger
  2. Improves Appetite
  3. Supports Healthy Weight Gain

About the Makers of NutriGain

Though essentially a newcomer in the weight-gain supplement domain, this brand has been starting to garner plenty of attention from focused crowds of weight gain enthusiasts owing primarily to the high number of positive reviews that their products are receiving from their customers.

NutriGain is based out of, and has their manufacturing centre in the USA but not much else is known about their origin- including the year of their inception.

I know that the manufacturing is carried out at a cGMP certified facility and abides by the FDA regulations entirely which guarantees us that whether entirely effective or not, NutriGain has been deemed indeed safe to use and does not result in any serious adverse effects in the users. 

Benefits of NutriGain Weight Gainer 

Weight gain supplements offer numerous benefits to the users and promote an increase in muscle mass rather than just make you fat. Some of the benefits of NutriGain supplements are as follows: 

  • Promotes Healthy Weight Gain

With NutriGain and other trusted supplements, you can expect to gain weight slowly and steadily such that it lasts long. Many people tend to resort to desperate weight gain measures such as consuming copious amounts of calories- especially empty calories that add absolutely no nutritional value. Unlike such methods, NutriGain introduces a feasible and healthy manner of gaining those necessary pounds. 

  • Increases Your Appetite 

Get ready to stock your food cupboards and fridge, you’ll be soon reaching out to snack owing to the increased appetite that occurs as a result of consuming NutriGain regularly. It isn’t rocket science- the more you eat, the more calorie surplus, hence the more weight you gain. Just ensure you choose a wholesome meal over that soda!

  • Aids in Digestion 

With improved digestion, your body shall be able to absorb essential nutrients better and provide your body with the optimal levels of nourishment. With continued intake, NutriGain has shown effective results of improved digestion, which also consequently improves appetite afterwards. 

  • Stimulates and Stabilizes Metabolism 

As an ectomorph body type, I completely empathize with your weight gain struggles resulting from the extremely high rates of metabolism. NutriGain helps with stabilizing the metabolic rates and slowing them down enough so that the calories are utilized towards building muscle mass and not just burnt away instantly.

  • NutriGain Weight Gain Syrup Suitable for all Age Groups 

The syrup form of NutriGain can be consumed by children who are not old enough to consume the pills, but I strongly recommend consulting your family doctor before introducing such supplements to children, pregnant women and others with known ailments. The pills and syrup can be consumed by children, young adults and old people alike.  

Ingredients in NutriGain Weight Gainer

nutrigain powder how to use

The ingredients that are present in the weight gain syrup, as well as capsules, are the same differing only in the addition of mild levels of sugar to the syrup to ensure that it is palatable for children.

Each ingredient is natural and offers select benefits affecting the appetite, weight gain, metabolism and/or digestion and thereby leading to healthy weight gain.

The serving size for the syrup is 10 ml and for the pills is 2 capsules per day, as per the recommended dosage for healthy levels of weight gain.

The active ingredients present in NutriGain are as follows:

  1. Thiamine HCL- 4mg per serving- is an effective ingredient in increasing the levels of appetite while offering several other benefits for your overall physical and mental health (1). It promotes the proper usage of the carbohydrates that are consumed thereby regulating the metabolism levels. Thiamine is a very important nutrient for the body, and the deficiency is known to result in several different health conditions affecting different organ systems.
  1. Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)- 9mg per serving- effectively helps in improving the health of your digestive tract and thereby promotes better digestion and absorption of nutrients by your body. It helps by promoting better absorption of other vitamins as well and plays an important role in the synthesis of good cholesterol in your body. The deficiency of this vitamin often causes problems in the digestive tract as it directly impacts the health of your digestive system. 
  1. Vitamin B3 (Niacin)- 4mg per serving- Niacin’s more renowned action is the lowering of LDL cholesterol levels while increasing the HDL cholesterol levels. Like other B vitamins, Niacin also promotes good digestion by the body thereby assisting in the proper assimilation of nutrients. This ingredient plays a vital role in safe and steady weight gain improving the digestion as well as overall immunity of the body.
  1. Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)- 30mg per serving- Consumption of Vitamin B6 in proper dosages helps in regulating the levels of metabolism in the body, often giving it a healthy boost which increases your levels of appetite (2). By improving the appetite as well as by maintaining the metabolism levels at a steady range, this vitamin promotes healthy and safe weight gain. 
  1. FenuGreek- 18mg per serving- Fenugreek is a healthy condiment that promotes weight gain by acting as an appetizer. NutriGain is prescribed to be consumed half an hour before mealtimes for this very reason. Fenugreek can be trusted to improve the digestive ‘fire’ and spike your appetite levels right before mealtime so that you can consume higher amounts of food than you usually do (3).
    Here’s a tip: try to eat your food faster while the appetite is still at a good high level because the fibre content in fenugreek can cause the appetite to reduce eventually and stick to the prescribed dosage and timing of your supplements!
  1. L-lysine- 180mg per serving- is an amino acid (or as you’ve heard over and over again, the building blocks of proteins) and are quintessential for those seeking to gain muscle mass. It promotes weight gain as well as normal growth of the body.
    Lysine helps build appetite like no other, in fact, the deficiency of this essential amino acid actually can result in anorexia. By promoting muscle growth and building a strong appetite, lysine places itself in a vital and unavoidable position for those seeking to gain weight.
  1. Creatinine HCL- 30mg per serving- a standard favourite among bodybuilders across the world, this ingredient holds the reputation of being able to enhance muscle mass significantly by increasing the growth of lean muscles. It has been known to improve the strength of people in taking the supplement whilst also aiding in muscle recovery post tough workouts. 
  1. L-Theanine- 3mg per serving- is a supplement that is rather well known for its brilliant metabolism-regulating abilities. A healthy dosage of this ingredient improves upon digestion while increasing the appetite as well, and is a very valuable element for healthy weight gain.
  2. Maca Root- 3mg per serving- This is a calorie-dense ingredient that promotes weight gain directly and has been known to help in gaining muscle for your body. It can be relied upon as a safe weight gain method when in combination with the other ingredients and at the prescribed dosage.

Takeaway on the Ingredients 

Having reviewed many weight gain supplements previously, I can conclude that the ingredients present in NutriGain weight gainers are standard and reliable as they are entirely natural.

There are no hidden ingredients and the label is purely transparent concerning the dosage as well as the formula. Each of the ingredients provides numerous other health benefits as well.

NutriGain Review: After 4 Weeks of Use

After 4 weeks of taking the NutriGain pills, I noticed a slight increase in my appetite, but it wasn’t significant enough to gain weight. I also simultaneously started working out, and focused on eating healthy, which could be another reason for the increased appetite. Here are my NutriGain pills reviews:

Taste: I took NutriGain weight gainer in the form of pills, so there was no aftertaste.

Effectiveness: The pills claim to solve a lot of problems and provide health benefits, most of which were not evident in the first few weeks of usage. I usually only try a supplement for 4 weeks and then move on to another.

Price: This is where NutriGain wins the list of weight gain pills. The price is comparatively lower when compared to other premium weight gain supplements.

Recommendation: If you are looking to boost your appetite and try out a relatively cheap supplement, NutriGain is definitely a must try. However, I recommend buying one bottle at a time and seeing the results, and only then going for a long term commitment.

Dosage – NutriGain Weight Gainer Capsules:

The recommended dose as per the label is two capsules per intake. The site recommends purchasing 3-5 bottles of capsules for those looking to gain serious weight and not merely supplement their nutrition. The recommended dosage is the intake of two pills before every meal.

The ingredients are fast-acting and hence need to be consumed 15-30 minutes before a meal along with increased calorie intake. 

Dosage – NutriGain Weight Gainer Syrup:

The ideal serving size for the syrup is 10 ML each time you are consuming it, which should ideally be thrice a day, once before each mealtime.

For maximum results, it is best if the syrup consumed 15 to 30 minutes before intake of a high-calorie meal. The site recommends purchasing 3-5 bottles of capsules for those looking to gain serious weight and not merely supplement their nutrition.

Is there any difference between NutriGain Weight Gainer Capsule and Syrup?

There is no significant difference between the capsule and the syrup version of the supplement. The syrup can be consumed by both children and adults alike, making it a more suitable option for those who are trying to gain weight as a family.

Other than this, the notable difference is that the syrup contains added sugar as an additional ingredient. The sugar has been added to render the syrup version more palatable.

Both formulations of the supplement result in the same level of weight gain, as per the experiences of different users and because the significant ingredients and dosage of them is all the same. The pricing, however, is significantly lower for the capsules, when compared to the syrup.

I would thereby recommend the capsule version of NutriGain on account of the better pricing for the same value of the ingredients.


NutriGain Weight Gainer Capsules: The capsules are on average priced at $29.99 per bottle but available at a discount of $19.99 per bottle. There are no other active discounts present. 

NutriGain Weight Gainer Syrup is sold at $29.99 per bottle and there is no known discount for the same, additional shipping charges may apply. 

Note: The capsules and syrups are often in high demand and there is a good chance that the product is sold out as soon as it gets restocked. They do offer a return policy for up to 30 days.

NutriGain Weight Gainer Side Effects

nutrigain powder review

The side effects of this supplement are minimal owing to the primarily natural ingredients that do not cause any allergies generally, and the dosages are well within the recommended daily allowance limits per day.

Pregnant women, children, people with known ailments such as metabolic disorders or other conditions that they are on treatment for should consult with their physician before starting any supplements.

Does NutriGain Weight Gainer Work

The weight gain does not appear to be drastic neither does it appear to be extremely slow. For those who have followed the recommended dosage, the results have been unanimous and the reviews show no indication of any known side effects.  

You must note that for the supplement to work, the recommended dosage as per the brand must be followed thoroughly. It would be advisable to stock up 3-5 bottles of syrup or capsules.

You must ensure that you are consuming good quality food along with the supplements. NutriGain recommends the consumption of a high-calorie meal alongside.

That being said, there is no shortcut to healthy weight gain. Your calorie intake and nutritive value of the food that you consume must improve in quality and quantity, and this should be supplemented by a good level of physical exercise as well to maximize weight gain. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use NutriGain pills?

NutriGain pills are to be taking 15-30 minutes before every meal.

Does NutriGain really work?

While NutriGain helps you boost your appetite, you would have to consume higher calories than usual and maintain a calorie surplus in order to gain weight.

Nutrigain – how many days does it take to work?

NutriGain pills generally take about 7-14 days to start showing results, but most of the weight gain results are going to depend on your diet, workout schedule and other lifestyle factors.

Bottomline- Should You Opt For NutriGain Weight Gainer?

nutrigain capsules for weight gain review

In my opinion, if you have been struggling with your weight gain for a long time and have decided to include supplements in your diet, then this would be a good choice of a supplement that is priced ideally as well as composed of natural ingredients that do not result in any adverse side effects.

Every bottle is expected to last for up to two weeks if the correct dosage is followed, so I would recommend getting two bottles and looking for significant weight gain within a month, and continuing only if you experience it yourself.

Did you try NutriGain, or any other weight gain supplement and saw positive results? Let me know your experience in the comments below!


  1. Stimulates Hunger
  2. Improves Appetite
  3. Supports Healthy Weight Gain

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