NutraBio Extreme Mass Gainer Review for 2023

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The burning questions in our NutraBio Extreme Mass gainer review:

  1. What is it?
  2. What is in it?
  3. What benefits does it offer?
  4. What are the pros and cons?
  5. Is it worth it – what do we think?

Let’s get into the most important information so you know if this is the weight gainer supplement for you…

What is Extreme Mass?

What is Extreme Mass

NutraBio Extreme Mass is a clean mass gainer with a selection of well-chosen and healthy ingredients. It helps you get more from your mass gainer with benefits across the board.

NutraBio is a sustained release, slower-acting mass gainer supplement. It provides you with slower absorbing nutrients to give you more overall – consistent muscle gains for hours.

Studies show that this long-term protein availability is more important for muscle growth. Extreme mass took that seriously – it’s better for everyday use, but less effective as a post-workout mass gainer.

Ingredients: What Is In Extreme Mass Gainer?

Extreme mass gainer is built around 3 major ingredients: 

  1. Protein blend: whey and micellar casein
  2. Maltodextrin blend: resistant and ‘normal’
  3. Medium chain triglycerides
Ingredients - What Is In Extreme Mass Gainer

Aside from all starting with M, these nutrients all have reasonable absorption periods. Products that use whey and simple sugars provide fast absorption but rapidly “wash out”. 

This makes extreme mass gainer a great choice, but it’s not very good post-workout. Instead, it excels as a daily mass gainer for use during work, studies, or between ‘big’ meals.

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Extreme Mass Macronutrients

Extreme Mass Macronutrients

The macronutrients in extreme mass are very good with lots of protein relative to carbs – better than many on the market.

The protein – 53g per serving – is very high. This is one of the best ratios on the market of around 2:1 with carbohydrates. This ratio is perfect for non-exercise carbs: it’s slower digesting and far more powerful than a high-carb mass gainer.

The extra protein provides constant release over the next 7 hours, providing the best protein levels for muscle growth.

Extreme mass gainer review

Extreme Mass Gainer Benefits: What Does It Do?

Extreme Mass’ benefits include better recovery, superior muscle growth, better sleep quality, nutrient density, and immense convenience.



The longer absorption and release time of Extreme Mass make it a perfect choice for recovery after a workout, both on the same day and the next day.

The consistently higher access to protein in the body means massive improvements to recovery. That’s mainly the muscles, but also other tissues like tendons and even bones.

You’ll experience better recovery – consistently – with Extreme Mass, even compared to other premium supplements.

Muscle Growth

Muscle Growth

Muscle growth is more closely related to 7-hour protein levels than the super-short 2-hour timeline of most whey protein. This makes Extreme Mass a great product to boost muscle growth.

The combination of protein and carbs, in particular, is great. With a 2:1 ratio of carbs to protein, and the slower absorption, you’re basically set for the next 4-6 hours. Even more if you’re asleep…

Sleep Quality

Sleep Quality

Recovery during sleep is better with Extreme Mass due to the use of extra micellar casein. Casein is famous among bodybuilders for the overnight recovery and growth (1).

Sleep quality on casein is better, and with slowed digestion those 53g of protein go even further. These make extreme mass a perfect evening mass gainer to top up your macros and calories.

Vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals

The vitamin and mineral content on this product is absolutely stunning. Extreme Mass has one of the best micronutrient profiles of any mass gainer.

An excellent all-round nutrient profile only makes it better as a daily mass gainer.



I love the convenience of Extreme Mass – with slower absorption, it’s more flexible for daily use than a simple whey-only mass gainer shake.

The convenience is perfect for daily use. You’re not restricted to post-workout shakes, and you can get a ton of extra value with daily shakes using Extreme Mass gainer.


  • Slow absorption with better protein availability
  • Still has fast-absorbing whey protein powder
  • Good fats and excellent macros overall
  • Balanced digestive profile with fast- and slow-acting nutrients
  • Outstanding vitamins and minerals


  • Slightly less effective as a post-workout supplement

NutraBio Extreme Mass Gainer Review: Our Verdict

NutraBio Extreme Mass Gainer Review - Our Verdict

NutraBio Extreme Mass is a great choice for all-purpose weight gain and muscle building supplement. It’s a powerful choice for daily use due to the sustainable energy release and nutrient density.

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Overall, Extreme Mass is a great choice and excellent value at around $0.75 per scoop. It’s a good product, a great price, and a fantastic nutrient profile for all-purpose. A perfect beginner’s mass gainer!

Boosts weight gain speed and amount?Yes
Improves weight gain quality (more muscle, less fat)?Yes
Better carbs than other mass gainers?Decent
Reduces muscle damage and improves exercise performance?Yes
Great protein per serving?Yes
Great digestive profile for a happier gut?Yes
Good value for money?Yes



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