Nugenix vs Testogen: What’s Better in 2023?

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Testogen Vs Nugenix Ultimate is a battle to see which is the most effective testosterone booster to support male hormones and sexual health.

These are two products known to be among the best in this category and we’re pitting them head-to-head to see which is best, what they offer, and which one is right for you

Let’s get started with the rules of this review, and then what each testosterone booster offers…

  • Best Overall
    nugenix small

    Nugenix® Total-T Ultimate

    Nugenix Ultimate is going to make you feel better in general, but specifically support your sexual potency, long-term health, and improve energy and confidence, making it a better overall testosterone booster.

  • Best for Sexual Health
    testogen small

    Testogen Testosterone Booster

    Testogen outclasses a number of other testosterone boosters for sexual health. It may be one of the best testosterone boosters for sexual health on the market because of it’s ingredients.

Testosterone Booster Supplements: How Do We Review Them?

Testosterone boosters increase free hormone levels to improve men’s health and wellbeing – with improvements to mood, energy, workout recovery, and sexual health.

It controls a wide range of men’s health and quality of life factors.

Supplements that can boost this level – and keep it up for the long-term – can improve this wide range of benefits.

Testosterone boosters are popular because of both how they make you feel, and their knock-on effects to a plethora of benefits that improve your health, wellbeing, and performance.

We’re reviewing testosterone boosters on a few simple factors that you need most:

  • The ability to boost testosterone levels
  • Maintaining hormonal balance over time – combatting stress
  • Reducing anxiety and other possible testosterone-damaging changes
  • Improving the impacts of hormones on the body
  • Supporting metabolism and indirect benefits (like sleep quality)
  • Sexual health support – and specific men’s health benefits (like prostate protection)
  • And a range of others

These are the framework for today’s review, where we pitch Testogen against Nugenix Ultimate to see which is the most effective testosterone booster with sexual health benefits…

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What is Testogen?


Testogen is a testosterone booster supplement that iterates on the classic combination of D-Aspartic Acid with a range of herbal extract ingredients.

It uses a classic combination of micronutrients – vitamins and minerals – providing a mixture of the most important health benefits, as well as improving testosterone.

This means Testogen offers a wide range of benefits that extend from muscle-building to better sleep quality, boosting recovery, and supporting better mood and energy levels through the day.

Testogen is a good all-purpose testosterone booster and male vitality supplement because of this overlap between testosterone and micronutrients.

Testogen Ingredient Breakdown

The main ingredients in Testogen are D-Aspartic Acid (DAA), Tribulus, Ginseng, Fenugreek, and a complex of vitamins and minerals.

These make for a simple but effective combination of the best benefits you want from a testosterone booster.

Testogen Benefits

The main benefits to Testogen are better short-term testosterone levels, a good boost to mid-term hormonal health, and consistently better mental and subjective wellbeing.

These work through better mood, energy levels, and sexual function.

The most powerful benefits are the result of DAA and Ginseng function, while Tribulus and Fenugreek provide a synergistic pairing for better sexual function and energy levels.

1. Testosterone Boosting Ingredients

The testosterone boosting benefits of Testogen are bound up in a trio of synergistic ingredients: DAA, Ginseng, and vitamin D3. These provide a core of hormone support that gives you the focused ‘testosterone booster’ benefits.

D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) is the main ingredient that provides the short-term testosterone boost you need to improve energy, mood, and recovery (1).

It also supports better metabolic health – especially with some of the great synergists in Testogen and other products.

With added Ginseng, the results are even more potent and expand out to include extras like cognition and long-term hormonal health.

D3 overlaps here – and the result is a more robust testosterone support than you’d get from DAA alone.

These kinds of synergies are common on the testosterone booster market to expand the benefits and maintain sustained results in mood, energy, and post-workout recovery.

2. Sexual Health Support Compounds

Testogen shines when it comes to sexual health support – with Tribulus Terestris and Fenugreek leading the way.

This gives Testogen powerful libido-enhancing benefits, specifically supporting better erectile function and even overlapping with male fertility support.

Tribulus and Fenugreek offer similar benefits and combine well – they’re soft synergists, helping layer up aphrodisiac benefits.

They also directly contribute to mood and energy levels in men, piling up enormous subjective wellbeing benefits.

Vitamin D3 has another overlap, here, providing additional physiological benefits. It supports mood, combats anxiety, and reduces parasympathetic tone – all of which improve sexual health, erectile quality, and sperm quality (2).

3. Vitamin and Mineral Compound Benefits

testosterone and sex drive

Testogen has the most potent vitamin and mineral content of any testosterone booster on the market, up to 3200% of your daily needs for some vitamins.

These are the most hard-to-get vitamins with low bioavailability in the diet – B2, B5, and B6 – which also support better metabolism.

This produces massive improvements to mood, energy, and metabolic health – pairing up with the benefits from testosterone-boosting ingredients mentioned above.

Vitamin D3 is the most powerful form of this hormone-regulating compound.

It supports mental health and protects against decline, regulates hormones, and has a particularly important role in stabilizing your testosterone during more stressful times.

This combination of vitamins is a great framework for the other benefits of this product, supporting energy levels and testosterone – but with more longevity.

4. Testogen Mineral Support: The Two Best Mineral Supplements For Men?

The minerals in Testogen are zinc and selenium – two important minerals for better day-to-day benefits and maintaining healthy hormones.

Zinc is a powerful support mineral that is primarily involved in the regulation of growth-related hormones. Alongside this, it has a wide range of metabolic roles and is important for tissue production and protein folding (3).

Selenium is an essential ingredient in proper hormonal health where it is involved in the production of proteins, just like Zinc.

It’s also specifically linked to mental and neurological health – through supporting neurotransmitter function and nerve cell health.


  • Incredibly potent vitamin and mineral blend
  • Some effective testosterone boosting ingredients
  • Combined benefits for hormones and sexual health
  • Some powerful aphrodisiac compounds for libido


  • Smaller roster of testosterone boosting ingredients
  • Lacks some of the powerful synergies seen in other testosterone boosters

Testogen Product Summary

Testogen has 3 strong points that define it – testosterone boosting, sexual health support, and a hyper-potent vitamin and mineral blend.

This makes it one of the most versatile products on the testosterone booster market but does take away the cutting edge of a single focus.

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Testogen has some great benefits for wider use – especially in men who don’t have a particular goal with a testosterone booster.

It doubles up as a sexual health and multivitamin supplement, supporting health at all ages – even if you don’t have low testosterone levels – and can be a perfect introduction to testosterone boosters for healthy guys.

Testogen Testosterone Booster

  • Benefits for hormones and sexual health
  • Powerful vitamin and minerals blend
  • Safe and natural ingredients

What Is Nugenix Ultimate?


Nugenix Ultimate is a premium testosterone booster supplement that combines 8 of the most effective and scientifically-supported hormone regulator supplements.

It’s a great choice for improving overall hormonal health in the short-term but – more importantly – protecting hormone levels into the future.

The combination of DAA with a wider variety of ingredients than many other products make it a powerful contender on the market.

It uses a few interesting additions you’re not going to find elsewhere, which only add more layers of positive effect to the core ingredients of DAA, Eurycoma, and Boron.

These ingredients are the interesting stuff, which you can see here:

Nugenix Ultimate Benefits

The main benefits of Nugenix Ultimate are improving testosterone in the short- and long-term, then protecting healthy hormonal balance and improving male sexual function.

On top of these, it has more general benefits to mood and subjective wellbeing.

These are synergistic, where they overlap positively to improve the quality of the benefits overall.

Synergies emerge from the testosterone and oestrogen balance, from squashing stress’ negative effects, and improving the combined anxiety and physiological basis for poor sexual health.

1. Nugenix Ultimate Testosterone Booster: Hormone Support Ingredients

muscle building

The main testosterone benefits of Nugenix Ultimate come from the combination of 4 ingredients:

  • D-Aspartic Acid (DAA)
  • Epimedium extract
  • Eurycoma Longifolia (Longjack)
  • Mucuna Pruriens

While Epimedium only has theoretical benefits to testosterone, the others are well-known boosters and protectors of your testosterone levels.

This primarily works by DAA boosting testosterone, then the others help to maintain it over the medium- and long-term.

As a result, you’ll see a sharp boost to testosterone levels before a sustained increase over your pre-use levels.

This also doubles up with a wide range of ingredient-specific mood, energy, and libido benefits including sexual health and erectile function.

However, they’re not the only benefits from Nugenix Ultimate, and they may not be as strong as others on the market (like Prime Male and Testofierce).

Boron is a great secondary mineral choice that offers support to your total Boron intake (4).

This is important because boron deficiency is one of the fastest ways to dysregulate your hormones and cause severe feminizing hormone dominance, lowering effective testosterone levels.

Boron supplementation in Nugenix Ultimate gives you peace of mind, combating deficiency and regulating your balance of testosterone to estrogen and/or prolactin.

2. Nugenix Ultimate: Sexual Health And Mood Enhancers

Fenugreek, Stinging Nettle, and Maca root powder make up the remaining active ingredients in Nugenix. These aren’t about testosterone – they’re sexual health and men’s health support compounds with a focus on libido, mood, and prostate health.

Fenugreek boosts libido and regulates male erectile quality – making Nugenix a powerful supplement for ‘potency’.

At the same time, stinging nettle root reduces your risk of prostate cancer and enlargement – a common cause of early death for men in their 40s onwards.

Finally, Maca root brings a wide range of more-general benefits. It’s a modest but effective mood enhancer, anxiety squasher, and supports subjective wellbeing (5).

This group of ingredients together mean Nugenix Ultimate is going to make you feel better in general, but specifically support your sexual potency, long-term health, and improve energy and confidence.


  • Some of the best sexual health support on the market
  • Effective core ingredients
  • Some modest synergies to support better results
  • Well-designed with good basics and secondary ingredients


  • More expensive than Testogen
  • Not as effective at pure testosterone-boosting as other supplements like Prime Male or Testofierce

Nugenix Ultimate Product Summary

Nugenix Ultimate is one of the most effective testosterone booster hybrids: it boosts testosterone, protects it, and supports male sexual health.

It’s one of the best performers on the market for these functions with a powerful combination of smart ingredients and great overall care for your health.

This isn’t just a testosterone booster and – when we compare it to Testogen – it’s important to keep in mind the two complexes of ingredients at work here.

It’s a sexual health support supplement of excellent design, and these build on top of the testosterone-supporting ingredients at the core.

Nugenix® Total-T Ultimate

  • Best overall testosterone booster
  • Powerful combination of primary ingredients
  • Great for muscle building and sexual health

Nugenix vs Testogen: The Comparison

Both Testogen and Nugenix work on similar approaches. They offer a core of DAA with a small selection of active ingredients. These both focus on herbal extracts for general wellbeing, mood, and energy levels.

The difference is that Testogen includes more general-wellbeing vitamins and minerals, while the herbal content of Nugenix is far more comprehensive.

When comparing Testogen vs Nugenix, Testogen is more of an everyday wellbeing supplement, while Nugenix Ultimate has more focus on testosterone, hormonal protection, and sexual health for men.

The Main Ingredients: Nugenix vs Testogen Comparison

When comparing the ingredients head to head for Nugenix vs Testogen, Nugenix Ultimate is the winner.

It has a much wider range of effective ingredients with a focus on testosterone, while Testogen’s focus on vitamins and minerals is good – but quite forgettable.

There are many other sources for vitamins and minerals in the diet – even cheap supplements – but few for testosterone benefits.

These are the main changes that these products are marketed for, and Testogen just doesn’t have as many testosterone-boosting or hormone-balancing ingredients.

In the ingredients, Nugenix Ultimate wins for the concentration of DAA and both the quantity and quality of hormonal support ingredients.

This makes it more effective in most areas, and simply more directly useful for testosterone boosting than Testogen.

The Benefits: What Testosterone Booster Suits Your Needs?

testosterone booster

Testogen is going to be a better choice if you’re looking for a general health and wellbeing supplement that doesn’t offer as singular an experience.

It will improve your health and wellbeing, and support testosterone modestly along the way.

The choice of vitamins and minerals are good for hormonal health, while the active ingredients are slightly less effective than those in Nugenix.

Nugenix Ultimate, is very singular as a testosterone booster and protector.

This makes it a better choice if you’re trying to improve your testosterone levels now and into the future – especially with the secondary benefits to estrogen, stress hormones, and other related factors.

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Testogen Vs Nugenix Ultimate: The Verdict

Key Takeaway

Nugenix is the better testosterone booster between Testogen vs Nugenix Ultimate. The ingredients are more effective and offer advanced synergies to increase testosterone. It’s effective, economical, and one of the best choices on the market, with a great ratio of benefits to cost.

With a comparable performance on logistics, servings, and price, the result is that Nugenix Ultimate wins on benefit-per-dollar.

It’s one of the best testosterone booster supplements on the market with a combination of testosterone boosters and protective elements to ensure you maintain long-term testosterone levels and better health.

These are both good supplements but Nugenix wins for the smart design, the combined benefits, and offering a better all-round value.

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