Naked Mass Gainer Review: A Clean Weight Gainer

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In today’s Naked Mass Review, I’m looking at one of the simplest and most upfront brands on the market.

I’ll be covering this 3-ingredient mass gainer, what it can do in your body, and why it might be one of the best on the market. I’ll be taking you through my experiences with the product and how it compares to other mass gainer supplements I’ve used in the past.

Let’s start with the simple stuff…

What Is Naked Mass?

Naked Mass is a mass gainer supplement that uses 3 ingredients: whey protein, casein protein, and maltodextrin. It’s a really simple, honest, and additive-free entry into the weight gain supplement market.


best mass gainer for skinny guys
  • Contains fast-absorbing and slow-absorbing protein
  • Great for post workout recovery and gains
  • Contains simple ingredients and no fillers

Naked is a supplement brand known for transparency. I always like this approach, since it lets consumers (like you and me) make smart choices.This is paired with effective ingredients, so let’s look at my experience and why I chose Naked Mass.

Why Did I Use Naked Mass Gainer?

dumbbell workout

I started using naked mass because I like their approach to supplements, and I’d just had a hit-and-miss experience with Mutant Mass. I wanted to try something new that was a little more comfortable in my stomach.

1. It’s Packed With Simple Ingredients

Naked is a good brand with a reputation for no-frills supplement design. I was hoping that this would help me, and the ingredients are simple:

  • Whey (the same type as naked whey)
  • Casein
  • Maltodextrin

I know casein can sit heavily in the gut, but this simplicity appeals to me. There are very few ingredients that might ‘disagree’ with me.

2. I Was Stalling Weight Gain And Strength

I’d found my weight gain stalling recently and I wanted to push the numbers. My strength gains and the number on the scale were slowing down after a period of great gains.

I thought returning to a mass gainer might be the nudge I needed to turn around better results. I have used Naked’s protein and pre-workout before, so I knew they were a good place to turn.

The size of a half serving – at 625 calories – was also manageable. I’m not a fan of oversized 1000+ calorie shakes. The 625 mark was a perfect compromise for the lean muscle gains I wanted, without extra fat or – hopefully – bloating!

3. I Couldn’t Eat The Right Carbs

Finally, naked mass is packed with carbs, which I was struggling to get through good sources during busy days. I would get too many carbs from refined sugars, and I wanted an easy, portable source of starches I could take to college.

The maltodextrin is from tapioca, which is a great source. This was definitely an upgrade on cafeteria vending machines or drinking a Gatorade to try and increase my carb intake before a workout.

What Claims Do Naked Make?

naked mass gainer review

Naked don’t make many claims – it’s a mass gainer that helps you eat more calories and gain more high-quality weight. This is part of their charm: the marketing is simple and honest.

There are a few other features they like to highlight that are about how it’s made:

  • Non-GMO
  • No artificial additives – no sweeteners, no colors, no flavors
  • Free from soy and gluten
  • Free from food chain hormones, especially rBGH and rBST
  • Free from acid-washing and bleaching

These are great if you’re trying to minimize the unnecessary additives in your diet. These weren’t the main things I was looking for, but it’s great to see a company cares about your health, so that’s a bonus from me.

Naked’s commitment to a simple and honest product is what drew me in, at least. I didn’t want anything but carbs and protein – and that describes all 3 ingredients!

Naked Mass Gainer: Ingredients And Benefits

There are only 3, natural ingredients in Naked Mass. They’re whey, casein, and maltodextrin starch (from tapioca). These are great choices – let’s look at why…

1. Whey: Fast-Absorbing Protein

Whey is the short-term protein source that boosts recovery and muscle protein signaling. This isn’t just useful for improving your post-workout results, but balances with casein and maltodextrin to provide the full range of energy and nutrient release.

Whey is a complete protein source that offers all the amino acids your body needs. It’s especially rich in leucine, which is key to muscle protein production. It also improves metabolic and digestive pace, stabilizing the release of MASS’s maltodextrin.

This is identical to the Naked protein powder that I’ve used in the past. It also contributes to a rich vitamin and mineral profile.

2. Casein: Slow-Digesting Protein

naked mass post workout

Casein is a slower-absorbing protein that is great for long-term protein availability. This is important because many of the best results of a higher protein intake are associated with 7-hour protein levels, not just the immediate burst that comes from whey.

This also slows down digestion of whey and maltodextrin alike, improving the consistent energy release from Naked MASS. Casein’s release maintains nutrient availability and makes a mass shake more like a small meal or snack than a protein shake.

This is one of the areas I’ve been skeptical about since casein can sit heavily in the stomach. It’s also a great protein source and works in a blend perfectly. 

3. Maltodextrin: High Quality Starch

Maltodextrin is a form of simple starch, which offers a large amount of carbs while still being mixable in liquids. This is a good compromise between the calorie needs of a mass gainer and the quality of carbs.

It’s not as sustainable a release as a bowl of oats, but it’s much easier to take down. This is the main calorie source of naked mass, with a huge 250g per serving. This is 125g in a half-serving, which I found to be a good choice during the day, but especially useful after a workout.

My Naked Mass Gainer Review and Experience

My naked mass experience was generally positive: I gained more weight and my workouts started moving in the right direction again. I did experience some heaviness in the digestive system, but this was less pronounced than with Mutant Mass gainer.

I was a fan of naked mass compared to some other mass gainers I used. While it still wasn’t a 10/10 experience, I had tempered expectations based on the claims that naked had made about their product.

Naked mass gainer review
Ingredient Profile
Effectiveness for Weight Gain
Transparent ingredients
Clean and effective mass gainer
Easy to mix and digest
No artificial additives
Expensive when compared to other products in this segment
Only contains three ingredients

I used a half-serving mostly, where I found that I could get on with my day and avoid any major side-effects. I am not made for 1250 calorie shakes, which I did try but found to be very thick even when using a lot of liquid.

I didn’t need to add nearly 1000+ calories, and I just wanted to bump up and fill out my carbohydrate and protein needs. The half serving was good, portable, and helped me meet my goals. The 1250 full serving put me to sleep with the same kind of heaviness and choresome drinking process that put me off mutant mass.

Weekly Progress

naked mass protein powder

By the 3rd and 4th weeks using these products, I was getting used to the effects of a half-serving. They felt comfortable, effective, and definitely worked for me post-workout where the ratio of protein and carbs was really effective.

I did feel very sleepy after taking larger or thicker shakes, which I blame on the slow and heavy digestion of casein.

This did mean better sleep, though, which is a plus for recovery and gains!

Frequently Asked Questions

Final Thoughts

naked mass gainer benefits

My naked mass review may be biased: the honesty and clarity of the brand is great. 

It’s honest, it’s upfront, and the ingredients are both effective and simple. The product works well, it’s less intense than many others I’ve tried, and it has some real benefits that I enjoyed.

I still recommend a half-serving – it’ll produce more comfortable digestion, a reduced effort, and you won’t feel as heavy. 


best mass gainer for skinny guys
  • Contains fast-absorbing and slow-absorbing protein
  • Great for post workout recovery and gains
  • Contains simple ingredients and no fillers

I am also unsure if I like the added casein. It adds a lot of benefits but does make it feel heavier during the day and makes me sleepy. If you’re looking for a weight gainer before bed, though, this could be perfect. Casein is well-regarded for overnight protein synthesis!

If you’re trying to gain weight, this is a well-balanced and effective product that deserves some attention, as seen in my naked mass review.

I think it compares favorably with mutant mass and others on the market, and it might be worth your time if you’re trying to gain high-quality weight with simple ingredients!

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