MyProtein Mass Gainer Review

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MyProtein is a popular brand in the supplement space – but how good is their mass gainer?

In todays’ MyProtein impact mass gainer review, we’re looking at the most popular myprotein mass gainer and what it can do for you.

MyProtein Impact Mass Gainer: What Is it?

MyProtein Impact Mass Gainer What Is it

MyProtein Impact mass gainer is a lean mass gainer supplement from MyProtein with great value for money. It’s a balanced all-purpose mass gainer with a blend of carbs and protein, with a lower price tag than many market competitors.

Like many other MyProtein products, the MyProtein mass gainer started as a budget option but has improved over time to become a premium competitor.  

MyProtein Mass Gainer Ingredients

MyProtein Mass Gainer Ingredients

Impact mass gainer ingredients include ground oats, whey protein, milk protein, maltodextrin, and colors and sweeteners.

These give Impact mass gainer a simple but effective profile. For both carbs and protein, you get one fast-acting nutrient and then one slower-acting source. These provide immediate energy and then sustained release over the 3-7 hour period. This is perfect for all-purpose use.

These mixed profiles and the use of milk protein, in particular, give this product better long-term results. If it just used maltodextrin and whey protein, it would rapidly “wash out”. Instead,

My Protein Mass Gainer Macronutrients

My Protein Mass Gainer Macronutrients

MyProtein Impact mass gainer contains 50g of carbohydrates per serving, and 31g of protein. This makes it a relatively lean mass gainer with a higher protein content than most, as well as a lower calorie content than many market alternatives.

The macronutrients are great for general use, though they do provide fewer calories than some competitors. This is a good thing for most users, where protein is the most important nutrient and a moderate calorie content (around 400 cals per serving) is the perfect amount.

The macronutrients are great for the price, and it’s always good to get more protein per scoop.

myprotein mass gainer review

Impact mass gainer has a higher fat content than many other mass gainers on the market. Combined with the lower carb-to-protein ratio, this makes it a great all purpose mass gainer.

It’s not as good after workouts due to the slower absorption, but offers sustained energy and protein. This is perfect for topping up throughout the day and keeping nutrient availability high. This helps build muscle mass, boost recovery, and is also perfect for sports performance.


  • Very high protein per serving
  • Lower carb content makes this a very flexible mass gainer
  • Good value for money
  • Provides great fats for better all-day energy


  • Not as effective as a form of post-workout mass gainer
  • Value for money used to be better

MyProtein Mass Gainer Review: Our Verdict

MyProtein Mass Gainer Review Our Verdict

MyProtein Impact Mass gainer is a great product for lean muscle gains. It has a lower calorie content than many alternatives, more protein, and a good combination of nutrient sources.

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The blends of both carbs and protein are very effective, and make it a great all purpose choice. It’s a fantastic way to get sustained release of calories and protein, but may not be as powerful as others for post-workout use.

Boosts weight gain speed and amount?Yes
Improves weight gain quality (more muscle, less fat)?Yes
Better carbs than other mass gainers?Decent
Reduces muscle damage and improves exercise performance?Yes
Great protein per serving?Yes
Great digestive profile for a happier gut?Decent
Good value for money?Yes

We like impact mass gainer as a good value for money choice with a focus on high protein content. This makes it one of the best mass gainers for lean gains and muscular recovery (1). It’s good value, great quality, and one of the most convenient mass gainers around.



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