Mutant Mass Muscle Mass Gainer Review for Bulking

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This mutant mass muscle mass gainer review is my own experience. I’m going to discuss what’s in it, how it works, and what you can expect when using this product.

We’ll discuss all the most important things you need to know about Mutant Mass:

  • What is mutant mass?
  • What’s in mutant mass?
  • Why did I try it out?
  • What were the mutant mass results
  • The most important pros and cons
  • how to take mutant mass gainer
  • My ultimate verdict

And a few other frequently-asked questions that I know you want answered. If you’re ready to eat big and get big, then read on and let me tell you about this controversial mass gainer

What is Mutant Mass?

best mutant mass flavor

Mutant mass is a popular mass gainer supplement that has been around for at least a decade. It’s designed to make weight gain easier. It does this by offering a concentrated source of calories from protein and carbohydrates.

This makes a single serving of Mutant Mass a whopping 550 calories, and 2 servings meets the advertised 1100 calories. This is a huge amount for a shake, challenging most small to medium sized meals.

The idea is that people who are struggling to gain weight can add a mutant mass shake to their diet. This will provide an enormous boost in calories to make muscle and weight gain easier.

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Why Did I Try Mutant Mass?

I had a few reasons for trying mutant mass. I was looking to bulk hard and fast, I was struggling with my diet, and I wanted to compare mutant mass vs other mass gainers.

I’ve always been building muscle, and I thought this might be an interesting choice, with a ton of popular acclaim behind it.

1. A Quick Winter Bulk

mutant mass for gaining weight

I was looking to bulk quickly through winter, as I didn’t want to gain too much weight and didn’t want to get locked into a multi-month gaining phase. I was looking to add a few pounds of muscle, build more strength, and get bigger.

I thought a short bulk would be perfect, even though I was making this change while moving country and picking up extra college hours. I needed a little support to make this short bulk work, and thought mutant mass would be a good partner in that journey.

2. Changing Countries and Stressful Living

When I moved countries and picked up more college hours, the details of food got difficult. I found myself eating on the go more often, and being less regimented with diet.

This left me far below my calorie needs. At the very least, I wanted to maintain, and hopefully build more muscle mass. Like a lot of hardgainers, I was just struggling to eat enough during the day.

I have used mass gainers extensively in the past as a weight gain supplement. I thought I could use them to make up this shortfall and take some of the pressure off my diet. I was hoping for a short-term solution while I made bigger changes to my routine and lifestyle.

3. I Needed an Easy Source of Calories

The convenience of a mass gainer was a huge deal as a busy college student. I didn’t always have time to prepare food and it often left me eating fewer calories than I needed.

A mass gainer was a good choice, since I could take it with me and mix it whenever I needed to. This convenience is a huge deal for work, studies, and other busy people. I found it was an easy way to add high-quality weight without cooking 3 times a day.

4. I Wanted to Compare with Other Mass Gainers

mutant mass ingredients

This one is simple: I just wanted to compare mutant mass with other weight gainer supplements.

I’ve reviewed tons of mass gainers and weight gain supplements. I’m always on the lookout for something new to try. I know mutant mass has been popular for a long time, and I felt it was about time I try it for myself!

Mutant Weight Gainer Review

Overall, mutant weight gainer is a good mass gainer powder. It has some of the problems that other mass gainers experience, and I definitely wouldn’t say it was “delicious”. Let’s go stage by stage, and then we’ll sum up the pros and cons so you know if you should buy mutant mass.

Mutant mass gainer review
Macronutrient Profile
Taste & Texture
Price & Value
Great macronutrient profile
Available in six different flavors
Great for extreme hardgainers looking to gain weight
Serving size is difficult to consume
May cause bloating or gas issues for some people

Overall Score

Where to buy mutant mass

1. Macronutrient Content

The macros themselves are good, with a blend of fats and carbs providing around half the bulk of the product. The majority of the product, however, is protein.

This is a huge benefit, driving better muscle growth and offering a purer product. This means less of the stuff you don’t want (like excess sugar) and more muscle-building nutrients. This is among the best mass gainers on the market for macronutrient balance.

2. Taste and Texture

how to take mutant mass gainer

I tried the triple chocolate flavor and it was…okay. I definitely wouldn’t want to drink more than one mass gainer shake per day.

I’ve tasted worse whey proteins, and I’ve tasted worse mass gainers. I’d give mutant mass a 6/10 for taste, especially including the sheer thickness of the shake and the effort of gulping it down. That’s a mass gainer problem in general, and mutant is pretty good for the market.

3. Mixability: Does Mutant Mass Mix Well?

Mutant Mass struggles to mix effectively.

The recommended serving is 2-4 scoops, which produces a ridiculously thick shake. It’s almost solid and reminds me of when I would blend too many oats into my weight gainer shakes.

I used 2 scoops, which I recommend. Experiment with your liquid volume, because otherwise this product gets hard to manage. You don’t want to chew your mass gainer shake. Not the best mixing.

4. Price and Value

The price of mutant mass is unremarkable. It’s not expensive, it’s not cheap. It’s a good product at this price point, and offers a lot of value for the money.

It’s definitely not the best value buy out there, but you will be getting value for each dollar. It’s a 6/10 price, in my opinion.

5. Overall Effectiveness

mutant mass for bulking

I have to admit, I didn’t make my normal 4-week supplement trial for this product. While the protein and other benefits are clear from the ingredients, I simply couldn’t continue.

The mass gainer sits heavily in the digestive system and I got a lot of gas, bloating, and heaviness that put me off. I can’t imagine using the full, recommended 1100 calorie, 4-scoop serving. I reduced my use down to a single serving of 550 calories twice a day, but it was still too much.

I recommend splitting up your use or reducing the dose for this product. It may be okay for huge guys who are used to massive meals, but it was just too much for my body and it felt like it wasn’t worth the extra calories.

Overall Mutant Mass Gainer Pros:

  1. The macronutrients are good and the protein percentage is high
  2. The flavor is relatively good for a mass gainer supplement
  3. The price is okay, but the value for money is above average

Overall Mutant Mass Gainer Cons:

  1. The sheer weight, bloating, and gas from this product were a major turn-off
  2. This is a very thick shake that can feel like a lot of effort to drink
  3. The recommended servings are a bit crazy – and very hard to take

Best Mutant Mass Flavor

The best mutant mass flavor was triple chocolate. It’s simple and timeless, and you don’t have to deal with the uncanny, not-quite-right flavor of the chocolate fudge brownie or vanilla ice cream.

Vanilla was okay, but I wouldn’t want to drink it often. The choco fudge brownie has a weird aftertaste that combines badly with the weight in the stomach. It made me feel a little unwell.

mutant mass flavour review

How To Take Mutant Mass 

You should take 2-4 scoops with plenty of liquid. After using this product, I recommend getting started with 2 scoops in a lot of milk or water. It’s a heavy powder and mixes into a very thick shake.

The more liquid you use, the better, to reduce this thickness. I also recommend drinking it twice per day, instead of 4 scoops at a time. I cannot imagine drinking that shake – it’s a real chore.

Also, here are some general guidelines on taking a mass gainer for maximum benefits.

Where Can I Buy Mutant Mass?

You can buy mutant mass directly through their website – or you can buy it on amazon.

How to Use Mutant Mass Effectively?

In order to get the best results, take half a serving ( 1 Scoop – 70g) of Mutant Mass and mix it with 350-600 ml of water and blend well for 10-20 seconds. When you start taking mutant mass, it is important to take half a serving to ensure the shake is easy to drink and does not cause any digestion problems.

Once your stomach get’s used to the mass gainer, you can use mutant mass effectively by taking a full serving with water as post workout drink or first meal in the morning.

Final Thoughts

mutant mass muscle mass gainer reviews

The result of our mutant mass gainer review is obvious: it’s an effective product when you look at the nutrition label, but it’s a hard one to use.

I found the convenience of the product was great – as with other mass gainers. However, the sheer weight of the product in my gut was a problem. It was heavy, caused bloating, and a lot of gas. My body just didn’t want to digest this mammoth, super-thick shake.

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If you’re going to use this product, take it easy on the way in and give yourself time to adapt. Make sure you’re taking it with lots of liquid, and be prepared to try it at home, before you make yourself feel ill and sleepy by drinking a shake during a busy day.

I like what this product attempts to do, but the execution and the experience leave me avoiding mutant mass gainer again. I don’t know if I’ll ever finish the bag – and don’t recommend it. I’ve tried much better mass gainers!

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