MuscleTech Mass Tech Review 2023

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MuscleTech have a reputation for making some of the most powerful and impactful supplements on the market. But how good is the MuscleTech mass gainer?

Today, we’re providing a short MuscleTech Mass Tech review so you can see how effective this supplement is, and some other key factors:

  1. What is in MuscleTech Mass Gainer?
  2. How effective is Mass Tech for gaining muscle?
  3. What are the macronutrients in Mass Tech?
  4. Will MuscleTech mass gainer cause side effects?
  5. How do you take Mass Tech for the best benefits? 

We’ll be covering all these and more, in under 1000 words – so let’s get right into it…

MuscleTech Mass Tech Overview

MuscleTech Mass Tech Overview

MuscleTech Mass Tech is a premium mass gainer with more calories and more protein than most competitors. With exactly 1000 calories per serving, it offers more energy than a typical mass gainer, but fewer than a ‘super mass gainer’.

Instead, you get a very high protein content (80g per serving). This is noticeably higher protein % than most competitors, which is perfect for muscle gains (1). This combination makes Mass Tech one of the best choices for high, but not extreme, calorie intake.


This is one of the best mass gainers on the market, with both high calories and huge protein content. It’s rare to see both at the same time, and this is one of the best balances around. Let’s look at the specifics…

MuscleTech MassTech Ingredients

MuscleTech Mass Tech uses 3 key ingredients: A multi-phase carbohydrate powder, a whey and milk protein blend, and fats from coconut oil. You’ll also get some fats from the natural cocoa powder if you buy the chocolate flavor – which is a great healthy fat.

MuscleTech MassTech Ingredients

The carb mix is a great fast- and short-term carb source. You get maltodextrin, oat bran, quinoa, buckwheat, millet, and isomaltulose. This is a great combination to support your body at every stage after a workout – but without spiking insulin with sugars (2).

You’ll also get a few extra ingredients with MuscleTech’s mass gainer. You get extra BCAAs, L-glutamine, and digestive enzymes.

These basically make Mass Tech better at its job. BCAAs boost the power of the proteins as muscle-builders. Leucine specifically boosts muscle growth. Meanwhile, digestive enzymes are included to help you get more from the carbs. Glutamine is just a great supplementary amino acid.

MuscleTech Mass Tech Macronutrients

Mass Tech contains 1000 calories, of which 32% are from 80g of protein, 7% from 7.5g of fat, and a huge 61% of calories from carbs (152g of MultiPhase carbs).

MuscleTech Mass Tech Macronutrients

This is a great profile for almost every use – it works well as a high calorie mass gainer, but can also be used in half servings.

MassTech is one of the most versatile options on the market because of this macro-nutrient profile. On top of that, you’ll also get extra BCAAs to drive more muscle growth and stop muscle loss after workouts.

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What Does MuscleTech MassTech Do?

What Does MuscleTech MassTech Do

Mass Tech provides the calories and protein you need to build more muscle mass and drive growth. This makes it a powerful mass gainer for skinny guys bulking up, but also sportspeople and bodybuilders. It’s a convenient way to add calories, protein, and carbs to your diet – especially if you live a busy life.

It has more calories than most mass gainers, but is lower than super mass gainers. It also has more protein than most other mass gainers, with a huge 32% of all calories coming from protein.

The carb complex is also excellent, with a mixture of carbohydrates in fast, slow, and medium speed absorption. This keeps your energy levels high to build more muscle, without causing “crashes” from high sugar content, which is a problem for some low-quality mass gainers.

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Does MuscleTech Mass Gainer Work?

Does MuscleTech Mass Gainer Work

Yes – MuscleTech mass gainer provides the calories and protein you need to increase muscle mass and gain weight. With 1000 calories per serving and 80g of protein, Mass Tech offers a great balance of total energy and lean muscle gains.


With additional BCAA fortification and plenty of extra nutrients, it’s a great choice for all-round muscle support. The combination of good macronutrients with BCAAs and minerals help this product provide more than just extra calories.

The balance of calories with protein make it a powerful mass gainer. Many competitors have more calories or less protein, while MassTech is balanced between the two.

1000 calories is more than average, and it also offers 32% of calories from protein – great for a mass gainer.

How To Take MuscleTech Mass Gainer

Mix 1 serving of 5 scoops into 16 to 24 oz of water or milk before shaking or blending into a smooth consistency. You can also use 2.5 scoops, twice a day, to achieve the total ‘one serving’.

How To Take MuscleTech Mass Gainer

Be sure to consume plenty of fluids and maintain a balanced diet. It’s important to remember that your body still needs micro-nutrients (vitamins and minerals) as well as plenty of fiber. These reduce the risk of side effects like bloating, and help you get the most from MuscleTech Mass Tech.

Do not take 1 serving twice a day unless you are already very muscular and require 4000+ calories per day. The average person should not consume more than 1 serving per day.

Is MuscleTech 100% Mass Gainer Good?

Is MuscleTech 100% Mass Gainer Good

Yes – it is a super high calorie mass gainer with 5g added creatine and 60g of protein. This makes MuscleTech 100% a good competitor with the “biggest” mass gainers on the market. It’s a perfect choice if you struggle to eat enough, or if you can’t find time for meals during the day.

With 1500 calories per serving, MuscleTech 100% is a great choice for skinny guys trying to bulk up. It’s also a good mass gainer when used in half servings, and can be great value in smaller servings.

MuscleTech Mass Tech is probably a better weight gain supplement for most people.

It has fewer calories but great protein and secondary ingredients. This is perfect if MuscleTech 100% mass gainer is too heavy for regular use.

MuscleTech Mass Gainer Side Effects

MuscleTech Mass Tech may cause digestive discomfort, water retention, and/or mild changes to appetite. These are common effects of mass gainers, and are mostly due to the rapid change of calorie content and food volume in the stomach and gut.

MuscleTech mass gainers are no riskier than any other product, however. The risk of side effects is low, especially if you’re careful with your mass gainer use:

  1. Use plenty of fluids so your shake isn’t too thick
  2. Use mass gainer primarily after workouts
  3. Use smaller servings more often if you experience any problem
  4. Make sure you’re getting plenty of fiber in the rest of your diet
  5. Maintain a good electrolyte balance from fruit, veg, and whole foods
MuscleTech Mass Gainer Side Effects

These will all reduce the risk of MassTech causing side effects, especially digestive ones. They’re also good dietary habits and should be the focus of your diet regardless.

Final Thought: MuscleTech Mass Tech Review

Final Thought MuscleTech Mass Tech Review

MuscleTech Mass Tech is one of the best mass gainers on the market. It is perfectly positioned as one of the most versatile products around with reasonable calories and high protein content. This makes it a perfect choice for skinny guys trying to gain weight.

The calories are good, the protein is good for quality and quantity, the carbohydrate blend is fantastic, and extra BCAAs always help. With MassTech, you’re going to find it much easier to gain high-quality muscle mass.

Boosts weight gain speed and amount?Yes
Improves weight gain quality (more muscle, less fat)?Yes
Uses healthier carbs than other mass gainers?Yes
Reduces muscle damage and improves exercise performance?Yes
Great digestive profile for a happier gut?Yes
Excellent carbohydrate profile?Yes

This is a fantastic mass gainer for any goal, as it gets all the basics right – with some bonus secondary ingredients. MassTech is a great choice if you’ve got the cash to spend on this premium product!



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