7 Mistakes to Avoid for Healthy Weight Gain

Gaining healthy weight and muscle is a natural process and takes months and years of efforts and dedication. It becomes difficult process as increasing the number of calories and changing the lifestyle suddenly is not an easy task. You have to mentally as well as physically prepare your body to change. Hence during this process most of the people tend to make mistakes that can bring down both results and motivation of a person. We will discuss about the 7 most common mistakes that are to be avoided if you are starting with your weight gain plan. It is impossible to achieve a goal without making mistakes but once can avoid some of them which are already known or possible to occur.

mistakes in gym

The most common mistake that every person makes in the beginning is expecting results very soon. We start with a fitness routine and look for results within weeks. But the reality is gaining and losing weight are natural processes of body. It takes time for body to adapt to a change in lifestyle and it takes months or even years of efforts to get to the goal you want. Most of the bodybuilders you see in the magazines and articles have been practicing the fitness programs for over 8-10 years. It is a life long journey and one has to put in efforts and dedication for years to achieve a body which most of the people admire. Hence our main focus should be to put in our all our hardwork and you will start to see results soon.

  1. Working-out Seven Days a Week: The most common mistake which most of the beginners make is working out mistakes of gymeveryday of the week expecting that their body will grow faster. This is the most common mistake and leads to more of over-training and causes more harm than good. Your body is not used to a routine where you start working out all days a week and the end results are fatigue, De-motivation and other health problems. If you are a beginner, you should be giving your body more time to repair and rest so that it can grow better and stronger. Working-out all seven or even six days a week puts your body under great pressure where your muscles cells are damaged to such an extent that they cannot be fully repaired causing fatigue and similar health problems. The best way to avoid this mistake is to workout 3-5 days a week maximum and give 2 days to your body for rest and repairing the damaged muscle.
  2. Focusing only on Protein: Protein is no doubt the best macro nutrient for building muscle, but do not forget carbohydrates. Carbs are the main source of energy and you can never gain weight or get big without considering carbohydrates in your diet. To gain healthy weight, you need to eat more of foods that are rich in complex carbs like oats, whole wheat breads, green vegetables and others. Hence try to aim for a well balanced diet that is rich in both proteins and carbohydrates.bodybuilding mistakes
  3. Working with Isolation Movements Only: Another mistake that most of the beginners make is working out with mostly with exercises like flys, curls and other isolation exercises. These exercises work on only one muscle at a time and are great way to isolate a single muscle but they will not help you get big or gain muscle. Compound exercises on the other hand work on more than one muscle at a time and help the body in releasing more Growth Hormone helping you to gain muscle faster. Exercises are deadlift, squats, bench press, pullups etc are a great way to get gain faster. The best approach is to start your workout with 2-3 heavy compound exercises and finish up with 1-2 isolation exercises.gym mistakes
  4.  Focusing on Weight rather than Technique: Most of the beginners who start working out to gain muscle or weight have the mindset that lifting heavy weights will help them gain faster. The fact is 100% true but another thing the has a higher priority than lifting heavy is the technique. You should never compromise on your technique for lifting heavy. Most of the people I see try to lift as much heavy as they can with a bad technique.
    bad technique
  5.  Focusing more on Supplements: Supplements are called so for a reason, and that is they can never replace whole foods. Supplements should never be your first priority as the are meant to only supplement the diet. Your primary goal should to maintain a calorie surplus, that is eat more calories than what your body burns in a day. You can use supplement to add calories at the end of the day. Supplements can give you a boost if you consider them in conjunction with a well balanced healthy diet. Hence focus more on your diet first, and then go for supplements.diet for gain
  6.  Skipping Meals: Another common mistake that most of the people make is missing meals in a day. It may be due to busy schedule or any other factor, but it is one of the most common mistake which puts your body into a catabolic state. If you skip a meal or do not eat every  2-3 hours, your body gets into a catabolic state which is caused due to excessive training and lack of training causing undesirable effects like muscle pain, fatigue and lack of motivation. Hence you should never skip a meal and try not to exceed meal time by 4 hours.skipping meals
  7. Lack of Motivation: The last mistake that most people make is working out without keeping goals in mind. This means that you do not know the direction in which you are going, final result being loss of motivation. The best approach is to set short term goals and work for them to reach the long term goal. Without enough motivation you will end up losing muscle or leaving the gym at the end. Hence always keep your short term goals in mind and prepare a framework before you start working out.common gym mistakes

These were some of the most common mistake that most beginners make. You can never achieve goals without making mistakes, but it is better to avoid those which are already known. Let us know about your comments and suggestions in the comment box below.

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