How to Use Milk Shakes to Gain Weight

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You know about protein shakes – but today you’ll learn how to use milk shakes to gain weight.

It’s all about taking the best of both worlds – nutritious and delicious – to gain high-quality weight, and it’s healthier than you might think!

Let’s get into what milkshakes can offer you, why they’re an underrated choice, and just how you can use them to gain high-quality muscle mass.

Milk Shakes to Gain Weight – What’s In A Milkshake?

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What’s a milkshake? For our purposes, it can be just about anything that uses a thicker version of milk, flavored for taste. You’ll typically want to use milkshakes as a combination of a few simple ingredients:

  • Milk (dairy or plant milks)
  • Ice cream (of your choice, or suiting the recipe)
  • Ice
  • Cream

These are the basic building blocks for a milkshake. As you can see, 3 of these – milk, cream, and pre-made ice cream – are rich in calories. 

How Can Milkshakes Support Weight Gain?

Milkshakes are a simple choice for providing more liquid calories, beating appetite problems and providing a simple source of energy – especially after workouts. They offer some of the same benefits of milk, but with added ingredient versatility.

They also taste great!

It’s hard to understate how important it is to enjoy a weight gain diet at least occasionally, as a way to keep yourself with the diet and support better long-term results. 

It’s great to be able to combine the fun side of weight gain smoothies with their recovery benefits. Let’s look at how – and why – they support muscle gains. (Also, checkout this article for some amazing weight gain protein shake recipes)

Milk: A Unique Recovery Fluid

Milk and weight gain smoothies are some of the best choices for high-protein, high-carb, muscle-building fuel.

The science is already there for milk and milkshakes to take on a powerful muscle-building role. Milk is considered a powerful muscle-building choice with a 1-1 combination of carbs and protein. It’s also rapid-uptake and milk protein is one of the best combinations of whey protein and casein protein on the market.

Milk also contains electrolytes which are powerful muscle-recovery aids and support better overall recovery after exercise.

These are crucial for muscles and nerves alike, as well as rapidly rehydrating you – which is why milk is technically more hydrating than water itself.

Even going beyond just the milk, chocolate milk and other milkshakes are well known options for improving recovery. Chocolate milk, for example, is a great post-workout recovery choice because it takes the 1:1 ratio of carbs and protein in milk and pushes it to 2:1.

When you’re trying to gain weight, the extra calories in chocolate milk and milkshakes are good, and you don’t need to be as skeptical as you would during a weight-loss diet.

Having these extra nutrients and a little extra sugar can be a great choice post-workout. 

For daytime milkshakes, however, you want to get more starches, protein, and maybe even additional healthy fats (from things like coconut milk and other ingredients) to slow down digestion and produce a sustained-release weight gain smoothie.

Milkshake for Gaining Weight: Calorie-Dense And Low Satiety

One of the best things about milkshakes, in particular, is that they are dense in calories but typically don’t fill you up. 

When you’re trying to gain weight, boosting your appetite and keeping it up as much as possible is key to eating more, boosting your calorie surplus, and bulking up.

Milkshakes offer a great way to get more calories in without feeling fuller. For lots of skinny guys trying to gain weight, this can be a fantastic choice.

Just add creamy peanut butter to your shake, and the calorie count goes up!

Recommended: Instead of depending on regular milk, try using soy milk, almond milk, oat milk, Greek yogurt or whole milk to experiment and see which one works best for your body.

Modifying Milkshakes to Promote Weight Gain Results

milkshake for gaining weight

Obviously, modifying milkshakes with more protein and better nutrients is key for better weight gain.

Getting the best results happens when you give your body the best nutrition – especially in protein, carb choices, and then added electrolytes and vitamins.

A meathead milkshake can be a huge benefit if you’re just adding a scoop of protein powder to the normal recipe for a delicious milkshake. 

It lets you combine the health benefits of a protein powder shake with the classic flavors and creamy texture of a milkshake.

As anyone who has been gaining weight for a long time will tell you, gaining weight can be dull. It requires lots of eating – but milkshakes can be an enjoyable way to get more calories, protein, and carbs without filling yourself up.

Sometimes it’s just nice to add more nice things to your diet.

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Tips And Tricks: How To Use Milkshakes To Gain Weight?

You can use milkshakes to help gain high-quality weight, and these simple principles help you get more from less. They’re about timing, about ingredient choices, and about how you should use milkshakes to gain muscle mass and improve your recovery and results.

These aren’t ground-breaking, novel ideas – they just help you use milkshakes to greater effect in the real world when gaining weight is the goal.

1. Post-Workout Shakes: Carbs And Protein For Muscle Growth

The best post-workout shakes are simple: protein, carbs, and electrolytes. These are the things that are most important after a workout to repair your muscles (protein) and then replenish your glycogen stores with carbs and muscle chemistry with electrolytes.

The best milkshakes for high quality weight gain are post-workout options with lower fat and higher carbs and protein. 

This may come from using a low fat ice cream, from cutting out normal cream choices, or really increasing the ratio of carbs and proteins from other ingredients.

More fats slow down the absorption, which is just a bit sub-optimal. 

Milkshakes can be a great source of carbs and protein, and you can add a little Himalayan pink salt to help build out the magnesium, sodium, potassium, and calcium content to keep your muscles healthy.

2. Daytime Shakes: Macronutrient Blends for Energy Balance

can milkshakes make you gain weight

When you’re drinking milkshakes throughout the day, you can easily make the best with a mixed macronutrient content. Unlike the post-workout milkshake, the daytime milkshake works best with more healthy fats – even from avocado or coconut, as well as a wide range of fruits.

These make for a more nutrient-dense milkshake with a better overall nutrient profile – perfect if you’re concerned about healthy weight gain. 

Milkshakes with strawberries, bananas, avocado, and coconut milk (the blended, thick kind) can be a perfect slow-release energy source with added nutrients for better daytime energy support – and micronutrients your body needs.

3. Pair Milkshakes With Meals

Pairing meals with protein milkshakes can be a great way to get the best of both worlds: all the flavor without dumping any unwanted sugar into your bloodstream.

If you’re feeling conscious about the healthiness of a milkshake, it’s a good choice to pair it with something a bit more conventionally healthy. This also ensures that you’re getting the most sustainable release of energy and other nutrients when you’re combining them with whole foods.

This produces the best total results while slowing down the absorption and works particularly well with milkshakes using protein powder that might otherwise be quite fast absorbing.

4. Mass-Gainer Milkshake for Gaining Weight

Homemade mass gainer shakes are just more calorie-dense versions of milkshakes most of the time. 

You can use these high-calorie shake recipes if you’re trying to get even more calories from your shakes – or even replace a meal when you’re on the move.

You can take the step from milkshake to protein powder milkshake to mass gainer. The more you get towards mass gainer, the thicker the shake will be, but the more it will contribute to weight gain.

Take a look at our guide to mass gainer shakes if a normal milkshake or protein powder milkshake just isn’t giving you the sheer calorie content, and you want a high-calorie mass gainer shake for muscle gain.

5. Build A Good Foundation – Add Variety After

The most important thing to learn with milkshakes is how to make a good base. It sounds obvious, but the combination of basic ingredients like milk, ice, cream, and ice cream will do most of the work for texture and taste. 

The right ratio of these ingredients relative to protein powder is really key to getting the most from your milkshakes.

Getting good with the basics can leave you with a pretty good, neutral vanilla milkshake that is easy to combine with other flavors – or just drink by itself. You should also remember compensating for dry and wet ingredients when you start experimenting.

Some common ingredients to mix with milk shakes is peanut butter, almond butter and flax seeds.

Texture, taste, and nutrition require you to remove something when adding something new, most of the time. Adding more dry ingredients? That means more wet elsewhere. Adding more carbs? Double check your protein-carb ratio.

Practicing the base of your shake, and then being thoughtful about what you add on top, is how to use milk shakes for weight gain!

Gaining Healthy Weight: Hardgainers and Health

While most people don’t think milkshakes are a healthy addition, muscle gain requires real commitment. 

You can’t under-eat and expect the best weight gain and muscle-building results. You have to put in the same kind of commitment you’d expect from a weight loss diet – but in the opposite direction.

Drinking milkshakes is one of the easiest ways to do this and can seriously upgrade a normal, healthy, maintenance diet into a calorie surplus. This makes them a great choice, especially with the tips and tricks mentioned above (like adding almost butter or peanut butter to the shakes).

Remember that your weight gain requires a positive energy balance and you’re not doing anything wrong by simply enjoying your weight-gain process. 

Most skinny ‘hardgainers’ just don’t eat enough because they’re scared of getting fat when, in reality, they’re just going to get bigger and stronger.

Milkshakes are a great life-hack for weight gain and offer enormous results relative to the effort they take, especially with ingredients such as peanut butter and almond butter.

With some planning, they can be used to get both calorie-density and nutrient-density, offering you the best of both worlds for your weight gain diet – driving up better muscle growth and recovery.

You don’t have to fear milkshakes just because they’re high-calorie and, when looking at gaining weight they could be a perfect addition to help break plateaus and keep you building

Conclusion: Our Final Thoughts

gain weight milk shake

Milkshakes can be an easy tool for better nutrition when you’re trying to add extra calories to your diet and looking at gaining weight.

The composition can be easily changed using a blender and some time to experiment. It offers a delicious but nutritionally-versatile choice to make gaining high-quality weight easier.

With a combination of smart nutrition choices (like almond butter and peanut butter) and great flavors, milkshakes can really take the pain out of gaining weight in a healthy way. 

They’re perfect for boosting and maintaining appetite, where they offer a lot of calories without leaving you over-full, letting you get back to more nutrient-dense eating sooner.

Follow these basic tips mentioned above and work with milk shakes to gain weight in a way that makes sense personally, and in-line with both your preferences and dietary needs. 

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