Methods to Stimulate New Muscle Growth

If you are keen, you might have noticed that there are times when your muscle growth slows down significantly or even stops despite your continuous workouts. At such instances, irrespective of how hard you work out, your body muscles do not seem to acknowledge your efforts. Instead of beating yourself up or subjecting your body to extreme bodybuilding exercises, you should first understand why your body is not responsive to your training.

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One of the obvious reasons is that the human body responds to stimuli quickly and takes swift action to adapt to changes. The other reason is that the body requires a lot of resources to carry out its normal functions. Therefore, when you keep doing the same reps, exercises and sets consistently, your body eventually gets used to the high-intensity training, and instead of facilitating muscle building, opts to conserve the conserve the resources for other critical body roles.not seeing results

Does this, therefore, mean you can no longer realize muscle growth? Well, fortunately you can still achieve a significant amount of muscle growth, by tricking the body to build the muscle. So how do you do that? According to David Groscup, there are proven methods to stimulate new muscle growth. You only need to reprogram or decondition your body by modifying your workouts. You must change the intensity, order and rep count of your exercises and also alter the kind of workouts you do. Just adopt the high training volume protocol, periodization program, also called Intensity Cycling.
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Outline of the Intensity Cycling Program


In this category, you train to sub failure and stop each set one or two reps before you are unable to complete any more full reps. The Set count at this stage is four and five for small and larger groups respectively. The primary goal is to help the trainee to learn how to exercise properly without burdening the muscles.


Here, you train to the failure of every set and only stop when you cannot complete additional reps. This phase has moderate Set counts where three is the Set count for smaller muscle groups, and four is for the larger ones.


In the advanced phase, you train up to failure on every set, where you keep on introducing high-intensity variables such as forced reps, rest-pause and negative reps on different sets. For the small muscle group, the set count ranges between one and two while for those with large muscles, the count is between two and three.

From the outline, you will notice that the set count reduces as you advance in training. Although it looks puzzling, there is a good reason for that. A trainee in the advanced phase is stable, experienced, can handle high training intensity and knows how to focus effort on the muscle under training. He or she is, therefore, likely to over train, and wear off the body muscles quickly. In worst cases, the overtraining can drain the trainee’s central nervous system.

How to Reconfigure Your Workout

#1. Revise the exercise order

The most efficient way of re-configuring the workout is by changing the order of your training routines. For example, if your regular training involves bench presses and then dumbbell flyes, rearrange it so that you start with the dumbbell then the bench presses.

#2. Substitute the routines

Replace the current exercises with new ones or with workouts you have not done for a while.

#3. Change how you work out

You continue with the same workouts, in the same order but modify the angle. For instance, you could use a different grip spacing, handles or bars.

#4. Adjust the reps

You can decide to use different reps than you were using before. For instance, you could use higher ones, or slow the reps down. An effective way of stimulating your muscles is by adjusting your reps to super slow speed levels such as a ten second active and immediately follow it up by a four second negative.

Overreaching or Temporary Overtraining

Too much of anything is dangerous and overtraining is no exception. When you overtrain you become tired, your muscle size and strength decreases and you lose interest in working out. However, there are times when overtraining is ideal. It is common to see professional bodybuilders overreaching, or overtraining on a temporary basis for a overtraining is dangerousmaximum of two weeks and then taking a break from training a particular body part or completely staying away from the gym for a few days. A good example of an effective overreaching program is the six-minute abs, a High-Intensity Interval Training that guarantees you great abs.

If you are thinking of creating a good overreaching program for arm development here is novel guide

  • Bicep Machine Curls – One set ten reps
  • Barbell Curls – One set eight reps
  • Concentration Curls – One set twelve reps                                        Image Credits:
  • Triceps Press downs – One set ten reps
  • Palms-facing Pull-downs – One set twelve reps
  • Lying Triceps Extensions – One set twelve reps
  • Seated Triceps Extensions – – One set twelve reps
  • Seated or Bar Dips – One set ten reps

Select three days which you will use this program and train two time in each day. When training, take each workout set up to the point where you cannot add an extra rep. After the three day’s work out give yourself a ten day off, where you do not train the arms. After the ten days are over, resume your normal Arm-training workouts. You will notice your arms will be much stronger since it has had adequate time to relax and rebuild. You can use this routine on any group muscle and still obtain remarkable muscle growth.

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