MDrive vs Nugenix: What’s Better for T Boost?

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Today we’re looking at MDrive vs Nugenix Ultimate – and which testosterone booster is better.

We’ll be comparing their roles, benefits, and drawbacks. That means you’re going to know which is best, how to judge a testosterone booster supplement, and which one might be best for your quality of life – and performance!

How We Review Testosterone Boosters

We primarily review testosterone boosters by their effect on your hormones and male wellbeing – because that’s what they promise.

We review testosterone boosters against the dozens and hundreds of products we’ve used and reviewed – for a complete comparative breakdown.

We look for better hormonal health, secondary health and performance benefits, and then any bonus benefits or nutrient-values.

These are 3 simple categories that we use to review each product – but also compare products, as you’ll see during our comparison and benefit head-to-head later on!

  • Best Overall Testosterone Booster
    Mdrive small

    MDrive Prime

    A great testosterone booster that focuses on health, energy, and strength – especially for men over 40.

  • Best for Male Hormonal Potency
    Nugenix small

    Nugenix Ultimate

    Great testosterone booster for libido, energy levels, mood and confidence.

What is MDrive?

Mdrive Prime

MDrive is a premium testosterone booster that focuses on health, energy, and strength – especially for men over 40.

It also markets itself as the premiere choice for prostate, joint, and eye health – making it a testosterone booster with some additional and targeted health benefits.

MDrive also combines some well-known and effective ingredients with a proprietary blend, which offers additional benefits but doesn’t demonstrate dosages.

There are a few different ‘ingredient sets’ in this product and it does purport to cover most of the main concerns for a man’s health after 35, but specifically over 40.

This makes it a more valuable supplement the closer you are to this demographic – and it only gets more important from there!

MDrive Benefits: Testosterone Levels and Hormone Balance

The main benefits of MDrive are in the way that it maintains and supports testosterone – as the name suggests.

These come from a trio of herbal extracts that are popular in testosterone boosters: Ginseng, ashwagandha, and Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia).

Ginseng may boost testosterone – especially in those with lower levels – while ashwagandha is one of the most powerful testosterone protectors, and eurycoma offers valuable support in both (1).

The synergies between these three ingredients are powerful enough to provide the benefits listed on the bottle: mid- and long-term improvements to testosterone.

MDrive shines in its varied secondary effects – including better mental health and cognition, better total-body health and wellbeing, and significant improvements to anxiety and stress levels.

These also have indirect benefits to testosterone and male well being¸ on top of the obvious benefits.

MDrive’s combination of ginseng, Tongkat, cordyceps, ashwagandha, and even Maca root all add up to better resting mood and stress-resilience.

This makes you more resilient to the dominance of stress hormones – one of the fastest ways to lose testosterone and damage important habits like sleep quality and quantity.

Secondary Benefits: MDrive for Men Over 40

benefits of mdrive

The best benefits of MDrive are for men over 40, where it adds extra testosterone and mental support but also supports joint health and combats inflammation.

The added Flexwellia is a powerful anti-inflammatory, as well as combating arthritis and certain brain-degenerating conditions (like cerebral edema) (2).

The combination of Zeaxanthin and Lutein is also a very powerful synergistic relationship for promoting eye health. This is more important than you think, with macular degeneration and other eyesight risks setting in early on in our 30s and 40s.

MDrive has excellent benefits for protecting eyesight, with added punch from the Boswellia mentioned above.

Finally, Agmatine is included in the proprietary blend and is a great way to support better overall brain health.

Agmatine synergises with Boswellia and other ingredients to support neurological health in ways that – once again – have profound benefits for men over 40.

Macronutrient Content: Beating Deficiency to Improve Health and Function

The vitamin and mineral content of MDrive are some of the most potent choices and doses for any testosterone booster. It contains B6, B12, and D3 – 3 of the most commonly deficient micronutrients on the market – at dosages from 250% of your daily requirements to 5000%.

This is important because B vitamins are not very well-absorbed so you need more – and vitamin D requirement recommendations are chronically under-reported.

The result is that megadoses of these important vitamins support mental health, brain health, mood, testosterone and other hormones and (from B vitamins) regulate your metabolism.

Vitamin D is especially important for the long-term support it provides, synergizing with many of the ingredients in MDrive for better health-focused testosterone improvements (3).


  • Great vitamin content
  • Excellent trio of testosterone-protective ingredients
  • Supports better eye health and reduces whole-body chronic inflammation
  • Great secondary ingredient blends for better stress-resilience and lower anxiety
  • One of the best testosterone boosters around for men over 40 and their main concerns


  • Doesn’t have the acute testosterone-boost of some other products
  • May not be as useful to men in their teens, 20s, and 30s as other products

Product Summary

MDrive is definitely a testosterone booster and male wellness supplement for men over 40 – but maybe not as effective for younger men.

It’s a way of supporting health, longevity, and quality of life when testosterone levels might otherwise start to decline.

The mood and anti-anxiety effects of this product are amazing, but it really shines with its range of secondary benefits: eye health, libido and sexual health, reducing inflammation, and supporting better all-round mental and physical performance.

If you’re 35 or over, these benefits become so much more important but may be lost on younger men who simply don’t need the express support.

MDrive Prime

  • Potent vitamin and minerals
  • May help relieve stress and anxiety
  • Great for men over 40

What is Nugenix?


Nugenix Ultimate is a testosterone supplement with a specific focus on health for men over 40.

It has many of the same effective, time-tested benefits for male health that you’ll see with other products on the market but a unique set of secondary benefits that set it apart.

Nugenix’s whole brand focuses on male health and vitality, protecting men from common health problems and potent, life-threatening conditions.

The focus on successful aging makes Nugenix a great place to look if you’re trying to get the most out of your testosterone booster for all-round wellbeing and longevity.

Nugenix Benefits

Nugenix Ultimate’s main benefits are improved hormonal balance and function from both sides. It reduces the negative effects of things like low testosterone, while also maintaining testosterone in the body and preventing aromatisation into Estrogen.

This makes it a great choice for improving your total male hormonal potency.

This is the result of the DAA which can rapidly improve testosterone levels but doesn’t last very long. It’s a short-term benefit for 2-4 weeks of heightened mood, confidence, recovery, and hormonal balance (4).

This is then supported by the anti-breakdown benefits of boron and eurycoma, which are particularly effective in these anti-breakdown roles (though not quite as much as Ashwagandha).

The Mucuna Pruriens also has secondary protective and potentiating effects where it helps support better testosterone levels indirectly (5).

This is the core ingredient set for Nugenix Ultimate and where the majority of the best benefits come from – especially to the actual testosterone boosting effects!

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The Health Benefits of Nugenix Ultimate

benefits of nugenix

Nugenix Ultimate stands out from many other testosterone boosters on the market for the concerted effort to improve male-specific health problems.

The reduction in cell damage is specific to the prostate – one of the most cancer-vulnerable tissues in the body and with one of the most dangerous detection rates and death rates (making up around 7% of all cancer deaths).

Stinging Nettle extract is a great ingredient to combat these risks while improving whole-body cell health and reducing oxidative damage (6).

It also combines with the Eurycoma and Mucuna for better aphrodisiac effects, supporting male sexual health and libido – even erectile quality.

Bonus Benefits: Sexual Health and Quality of Life

The physical sexual health benefits of Nugenix Ultimate combine perfectly with the subjective benefits. This product also improves libido, energy levels, mood, and confidence.

Mucuna and Eurycoma are mentioned above – but they improve L-DOPA concentrations to improve total mood.

From here, Fenugreek is one of the most popular and effective aphrodisiac herbs with a great set of knock-on benefits to libido, erectile quality, and lower anxiety – along with Maca.

These overlap perfectly to support a healthier sex life – especially for men over 40 where the effects of these protective and regulatory compounds are more potent and effective.

Horny goat weed – or epimedium – is also popular for these benefits, where it boosts your total libido and has secondary benefits to mood (7).

This means that the combined benefits of just about every ingredient in this product will improve mood, reduce anxiety, and support better libido.

These are the keys to male sexual health, especially on top of the physiological benefits that come from other ingredients – and the perks of healthier testosterone levels!


  • Effective core ingredients improve short- and long-term testosterone levels and health
  • Great secondary ingredients for male health and wellbeing
  • Excellent combination of sexual health compounds to support wellbeing
  • Compound benefits to mood and energy levels


  • Not the strongest core ingredients we’ve seen on the market
  • Lacks the punch of some more premium choices
  • Doesn’t offer a vitamin and mineral support complex

Product Summary

Overall, Nugenix is a great choice for health and wellbeing – but its main appeal is the sheer potency of its ingredients for men over 40. These benefits are multiplied in higher-risk cases for testosterone and sexual health.

Improving these factors has an enormous return in some people, while being less potent in younger men or those with normal testosterone levels.

The benefits stack up massively as we age and Nugenix Ultimate is a more effective testosterone booster in men over 35, and more so each year afterwards!

Nugenix Ultimate

  • Great for improving libido and energy levels
  • Supports male hormone and sexual health
  • Protects from common health problems

MDrive vs Nugenix: The Comparison

After comparing MDrive and Nugenix Ultimate, we think MDrive is the superior product for its huge core benefits.

These are among the best on the market and come second only to products like CentraPeak – which are dominating the field for efficacy in the core benefits right now.

The proprietary blend is effective but does mask some of the most important doses. The overall ingredient choices are more effective whole-body benefits and don’t have the same age-related potency that Nugenix Ultimate clearly has.

If you’re under 40, MDrive is the clear choice. For men over 40, the Nugenix Ultimate benefits become more powerful and the two are neck and neck for the best testosterone supplement for men over 40, and more so every year that passes!

mdrive elite vs nugenix

Benefit head-to-head

The core ingredients and benefits of MDrive are simply more powerful than the combined effects of the Nugenix ingredients. They offer a complete set of testosterone boosters and anti-aromatisation benefits, while simultaneously having better supporting compounds – including many of the best choices from Nugenix and more.

The secondary benefits are completely different, with Nugenix offering better health and male-specific cell support.

These expand out to a wide range of more-modest benefits with MDrive, but with a more general set of benefits comes a reduced reliance on age-dependent benefits.

Finally, MDrive wins handily on the vitamin and mineral content, as Nugenix simply doesn’t have any.

Boron is the only mineral included in the ingredient list for Nugenix Ultimate, with others being relegated below dosage-relevant levels. An easy win for MDrive, then.

Verdict and Final Thoughts

Key Takeaway

Overall, after reviewing MDrive vs Nugenix Ultimate, we prefer MDrive to Nugenix Ultimate if you’re looking for a pure testosterone booster. Nugenix Ultimate has a wide range of male wellbeing and sexual health benefits, but MDrive has many of the same benefits and a better core profile.

The results is a clear winner for testosterone boosting in MDrive, and a secondary set of benefits for Nugenix Ultimate that make it a niche (but excellent) pick.

This puts MDrive ahead because it’s more useful for more people.

These are both great products and represent some of our favorites on the market, narrowly placing behind the most-premium and powerful products – like CentraPeak.

MDrive, in particular, is very strong and may be one of the top 5 or top 10 testosterone boosters on the market.

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