Mass Gainer Vs Casein for Weight Gain

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Mass gainer and casein are two of the most popular supplement choices for gaining weight and improving muscle growth – but what’s best?

Today, we’re answering that question with our quick and easy mass gainer vs casein discussion, and some of our main questions will be answered along the way.

Let’s get straight to the most important stuff…

Mass Gainer Vs Casein for Weight Gain?

Mass Gainer Vs Casein for Weight Gain

Mass gainer is better for weight gain than Casein, as it’s specifically designed to provide a combination of carbs and protein, which is key. This boosts calorie intake, while casein is typically low-calorie and – while it supports muscular recovery – doesn’t ensure you have the calories you need.

Think of it like this: if you use casein, you’re not guaranteed to gain weight, but mass gainer makes it difficult not to gain weight.

This is also important because some of the best mass gainers use blends of proteins that include casein – giving you the best of both worlds.

Who Should Use Mass Gainer (Vs Casein)?

When weighing up mass gainer powders and casein supplements, you need to figure out what is best for your diet. This is what we’re going to look at now.

Mass gainer is for anyone who struggles to consistently eat enough food to gain high-quality muscle mass from diet alone.

This is often for skinny people who are frustrated by a lack of gains, or easily filled with normal daily food intake. 

Who Should Use Mass Gainer (Vs Casein)

On the other hand, casein is for people who already have a diet that suits their goals, but they want better recovery and growth. This is because casein is a great way to boost protein intake, but won’t improve calorie intake significantly.


Look at your own results and ask what your diet is missing before you decide on mass gainer vs casein for your situation.

Can Casein Help Gain Weight?

Yes – casein can be a great protein source to support your weight gain, but it’s not going to cause weight gain by itself.

The rest of your diet has to produce calorie surplus, and then casein just helps turn that extra energy into muscle.

Can Casein Help Gain Weight

Casein is also not the first protein supplement you should focus on: use a whey protein shake after workouts, first, to ensure you’re getting protein when your body is most nutrient-sensitive.

Is Casein A Mass Gainer?

No – casein isn’t a mass gainer, it’s pure protein, just a slower-absorbing form. Mass gainer is typically a combination of carbs and protein, which has a much higher calorie content to provide the energy needed to build muscle and gain healthy weight.

Is Casein A Mass Gainer

Casein is often found in mass gainers, as it’s a slower digesting and absorbing protein source, more similar to what you’d get from a real meal than whey protein.

Is Casein Or Whey Better For Muscle Gain?

Casein is better overall, but whey protein is better for muscle gain when you take it immediately after workouts. This is why whey protein is a higher priority protein powder for most people.

Is Casein Or Whey Better For Muscle Gain

During the day – i.e. not post-workout – casein is both more digestively friendly and effective. It has a higher 7-hour protein impact, which boosts muscle growth.

However, the power of post-workout whey protein is huge, especially if it’s mixed with carbohydrates for total recovery support.

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