How Long Does It Take for a Mass Gainer to Work?

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Mass gainers are effective – but how long does it take to see results from a mass gainer supplement?

Today we’re going to dive into what they do, how they work, and how long you need to wait before mass gainers show real results. Let’s get right into it…

What Are Mass Gainer Supplements?

weight gainer results

Mass gainer supplements are deliberately high-calorie powders that you mix with liquids to get high-carb, high-protein drinks.

They’re rich in the main macronutrients to support your growth, as well as boosting your total daily calorie intake in an easy and convenient way.

Mass gainers come in a variety of nutrient profiles, with different ingredients and different benefits. What unites them is helping skinny guys gain weight and build muscle.

They’re a food supplement, however, and can’t work magic. This is why a lot of users wonder when results will be visible from mass gainer use.

Benefits Of Mass Gainer

what are mass gainers for

The main benefits of mass gainers are easier calorie surplus, higher protein intake, and higher carb intake. These are 3 of the most important factors in high-quality weight gain and building more muscle mass. They stimulate muscle growth and support recovery with dietary protein.

Mass gainers are also much easier to use than their real-food alternatives.

I have used many mass gainers with different tastes and textures, but they’re all relatively easy to drink (in good liquid-powder ratios). Many are high calorie but low satiety, letting you eat again sooner than a meal at the same calorie content.

This makes a mass gainer supplement perfect if you struggle to gain weight because eating is hard. It’s easy to become too full and lack appetite for a weight gain diet, which can lead to weight gain and muscle-building plateaus. 

Weight gain plateaus are easier to break through with a mass gainer, adding 400-1000 calories to your diet from carbs and protein in a single shake.

This can also kickstart strength gains and extra muscle growth if you’re inconsistent with calorie surplus.

How Long Does It Take for a Mass Gainer to Work?

Mass gainer results will be visible immediately in performance, and will take a week to break through your weight gain plateaus. In 3-4 weeks, the weight gain changes will be more obvious as your muscle gains improve and your muscle fullness picks up due to the higher carb intake.

Immediate Weight Gainer Results: Performance and Fueling

how long does mass gainer take to work

Performance changes are immediate if you use a mass gainer well. You will note better recovery after workouts and energy levels when you use it throughout the day.

This happens from the first day or two of using your mass gainer, improving your overall workout performance and effectiveness.

These are great for improving muscle mass. Protein improves recovery between workouts and reduces muscle damage/soreness, leading to better strength.

The carbs improve recovery when taken with protein in your mass gainer, improving muscle energy storage. This boosts both muscle size and strength-endurance.

These changes will be obvious between 1 day and 1 week, depending on your normal diet and workout routine.

Short-Term Weight Gainer Results: 1 Week to 1 Month

In the first 1 week to 1 month, you’ll notice breaking plateaus and improving weight gain. You should see 1-2lbs of high-quality muscle gain if your workouts, diet, and training are all good.

These will be even more obvious if you’ve run into a weight gain plateau – the perfect time to use a mass gainer.

Returning to better weight gain will happen in the first week when using a mass gainer and changing nothing else about your diet.

This is a great immediate proof of good habits, as you start causing immediate positive change! This will include both transient weight gain (as carbs and water) but also as improved muscle growth.

Mid-Term Weight Gainer Results: 1 Month To 6 Months

mass gainer results

In the mid-term (1-6 months) you’ll generally notice better weight gain overall due to mass gainer results. It’s a way of building more consistency and improving your direct weight gain diet.

It’s a way of improving long-term results and you’ll typically benefit from better appetite-control and regularity with mass gainer.

This is likely to show better results the busier you are. I found that using mass gainer kept my results consistent during busy periods of travel, work, and studies where I would otherwise really struggle to get the right calorie, protein, and carb intake.

During the 3 months I used mass gainers, I gained around 1.5lbs more than during a 3-month period without a mass gainer. This isn’t magic – it just made a stressful time easier and more effective for my training goals.

Do Mass Gainer Supplements Have Long-Term Benefits?

Mass gainer supplements have even clearer benefits in the long-term, if you use them right. Sticking with a muscle gain diet for a year is easier with a mass gainer and starts to show a significant difference between using proper nutrition and being inconsistent.

Across a year, you’ll typically be able to gain a few pounds of better weight gain and performance. The compounding benefits of post-workout mass gainers, workout performance benefits, and the combined muscle and glycogen gains can be serious!

It’s also better when you have a more rewarding workout experience – making it easier to stick with your workout routine and diet. Overall, I’ve found that the long-term results of mass gainers include sticking with it!

Final Thoughts

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The answer to the question: “how long does a mass gainer take to work” is that you can see mass gainer results almost immediately, with additional benefits after 1 week, 1 month, and 3-6 months.

Mass gainers are a versatile supplement that can be used to boost overall intake, to keep weight gain consistent, and to improve your day to day workout performance and recovery.

With all of these mechanisms, they boost weight gain quality and quantity – especially during tough or hectic times.

This makes a mass gainer a great choice for a wide range of weight gain benefits and some of the easiest, most convenient weight gain nutrients on the market. 

Don’t forget to checkout the article on the best time to take a mass gainer!

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