Major Mass Lean Mass Gainer Review

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Is a lean mass gainer the product you’ve been missing out on?

In our Major Mass ‘Lean Mass Gainer’ review, we’re going to be covering the most important facts about this product, what it does, and why we like it so much…

Lean Mass Gainer Overview

Lean Mass Gainer Overview

Major Mass Lean Mass Gainer is a leaner mass gainer product that has a higher protein content, providing better quality and quantity of weight gain.

This design is also great for athletes and as a post-workout recovery drink, since it’s got a very balanced nutrient profile for all kinds of uses.

This makes it a great choice if you want a mass gainer, but don’t want to gain excess fat. It’s truly a lean mass gainer, and that makes it one of the best choices on the market for most people, who don’t need a super high calorie mass gainer.


This product also has an interesting texture, so be ready for some cookie pieces in your mass gainer. They’re surprisingly nice, but you need to get used to enjoying them, as you’re probably not used to (good) lumps in your shake.

Lean Mass Ingredients

The ingredients in major mass lean mass gainer are a carb blend (maltodextrin, dextrose, and pea starch), protein blend (whey and milk proteins), fat blend (MCTs, avocado oil, coconut oil, and soy lecithin), and cookie pieces. 

You also get supplementary vitamins and minerals, which help support basic functions while you gain weight.

Lean Mass Ingredients

This is great because adding calories without nutrients is typically bad for health. The overall ingredient profile of Major Mass Lean Mass Gainer is high-quality, healthy weight gain.

This product also has a strong, complete amino acid profile to ensure better absorption and muscle growth. It is fortified with BCAAs to include optimal levels of leucine (for muscle growth) and isoleucine (for muscle damage protection) (1).

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Major Mass Lean MAss Gainer Macros

Lean Mass Gainer is lower in calories and carbst than some competitors, but higher in protein. 

This is what you’ll get…

  • 480 calories
  • 40g protein
  • 62g carbs
  • 8g fats

This makes Lean Mass Gainer a versatile mass gainer, with some of the best balanced nutrients on the market.

You get plenty of protein to promote post-workout recovery and growth. The balanced macros allow you to use it at any time of day, too, since it’s better for metabolism than most mass gainers.

It’s high in protein, all the sources are blends, and the overall design is great for muscle growth, metabolic health, and it can even be used post-workout.

Lean mass gainers offer great value, and this is a great example of that key strength. 

Major Mass Lean Mass Gainer Review

Lean Mass Gainer Benefits

The main benefit of Lean Mass Gainer is lean muscle growth, without unwanted fat gain. It has a perfect amount of calories for most users, and is packed with protein, which ensures more results per scoop.

Lean Mass Gainer Benefits

This means a high-value choice, a better way to gain weight, and a mass gainer that separates itself by its quality, and the quality of weight you gain.

This is even clearer when you add in the benefits of glutamine for immune health, and creatine for muscle growth. These double down on both the best benefits of the lean mass gainer design, and show that gaining weight can be rewarding and healthy.

Summary Table: Conclusion

Summary Table - Conclusion

Major Mass Lean Mass Gainer is one of the stronger mass gainers on the market when it comes to quality of gains, as well as comfort and ease of use. It’s a delicious blend, but also combines the very best of high protein mass gainer with blended carbs and fats, and added progress boosters.

This makes Major Lean Mass Gainer a fantastic choice if you want a mass gainer with lean, healthy results!

Boosts weight gain speed and amount? Yes
Improves weight gain quality (more muscle, less fat)?Yes
Uses healthier carbs than other mass gainers?Yes
Reduces muscle damage and improves exercise performance?Yes
Great digestive profile for a happier gut?Somewhat
Better calories than most competitors?Yes
Good protein to carb ratio?Yes

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