Does Maca Root Make You Gain Weight?

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Maca root is a popular herbal supplement – and there’s a lot of hype around Maca root and weight gain.

Today we’re going to discuss important questions like:

  • Does Maca root help you gain weight?
  • Can Maca improve muscle gains?
  • How does Maca support weight gain quality?

Let’s start with the important questions: what is maca root – and why is it so popular lately?

What is Maca Root?

maca root weight gain

Maca root is a vegetable from the same family as broccoli and other powerful green vegetables. It’s a native vegetable of Peru, in particular, and has become quite popular in recent times due to some hype around the possible benefits.

The root itself is a simple vegetable, like the turnip or potato, and has a similar general use.

The root extract is a concentrated form of the active ingredients in the maca root itself, which offers more results and can be blended into other supplements.

The most obvious benefits are aphrodisiac and subjective wellbeing.

These make many things popular because they’re great feelings along the way, but are they backed up by the science – especially for weight gain?

Why is Maca Root So Popular?

Maca root is popular for the effects it has: better subjective well being, an improvement to libido and aphrodisiac effects, and it’s both cheap and commonplace.

It’s an easy addition to many supplements that makes it a good player in a larger testosterone booster or weight gain supplement.

The main benefits to male vitality and ‘potency’ are some of the most popular benefits. This has been combined with a general improvement to feelings of engagement with life and positive mood. Who doesn’t love feeling better?

Maca root’s benefits are typically associated with feelings.

They’re primarily about male wellbeing, libido, and overall mental state. This can be a huge benefit to the way you feel and helps with other areas like relaxation and self-concept.

Maca is great for how it makes you feel but lacks some of the more potent physiological benefits of similar herbs.

Maca root and Ashwagandha are a popular combination to cover both aspects of your health, energy, and wellbeing.

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Does Maca Root Help You Gain Weight?

maca root for weight gain

Not directly – Maca root can’t cause weight gain and doesn’t provide direct benefits to weight gain. It can provide indirect benefits to weight gain through improvements to mental wellbeing, reduced stress levels, and improvements to workouts off the back of better energy levels.

Maca root isn’t a way of boosting the quality or quantity of weight gain directly. It lacks the potency of something like DAA to boost hormone levels to support muscle growth.

Maca also isn’t as powerful as other herbal extracts – like Ashwagandha, which is important for testosterone protection.

These changes contribute to important processes like sleep, appetite, and mood. These are crucial for your weight gain – both in quality and quantity.

By improving these direct factors, Maca does have a positive influence on weight gain, even if it’s indirect.

Maca can help with weight gain but doesn’t cause it. It’s a good choice if you combine it with other, more direct ingredients – DAA, ashwagandha, boron, and others. It can be a great synergist and libido/sexual wellbeing booster in a testosterone booster or male enhancement pill, for example.[LGR1] 

Maca is a great choice as an addition to other powerful testosterone boosters where it will particularly help the feelings associated with boosted T levels.

This includes libido, energy, and subjective mood / squashing anxiety. These are great for your whole life, even if they don’t directly support testosterone levels.

Maca Root and Weight Gain: FAQ

maca root pills weight gain

Maca Root has a wide range of interesting properties, but it’s also the subject of a range of speculation. There are many questions asked about Maca root:

  • Does Maca improve testosterone?
  • Can Maca help weight gain?
  • Does Maca Root increase libido?

Let’s see what this popular herb can do – and what’s just hype and marketing.

1. Does Maca Root Increase Testosterone?

No, Maca root does not increase testosterone in any provable way. The benefits to testosterone are typically overstated because they’re confounded with the benefits to libido, wellbeing, and energy levels.

Maca can be a positive influence on a range of health factors related to mood and wellbeing. This makes it a good combination with other more objective improvements, especially combinations with boron, DAA, and Ashwagandha.

2. Does Maca Root Cause Weight Gain?

Maca root does not cause weight gain. It is not a proven appetite stimulant, nor does it have a physical mechanism for improving muscle gain or other weight gain.

The mood and wellbeing changes may improve food choices and self-discipline, however. These are very individual responses and Maca can only improve mood, what you do with the additional energy and wellbeing are still about the choices you make and habits you develop.

3. Does Maca Root Increase Libido?

Maca root does increase libido. There’s scientific research that shows a consistent improvement in particularly male libido with Maca root use. ‘

It’s also shown to improve sexual health and erectile quality in men, offering a somewhat significant boost to quality of life, when combined with the known mood improvements.

Maca root has some protective effects in menopausal women for things like depression, but does not seem to have the same benefits in healthy men.

Conclusion: Our Final Thoughts

does maca cause weight gain

Maca and weight gain are loosely related, but it’s not a weight gainer supplement.

It’s a great choice to add more health and wellbeing benefits, and makes a great synergist for compounds like Ashwagandha and other popular weight gain and male health supplements.

It has some positive benefits – and it’s a part of a wider group of vegetables that also offer great benefits.

Make sure you’re adding Maca to a range of other great ingredients, and that your diet and sleep are in the right place to get the best results!

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