Jacked Factory Review

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Who are Jacked Factory? What do they do? What separates them from the market?

More importantly – should you buy their products or avoid them?

Our Jacked Factory Review is looking at the whole brand. Let’s start with an introduction…

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Who Are Jacked Factory?

Who Are Jacked Factory

Jacked Factory is a supplement brand based in the United States with a good reputation for mixing up high quality products at lower prices than you might expect. This has made them a popular brand, delivering results on their promises and marketing.

Jacked Factory have been growing exponentially since 2015, which may be why you’ve heard about them in the past few years.

With such a meteoric rise, and a wide range, it’s clear that we need to pay attention to Jacked Factory. The products themselves are worth looking at, which is why we’re going to look at what they do – as well as their most popular supplements – in detail.

Jacked Factory – Is The Company Legit?

Jacked Factory – Is The Company Legit

Yes – Jacked Factory is a very legit company, with a great reputation and work with popular athletes in niche sports like powerlifting. Their manufacturing facilities are also certified good manufacturing practices – which is as legit as it gets.

Jacked Factory have been selling supplements since 2015 and have maintained a good reputation throughout. This is a good sign that they’re a legit company, with good customer service, shipping, and how they conduct their business.

Why Did We Review Jacked Factory? 

We reviewed Jacked Factory because of the quality of the product design, value for money, and strong synergies.

1. Good Design

Good Design

Jacked Factory’s products offer good design, combining effective ingredients in whole packages that work together well. This is a fantastic brand identity to have, and it helps them keep their costs down when coming to RRPs.

This means that the products work, the ingredients are generally very powerful, and the products are well designed. 

2. Good Value For Money

Good Value For Money

The value for money on Jacked Factory products is reliably very good. There are 2 major reasons for this: they’re made up from very well designed synergies, and they offer big serving counts per spend.

These mean that you’re not only paying less than you’d expect from competitors on the market, but also buying less often. If you want high-quality products that are cheap per-serving, this is the perfect mix for you.

Jacked Factory offers good results at great prices, and that’s hard to ignore!

3. Strong Synergies

Synergies are what happens when two or more ingredients are better together than apart. These are common in Jacked Factory products, like combining Caffeine and Theanine in their NitroSurge pre-workout.

Strong Synergies

This kind of smart design keeps costs down but offers more powerful results per scoop. It’s great to see science-driven design that has consumer-friendly results.

Aside from ‘real synergies’, there are also great overlapping benefits between ingredients. These happen all the time, giving you layers of benefits to a specific goal, so that you get what you paid for with each product. 

There are a few small exceptions, but this design is clear across the whole Jacked Factory supplement range.

4. Sponsored Athletes

It’s hard to ignore some popular Jacked Factory athletes, including living powerlifting’s living GOAT John Haack and fan favorite, Johnnie Candito. This is similar in bodybuilding, with strong contenders representing the Jacked Factory brand. 

Sponsored Athletes

Jacked Factory have made sure they’re particularly visible in powerlifting and bodybuilding spaces. But they’re also supporting popular athletes, which is always a route to increased popularity. 

While it may technically be influencer marketing, it’s clearly working well as a show of authenticity. If the products are good and they’re supporting athletes people like, we can’t ignore Jacked Factory.

Jacked Factory Supplement Reviews

Jacked Factory Supplement Reviews

Jacked Factory’s main supplements are: 

  • Creatine monohydrate
  • Burn XT
  • NitroSurge pre-workout
  • Green Surge
  • Growth Surge
  • Build PM

So we’re going to look at each of these flagship products and – very briefly – how they represent the company. These are going to be short, but we’ve added links to full, in-depth reviews so you can find out if they’re right for you.

1. Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine Monohydrate

Jacked Factory’s creatine monohydrate is an affordable, super pure option that helps you get stronger and bigger. It improves performance in every fitness goal – for a ridiculously low cost per serving.

Creatine is a pseudo-vitamin that more people need more of. If you’re not taking creatine but you’re training hard, you’re probably going to need to add a supplement. For less than 50c per serving (RRP), it’s an easy choice.


  • Incredibly good value for money
  • High purity and strong dosing for optimum benefit
  • Unflavored and easy to mix
  • Improves just about every fitness goal and training method


  • Creatine is nothing new or revolutionary

Verdict: a great product that deserves to be as popular as it is. It’s probably the most convenient and affordable way to take creatine at clinical doses or higher.

Effectiveness: 9
Price: 10
ingredients: 8
Overall Score: 9

Checkout the full review of the product here.

2. Burn XT Fat Burner

Burn XT Fat Burner

Burn XT is Jacked Factory’s main fat burner, with a focus on reducing energy loss and declining performance. It keeps you energized and alert while improving performance, metabolism, and both quality and quantity of fat loss.

The simple but synergistic design of Burn XT relies on ALCAR, Caffeine, EGCG, and Capsaicin – as well as strong secondary ingredients. These are well known, effective ingredients that combine to cover all your most important feeling and performance factors.


  • Great ingredient choices
  • Affordable, offering excellent value for money
  • Strong synergies for better results
  • Protective effects as well as fat-burning and weight loss


  • Caffeine levels may not be high enough for most-adapted users to feel any change

Verdict: once again – great value on a product that delivers on its promises. It’s a great all-rounder and probably the best fat burner for beginners.

Effectiveness: 9
Price: 9
Ingredients: 9
Overall Score: 9

Checkout the full review of the product here.

3. NitroSurge Pre Workout

NitroSurge Pre Workout

NitroSurge is one of the leading products from Jacked Factory, and one of our favorites. It’s all about overlapping ingredients that offer the greatest energy, performance, and health benefits.

Nitrosurge strikes a great balance between the key goals you might have for a pre-workout:

  • Better performance and results
  • Stronger pumps and vascularity while you train
  • Excellent health and recovery effects

These are all represented, with 3 synergistic ingredients for each – all of which deliver on their promised effects. This is all it takes for us to love a pre-workout, and it’s why NitroSurge has really impressed us.


  • Affordable and high quality – perfect for beginners 
  • Great ingredients
  • Powerful synergies and overlapping ingredient effects
  • Effective but moderate dose of stimulants like caffeine
  • Caffeine-Theanine is the perfect synergistic pairing for a premium pre-workout


  •  Doesn’t include some of the ‘flashier’ ingredients of some more-expensive pre-workouts

Verdict: this is one of the best examples of what Jacked Factory does: it’s considerate, it’s designed well, and it outperforms many more-expensive products on both value for money and pure results.

Effectiveness: 10
Price: 9
ingredients: 9
Overall Score: 9.5

Checkout the full review of the product here.

4. Green Surge Super Greens Powder

Green Surge Super Greens Powder

Green Surge is the Jacked Factory alternative to normal super green powders. In every regard, it’s the same thing – but it’s around half as expensive as a number of other products from other companies.

Fortunately, you can’t really reduce the quality of super greens, which means this is often just a cheaper alternative to some overpriced market competitors.

The real benefit is in the added digestive support that lets you get more value from your super greens. This comes in the shape of a digestive enzyme matrix and additional probiotics. Since digestion is often the weak link or super greens, this adds a lot of value to Green Surge.


  • Value: It’s a superfood powder that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg 
  • Digestive support provides better absorption and – thus – benefits 
  • All the most important green extracts, without compromising on key ingredients
  • Secondary health benefits from digestive enzymes and probiotics
  • Powerful micronutrient content for energy, as well as phytonutrients for wellbeing


  • It’s still a super greens powder, and should be quite low on your priority list

Verdict: this is one of the best super green powders for a tighter budget, and offers considerate and well-designed doses and combos. It’s not mandatory for anyone, but it does offer great value compared to alternatives. If you want one, get this one.

Effectiveness: 8
Price: 9
Ingredients: 8
Overall Score: 8.4

Checkout the full review of the product here.

5. Growth Surge Recovery Supplement

Growth Surge Recovery Supplement

Growth Surge is Jacked Factory’s post—workout recovery product and, sadly, it’s not as strong as the others we’ve mentioned above. It’s a good product and comes with strong value for money, but lacks some of the potency of the previous 4 products.

Combining creatine, betaine, and L-Carnitine L-Tartrate just doesn’t have the same power. Jacked Factory’s own products already offer better benefits, such as the ALCAR mentioned above. 

This just goes to show that even a mostly-great line-up of products isn’t always perfect. Growth Surge struggles to find a spot in most trainee’s diets, and isn’t as convincing as other products on the range.


  • Good value for money
  • Key ingredients are represented and effective
  • Piperine makes every supplement better


  • Not as potent and effective as other JF products
  • Missing some key ingredients
  • Lacks design clarity and doesn’t “solve a problem” like other supplements do

Verdict: this is just a supplement without much point. It’s not as powerful as its relatives on the Jacked Factory line-up, and it isn’t saved by a good price point, alone!

Effectiveness: 6
Price: 8
Ingredients: 6
Overall Score: 6.5

Checkout the full review of the product here.

6. Build PM Sleep Aid

Build PM Sleep Aid

Build PM is a night-time sleep aid, with the specific aim of boosting the results you get through your body’s natural healing, recovery, and growth processes.

Build uses powerful ingredients like melatonin and ashwagandha, directly boosting sleep quality and quantity while protecting you from anxiety. This is a huge 1-2 combo for intensely restful sleep and a better overall quality of life.

The knock-on effects of better sleep are huge, and Build PM combines these premium, potent ingredients at an RRP of just over $1 per serving. This is a great price for anything including melatonin.


  • Premium ingredients at great prices
  • Strong synergies
  • Definitely punches above price point on the market
  • Focusing on sleep is one of the best things you can do for yourself


  • Slightly higher cost per serving than some other Jacked Factory products

Verdict: this is one of the best sleeping aids around, especially if you’re looking for your first sleep support supplement. It’s packed with useful ingredients, but you’re still paying well below the average price for premium effects.

Effectiveness: 9
Price: 9
Ingredients: 10
Overall Score: 9.5

Checkout the full review of the product here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Does Jacked Factory Have Good Reviews?

To make it simple, Jacked Factory have good reviews because their products are affordable and deliver on the benefits they promise.

Jacked Factory supplements have good reviews because they use potent ingredients but still charge relatively little for their products. This is only made more popular by major, staple products (like creatine) being sold in containers of around 85 servings of double-strength dosing.

2. Where is Jacked Factory Located?

Jacked Factory’s offices are in Santa Monica, United States but their warehouse is in Illinois. 

This lets them provide great domestic shipping to the US market.

3. Is Jacked Factory FDA Approved?

Jacked Factory supplements are not directly FDA approved, but they do use supplements that align with the FDA’s guidance on dosing for key ingredients. Jacked Factory’s facilities are FDA approved for good manufacturing, which ensures you’re not getting tainted supplements.

All of the ingredients within these products are under the FDA’s ‘generally considered safe’ ruling. There’s nothing in here the FDA dislikes, which is as much detail as the FDA typically provides.

4. Is Jacked Factory A Canadian Company?

No – Jacked Factory are based, registered, and operate out of Santa Monica, California, United States of America. 

They do have good delivery and sales quality in Canada, however, which makes it reasonable to consider Jacked Factory if you live in Canada.

5. Does Jacked Factory Ship To Canada?

Yes – Jacked Factory delivers internationally to most countries. However, shipping is considerably slower when products have to pass over international borders. You will be waiting 7-21 days outside of the contiguous United States.

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